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Taking time to coast…

Late nights.


short shorts.

flip flops.



loud music.


road trips. 

SUMMER AND FREEDOM…3fdb4edf9cc118edc3a80572e19dfc17

I guess these are the words that pop into my head when Spring and Summer come rolling around!!73ef03b335953510808075c70fe270e7

It has been such an intense few months that have been overloaded with millions of things. Winter this year wasn’t bland at all. There were so many new friendships and opportunities and it really was awesome but it was just as intense with many new truths and principles and a lot of change.2a9d5c67729b8803a7167521cfb9e252

But I don’t know, I get excited and super pumped up when the new season starts and we get to enjoy a whole different kind of warmth again. I guess it is also because I grew up at the coast with the beach basically in our backyard and when you move to a city with none of that, the seasons definitely affect you more. Just not used to Winter and I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it.

So with Spring here, I’m excited that I’ll be going home in just over a week from now! I really need the time at home to just settle a few things in my heart…just get some peace. Usually I run home when I need to just escape from all the craziness and get some peace, I don’t know what it is, but I just have such magical moments and experiences with God when I’m home…aa2e49d171e1f8859bb51b573d5f2987

Anyway, apart from that I’m keen for the road trip home as well as fun adventures and experiencing amazing things. And I’m keen to see some friends..5ef240f18d3d6d64d33dc40802e3ed4f

So times with my boys and then think I’ll wana spend some time with one of my girlfriends! Would be great to catch up and do some fun summer girly things. Try new recipes, sip cocktails and just share some love and so on and I have the perfect friend in mind. Keen to see Kerry-Lee Greco!!!df6dc2c5fc590b58cdb7b5f063baa0b8

But that’s the fun thing about Spring and Summer, there are endless things to do! New recipes, wine and dine evenings, parties, night swims at the beach, tanning, getting up early for the sunrise, watching sunsets, taking pretty photos, going on little exploring adventures and just spending quality time with people!!! I don’t know what more a girl could want to keep her heart happy! I truly am blessed in every way possible with all these amazing treasures just waiting to be discovered!4cc7b34c3ed7eec36b2acc073d55ba74 1f4c3c3fff2895cca0b3efe36a4e1c6d

Then, this weekend my mom flies up to visit from the coast, my one very close friend marries her prince and then next week it’s just coffee and fun and then the great road trip home!!! I think I’m too excited to sleep or think about anything else!

My lovely Em - crazy but totally loveable

My lovely Em – crazy but totally loveable

Then today, is a very special friend’s birthday. My lovely Em is celebrating it today and it sucks that I can’t be there to celebrate with her. She’s the lucky girl who gets to live in Mozambique and just have fun in the sun all the time! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go see her in Mozam this past July holiday, so I’m totally bummed. Having separation anxiety as my sister would call it. But will definitely make a plan to go see her SOON!!! Anyway, this lovely lady is actually the younger sister of a friend of my sister and once dated my best mate Ryan. I love her to bits and pieces and she’s very chilled and I guess we both love making a good thing of situations, we kinda always hope for the best in people. Anyway, she can be outrageous and fun, she’s always fun… and laughs a lot. I don’t know how but she found such a special place in my heart although we haven’t seen each other in ages, we always have good talks! So I dearly love this crazy child!!!! And I am so happy to see her modelling a little for Rip Curl in Mozam! It has been something I have prayed for her, as she is just amazing and deserves such beautiful opportunities!!!

Em's pose for the Rip Curl shoot

Em’s pose for the Rip Curl shoot

So happy birthday my gorgeous friend!!!! Hope you have one super blessed day and that your heart will continue to shine with love and light. May all your opportunities be blessed and may you have the greatest moments. Cherish each one! Have a fun-filled day, enjoy the partying, love, laughter and all the crazy cake moments!!!! You’re always loving and inspiring! Enjoy it! Miss and love you lots Em xx11

And with that, I want to say, enjoy this Spring and Summer and may all of you be blessed. Get ready for sun, fun, sandy hair and salty air!!! Just live it up and enjoy all of it! It really is a blessed time…

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Sand, Showers and Soup for the Soul

More than anything, I’m loving being back close to the ocean and the sea sand… Nothing better than that. My skin feels anything but dry, my hair is back to its natural self, curly or not… And I’m loving the salt in the air… Relaxed is not enough to describe how chilled out everything is…

But in my days here, it has been sunny… I have loved not being cold and tried to take advantage of the sun-filled warm days, but deep within me… I have been longing to see some rain… I haven’t seen, felt or smelt rain in months… So today, when I woke up after hanging out with my best mates last night, I was stoked to see the cloudy whether and feel the shift in the wind… Rain was coming… And I was getting excited as the day went on. This evening, the clouds finally broke and the late afternoon/early evening showers hit!!! As soon as it did, I was recording it, outside smelling and enjoying it… I got so excited I was dancing around, my mom thinking I’d gone mad and rushing to make some tea. Yep, I was loving every second of it and appreciating the shower of rain we’d been blessed with.

Then this evening, something I had also waited for all week, was making soup with my dad… Not only because I love his recipe and we’re the only two in the house who would dare eat this soup, but also because it is truly good for the soul. It meant some good bonding time and talking about deep heart issues. My dad doesn’t have to say much, but we feel each other in the spirit so making soup together means intense spiritual talk between our souls without even having to use words. It’s kinda our little secret. In this time, I usually get to also just appreciate having a dad and also his character and just everything about him. I get to make memories, remembering smells, jokes, sounds, just everything around me in those moments with him. Not knowing when we might see each other again, I’ve got to use each moment to the fullest.

So yeah, an evening filled with sand, salt, showers of rain, soup and soul-filled moments… A lot to be thankful for 🙂

loving the sand, salt, sun - being home by the ocean

loving the sand, salt, sun – being home by the ocean

my hair done by my sister before I joined my dad to make soup

my hair done by my sister before I joined my dad to make soup

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“Happiness is a summer breeze, sand between your toes, and your best friend by your side.”

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