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God’s Promises & Our Trials

16736_340729225612_4993481_nAt the end of last year, after having faced more trials in my year than there were weeks or even days, I was able to go home for a month. I headed back to the coast, where the sand, salt and sea could soothe my soul. My usual escape and place for clearing my head and finding healing in my heart. I was able to come to term with many things and also found peace. I was blessed enough to witness a close friend’s beautiful wedding, get good news from other friends of their engagements and spend time with people I had missed seeing during the year.

In that time though, all was going well and God made many promises, in my weeks of getting back to Pretoria, more promises were made by God in the midst of trials. But when you’re in the midst of trials, these promises can become blurry and everything can seem pretty darn negative if you ask me. He has made good promises about my happiness but others that only bring testing, and sometimes it can get really hard to hold onto those and to be positive about it all.

God promises many things, lots being about our happiness, but many times the things God promises can be less about happiness and more about testing. But this doesn’t make them less of a gift.

This morning God drew my attention to Mary. The promise that she would have a child was both a blessing and a test.  I’m pretty sure she suffered a lot of rejection from family and friends because of this pregnancy out of wedlock, and then she still had to watch her son go to the cross. In our terms this would be quite a messy situation but from God’s perspective it was a Divine Intervention that would end up saving the world and her suffering would give way to blessing.

How hard it is in the midst of a trial to see any light at the end of the tunnel? How hard must it have been for Mary to watch her child suffer on the cross? Was she so faithful that she waited in expectancy for His resurrection? Or was she too sad or worried to even think? I mean, if it were me, in the midst of sadness and worry, I hardly eat and my mind doesn’t switch off, imagine being her. Or even yourself, in whatever trial you may be facing at the moment.

When God makes us a promise, the only thing we can do is hold on to it. Even in the face of doubt and pain, we have to hold on tight to what we were promised.  When we suffer, like Mary had, we have to keep our minds focused on the things we have heard from God. We have to be clear about who or what we will believe – our eyes or God’s promises.

No matter what life throws at us, not people or things, we can find a deep peace in knowing that God’s will is perfect and that He never lets anything happen to us unless it will bring good and Him glory. When His glory becomes our number one goal, we know we having nothing to fear when trials hit. When we choose to courageously look suffering in the eyes and say, “God’s will be done,” our faith will be a rock to stand on and we will find relief where others only find agony.

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Sunny South Coast

Well after a windy, rainy weekend the coast is sunny & warm. It is great to get up at 4.45am to do stuff and know I can actually feel my feet. At 4.45am here on the coast it is warm. It is a big change from the cold city where I’ll be waking up next week again.

I had a great time Friday evening with Rachel & Shaun! The braai was fun & we ended up playing a few board games including some dating game in which Shaun had to propose(again) to Rachel in 6 lines – rhyming! Haha was a fantastic evening. Was reminded why I love those two so much.

The Billabong Pro in Jbay also ended with Adriano De Souza taking the win! I must admit I didn’t see it coming but closer to the end of the competition he was definitely holding up well! Also, Stephanie Gilmore won her 5th ASP title! Pretty stoked about that one! Cool fact – Kelly Slater was exactly the same age when he won his 5th ASP title! So is Steph the next Kelly Slater in the girl world?! Well, we’ll have to wait & see.

Then this week has been pretty chilled. Just been spending a lot of time with God and keeping chilled hey. Just been relaxing and taking in the coastal vibes as well as getting up to date in the animal world. My sister has been asked to play for Tuks Junior 7s Rugby team in September in Cape Town. So, if I thought we were getting fit this holiday, it’s nothing compared to the practices & training we’ll be having this next month or so! Super keen!!!

Last night we spent our evening with Kelly, his mates Scott & Damian. We went to watch their action cricket match. They were already stiff from Monday night’s winning match so we were laughing a lot at the way they were playing. We had a lot of fun & it was a blessing to have spent the night with them. It was one of the last times we’d see Kelly for the next 3 years, as he’s going off to the air force in August. Don’t even think he’ll be at my 21st, which I’m bummed about but you gotta do what you gotta do & he’s been keen & waiting to go for so long now. My sister is also pretty funny with her comments. So I thought I’d post her comment on last night’s action cricket – a great summary for how the evening had gone down. We’re so blessed to have so many great people in our life.
“Brother is injured, Oosthuis lost a testicle and Scott is still walking like an old lady! Well played owes haha:)
– action cricket night :)” – Chantelle

Have a great weekend everyone!

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*One of the photos of a surfer on a huge ass wave is of Gabe Davies from Ireland & the pic of the guy kissing the trophy, is (you guessed it) Brazillian Adriano De Souza.

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Sisters Soak Up the Sun

Yesterday was a windy day here on the coast, but as we are beach lovers, coastal kids – that didn’t stop us from having fun & getting out.

The storm of my sister telling my parents about her tongue ring had died down & we celebrated her birthday all day, while in the wind, a rain storm brewed up. We had cake & tea & later the afternoon our family & our mates’ families went down to Dougies to go watch our the boys play rugby. The games went well & we all enjoyed some coffee & drinks next to the field.

There is much hype as per usual this time of year, with sardines coming around the coast. So the usual festivities are on & many of us following the news & waiting in anticipation for the arrival.

Then last night, the real birthday festivities of my little sister started. We had the braai going, music playing, drinks on hand & the house was pumping with friends & noise. Lots of laughter, singing & dancing took place in between all the catching up. Luckily only after the chops & kebabs had been braaied, did the clouds break with some rain. Lots of us chilled out in the rain now & then, especially us who have been more inland for a while now & hadn’t seen rain in 2-3 months! I was thankful. Photos & crazy dances by the boys was what followed. Their wildly animated stories had us in tears with laughter. The girlfriends of the boys in my sister’s friend circle were shocked though when the boys dropped their pants & did their well known wiggle dance. They always do it in underpants. We just laughed as we were pretty used to it by now. By the time the last people had left, the rain was really setting in & I was grateful to have gotten my rowdy sister to bed, take a hot shower, locked up & to get into bed as well.

It was a crazy but fun night! A good old day on the coast. With the beauty of waking up to beautiful waves & some glorious sunshine this morning! And today, was the last day of the week long Mr Price Pro, with some of the guys who really kicked ass!

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So I’m finally home. Got to the coast yesterday. Was in Durban just for a while before we headed down to the lower South Coast. Was great seeing the waves, breathing in fresh, salty air and having my skin soak up some warm sun! The drive home was fantastic, we were cruising at a good speed with some sweet music and I could feel my body relax as I totally entered my happy place!

Now that I’m home, I’m able to get back on track with my health and fitness and sort out a lot in my life. Already had some of the surfer boys over catching up on some news. Also got to chat bout the Mr Price Pro that’s been happening in Balito. The guys have been doing well and having a blast! And tomorrow is my little sister’s 19th, so we’ll be celebrating as well as checking our boys play some rugby at Dougies. Super amped!

Soon I’ll be posting some health things. I’m not at all obsessed just helping a few ladies out with them. As in the last few years lots of girls or friends’ sisters have asked many questions and I’m finally answering a few. Many are beauty related – sorry guys but they are helpful. So keep checking out this page for the tips….

For now, I’m gonna enjoy some tea and the sound of the waves

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3 days to go

I must stop posting about going home, I know but I really am excited. I got a message from my dad this morning, in which he expressed how much he misses me, he hopes my exam went well, it’s nearly home time and they’re having their first game at 11.30 in Durban at S.A champs. So not only is he excited but I am excited to go home and also super excited for him to be playing darts at S.A’s again. So today he has me excited all over again.

I can’t wait because I’ll be back at the coast for at least 2 weeks. I get to see my beachy friends, I get to go to the beach, smell the fresh salty air, eat yummy healthy foods, go for long walks, read some books, spend lots of time with God. Oh and best of all, have some rain!! Here inland, it seems they don’t get much rain – it is way too dry for me. So I seriously can’t wait, and I am excited to see my parents even though after a few days they might get on my nerves. I’m just happy to be going home so that I can also reflect on what has happened this year so far and find out where I’m going next, and that includes my studies. I really feel God calling me somewhere else, so it is time to clear up all the chaos and mess in my life and figure out what God wants from me.

Only 3 days before I board a plane! Yay!

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Home bound soon….

Just sitting and thinking, after having a short 5 minute chat to one of my best friends back home, Bubsy(Jaqui), and I was just reminded how much I miss her and the coast. There’s a few people I can’t wait to see again! So I really can’t wait for these exams to be over and to be home bound….

Here’s a little something my sister posted somewhere which is so darn true!

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moments. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun!”

So pretty and poetic but true. The pace is totally different from living in the big city. Can’t wait for this holiday to just chill & spend quality time with very special people!

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Friends and moments shared together at the coast and other places…

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Feeling a little home sick…

A beautiful wave back home at the coast – God’s power at its best

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