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Happiest Proudest Moments

Last night was probably one of the most amazing night’s I have had in a long time. I was definitely blessed beyond what was needed.

First, it being a Monday night, I headed over to baby sit as usual but instead, it was needed as the kid’s parents were there and the kids were super excited as they were about to get a new puppy! When the puppy got there – it just made me want one!!! Sooooo cute and adorable. Anyway had an incredible time, chilling out with the whole family and new puppy…

After that we headed home! Excitement building to see my favorite (Kelly) and his friend Jaco – as they have come back from the U.S!!!

I honestly haven’t been more excited in a long time to see two people – or Kelly in particular!!! I really am just blessed to have him in my life!!! We live on the 8th floor of out building so my sister went down to open for them and noticed the lifts weren’t working. She told them they were taking the stairs. As soon as they found out they’d be walking up a few floors, they started stretching – such clowns these two!!! But yeah. When they walked through that door, I almost cried at the sight of seeing Kelly!!! He had this amazing light around him and glow I haven’t seen before. I basically jumped into his arms and held tightly onto him for about 10minutes…all while he was just hugging back and saying ‘you better not cry now’… Happiest moment ever!!! Seriously!!! I haven’t felt that much joy through my body in ages! I got to meet the legendary Jaco, who has helped in shaping Kelly while he was in the U.S.

We sat for hours, laughing, talking, drinking Steri Stumpies, comparing tattoos, looking at pictures… It was just so awesome! He even spoke about wanting to study and just what he wants to do in life. It was great seeing how God had used this trip to grow him into such a great young man and restore broken relationships in his life. He’s just grown up so much and into such a responsible man with so many awesome goals and his heart has just become more beautiful.

God has just been so faithful in keeping Kelly safe and in growing him. It really was a blessing seeing him and being able to have witnessed the growth and change that has come… My favorite has made me extremely proud!!!

We love you lots Kelly!!! Xx

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Returning from the U.S

Kelly’s bags are packed and ready to go as he waits at the airport!!

He leaves from New York in a few hours and then he’ll be on his way back to South Africa!!! Can’t wait to see him!!! Counting down the hours!!!

So grateful that God has kept him safe til now!!!

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Kelly enjoying the U.S

So Kelly landed safely in Florida last week. He has been in West Palm Beach for quite a few days now and seems to be loving every second of it. It has made my sister and I a little sad, because he seems to be enjoying it so much that it sounds like he won’t be coming back…. or at least he doesn’t want to anytime soon.

So I do get a feeling that next year we’ll be saving to go see him in the U.S to visit and celebrate his 21st… But it feels like forever away. We miss him sooooo much already. But I really am glad he is enjoying it and that it seems to be everything he has waited and hoped for which is a good thing. I still just hope that only good will come of this and that it will bring us all closer together. But I have uploaded a few pics of him and his fun in Florida.

So Kelly, we miss you tons!!!! Xx

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Life is just PEACHES even while longing for MY BIKINI

So this week has been up and down emotionally with Uncle Johan’s death, but being able to see friends and have coffee. And then little old Kelly leaving for the U.S! So it has been a little bittersweet. Luckily I have had wonderful friends pray with me and for me for comfort and healing and many other things, also praying for my academics, my dad to get work, my future, for Bernhard and his family, for Kelly, for love in my life and just my heart. Many have prayed, but Sunday night I had Mari pray with me, as well as Werner who gave me comforting words, answering questions I had only thought about and kept in my head and heart for Jesus. Monday and Tuesday, Tshepi and Elicia were there as well as my sister, Kelly, Mona and Anneke.

Last night at the airport before coming home, my sister and I picked up a few chocolate crossiants to enjoy for breakfast this morning. When I woke up this morning, I had slept a little later as I got into bed quite late and was drained after all the excitement of the week so far, but when I woke, I woke to a gorgeous sunny day after a rainstorm last night. I love rainstorms, it just leaves everything so fresh for the start of the next, new day. But anyway, so on this gorgeous sunny day there is a light breeze in the air, a lot like the type we have back home at the beach. So I got up, my heart longing for the ocean and a lovely little swim, went to the kitchen, made some tea and got a little chocolate crossiant. Boy, was I stoked! I started my morning off pretty relaxed and chilled out, enjoying the fresh air and breeze coming in while I enjoy food and drink, doing things like I would back home at the beach… Am I tempted to wear my bikini under my clothes today, like I would back home, enjoying the beach life and just how relaxed it feels – a lot like life is pretty peachy? Well, Yes I am quite tempted to do exactly that….

As if that wasn’t enough, one of my surfer friends from Hawaii who has been to Aus recently, shared a range of bikinis with me from Rip Curl that she just thought I would love and need to see. Needless to say that I totally loved it and immediately shared the link with another of my beautiful surfer friends – Emma! The range MY BIKINI is from Rip Curl, it is super sweet as it has different types of bikinis ranging from sexy to super cute as surfer girls or girls at the beach wana look cute and be comfortable in the bikinis they’re wearing. But what’s really great about this range is that, Alana, like Alana Blanchard, who is a pro surfer was basically part of the whole designing of it from a technical point of view. This really helps as the bikini’s sit well and she knows what is needed if you’re gona be swimming in it all day or surfing. Many times because of the way our bikini’s are made, we suffer from headaches or our bikini tops or bottoms fly off when duck-diving or when get caught in a wave. So from a technical point of view they really work without forgetting that the look of them and us ladies have different taste. So there really is something for everyone in the range, and if it isn’t there yet, you can expect for it to be coming soon. It has hit North America and the range has just recently hit Aus, so let’s hope it’ll be coming soon to South Africa, but ’til then I’ll be shipping mine in from America where Kelly will now be or from Aus, where a couple of my friends are.

Another range I’m loving right now, not just because it is soooo pretty and they come in the coolest sherbet or candy floss type colours and are locally made, and have been launched in Johannesburg recently but also because it is incredibly cool….is the PEACHES SWIMWEAR range…. So they are just as cute and locally produced which I’m always up for supporting ūüôā Not only do they come in the coolest colours and are locally produced but these bikini’s are pretty damn cute and really bring out the girly side of each lady who gets into one and feels like heading to the pool or beach. They really look comfy and cute, so I can’t wait to get my hands on one of them and splash around in the water with it. There has been amazing feedback from friends and people in general about the PEACHES bikini range. My friend Emma, shared the link on facebook and I’m glad she did. The range has me extremely excited about this coming summer and the celebrations that await as soon as we all go on holiday and I’m able to go home to the beach! I can’t wait to get my tan on now!!!

So to all of you – as I long for a day at the beach in my bikini & life feels a little more peachy today… go check out the different links and bikini collections girls and have one fabulously PEACHY day ūüôā xx

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The words we love hearing

Kelly let us know that we could phone him between 18.30 & 20.00 on a different number seeing as we wanted to say our last goodbyes. But then we were able to find out that we could possibly make it to the airport in time to say goodbye between landing at OR Tambo & boarding his next flight to New York.

18.30, my sister and I got into the car ready to get to the airport as fast as the law made possible to drive on the highway. Time was ticking and I was talking to Kelly as he landed….. Chantelle was basically flying on the highway. Our hearts were racing as every second ticked by and every kilometer passed. We kept watching how much time we had. Each and every second passing, my little sister & I kept on praying & hoping God would just delay his plane departure time so that we could have a few moments to say goodbye to him or maybe even have the chance of having supper with him. As we prayed, in the distance we saw the lightning start up…looking at each other – smiling, full of hope, my sister put her foot down full on the pedal increasing speed. Suddenly she had turned into a race car driver (a very responsible one, just in case my parents read this)….I’ve never seen her so desperate to get to an airport. She could have been a paramedic at that moment.

I spoke to Kelly over the phone¬†as he had just gotten off the plane and set his feet in OR Tambo’s airport….. He asked in a surprised voice – Are you here?” I said no, but that we were almost there and we’re hoping to make it in time. He then said goodbye trying to figure out when he had to board the plane and assured us that he would let us know how much time we had left to get there.

He let us know that he had passed through some sort of gates, but he wasn’t very specific….. I let him know we were 10 minutes away from stopping at the airport. Those were probably the slowest 10 minutes ever as they felt like a movie being played in slow motion. Still hopeful, my sister tried to encourage him to take his time and wait by telling me to tell him,Get to the back of the queue, since when is it cool to be the first in line to board the plane??”¬†

We stopped at the airport, parked the car on the lowest level, it was 19.15….every¬†escalator going upward, moved too slow, we basically ran like frantic idiots up all of them to where he would be checking in & then going through security gates & checks…. we couldn’t see him anywhere. My sister decided it’s her turn to phone him… I could hear the ringing of the phone and then his answer. The first time we phoned he was surprised to hear we were on our way. Now my sister had to tell him we were there ready to say goodbye…. We walked on as he picked up… He’d checked in and they had to start boarding but he was just buying something to drink…..¬†¬†He was already beyond the departure gates soon to go through the security checks….he was a few meters away from us behind a piece of glass…you could hear him getting all choked up over the phone as he realized we had come to say goodbye and now he couldn’t even enjoy a hug and we had literally missed each other by 5 minutes…. On both sides of the phone we were choking up, and you could hear and feel the disappointment as my sister gave him a little speech and lecture.

We went to the Spur at the airport while we waited for his flight to depart, had supper, took pictures and sent them to him as well as a few other messages…. ¬†We ate in a lot more silence than usual, and you could see on by our faces, how the scenes played over and over in our heads that we had missed Kelly by 5 minutes. The last of his words rung throughout

the meal as well as the trip home and still now…. Choked up words by Kelly who tried sounding brave, but you could feel his sadness, disappointment & how badly all he needed was a hug. You could hear him choking up & trying to say a certain few words before crying, which¬†suddenly mean a whole lot more now….. “I’m gona miss you. I love you lots…bye….”

Those are the ones we cherish most & love hearing more than anything in the world.

*The message my sister Chantelle sent to Kelly about the whole thing while we were at spur, she was feeling a little disppointed: “sooo me and michi raced to the airport to see you one last time, ran up the escalators but still missed you by 5minutes! hope the weather isnt causing too much turbulence and that you arrive safely in America! remember the skype session as soon as you’re settled in! love u brother! miss you too much already!!”

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Kelly leaving home….

Siblings are so incredibly special and so are friends. God has blessed me with both. This morning I woke up extremely excited to see two special friends, Tshepi & Liela… to have some time with them & treat them to a new place – AROMA. But I also woke up with a huge knot in my stomach that had me feeling very sick.

At first I didn’t know why but when I realized it was Tuesday, I remembered why & all the colour & excitement drained out of me. Kelly is to leave this evening to the U.S to join their¬†defense¬†force. He’d been counting down the days since we had seen him in the holidays….which made me sick as we got closer to D-DAY!!!!

Kelly, a year younger and way taller, really does stupid things sometimes & it suddenly doesn’t make this decision of his any easier on me who is kind of worried sick. He has trained hard though and is super excited to go so I have been very supportive. But saying goodbye or SEE YOU SOON has been very hard. He’ll be away 6 months….if they are really happy with his progress & training though, he won’t be back for the next 3 years….. So am I super happy about this? Not really but I am excited for him and hope it will be everything he’s been waiting for.

Not only is the amount of time and his decisions while being there worrying me, it is not seeing him now. We wanted to go see him at OR Tambo this evening and have supper with him and say goodbye properly, but unfortunately when his flight from Durban lands at OR Tambo he has 20 minutes to board his next plane and leave to the U.S. So our last official goodbye and phone call and speaking to him in anyway before he gets to the U.S and sorts out a new phone or whatever happens between 18.30 and 20.00 tonight. His first flight leaves at 20.30.

So today I am missing him terribly and my heart is sitting in my throat and I have been feeling a little restless all day. But luckily, I had a great coffee date with my two amazing friends that helped give some perspective to all my worries and fears and just seemed to calm me down. But I do pray this will be a great opportunity for him & that it will be a GOD opportunity, that it will be blessed and that he will be kept safe.

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