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A Woman of Determination

A woman who is determined – well apparently there is no force greater… Now can you imagine such a woman who teams up with God…. Well I tell you – that is one intense combination that cannot go wrong.

There is one woman who has proved that over and over again. She is such a special inspiration and motivation in my life. My words cannot do her justice. But whenever I am in her presence or just get a little message from her, I am always blessed and blessed in abundance!!!

She is a strong believer in God and one feisty woman, she isn’t afraid of Satan and I think he is pretty chuffed when she decides to go to bed. I think he’s relieved. She is a determined woman. A breath of fresh air. Someone who builds up and just lives the love.

Full of love and hugs and laughter, you just have to experience her in real life to understand. I really look up to Dee! Such a blessing.

So just wanted to share some love and lift her up! And say how much I adore and love this lady! She feels like family. May we all be a blessing as she is to all the people around us, being the light and love Jesus sees us to be.

Have a blessed weekend!

Lots of love xx

Dee getting ready with her tender

Dee getting ready with her tender

Dee and Gogs

Dee and Gogs

Dee handing in her tender - the big moment

Dee handing in her tender – the big moment

Dee always fun and sharing her love

Dee always fun and sharing her love

Dee loves sharing and walking in love as well as spreading love by giving kisses and hugs

Dee loves sharing and walking in love as well as spreading love by giving kisses and hugs

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What is this ‘happily ever after?’

073d651ce06a1ef8806ed75f1460084bEvery day of our lives, especially in mine, since I can remember, the world has painted this crazy picture of a ‘happily ever after.’ Every story ever seen or read since I was a little girl, has been about some ‘Prince Charming’ saving a princess, they fall in love, get married and end up living that ‘happily ever after.’

As a little girl I was always in two minds about this idea and my parents can vouch for the long time that I went through a perspective of, “I’m never getting married or even having kids…instead, I’m going to become a nun.” You can laugh and giggle but I truly felt that way. Later I fell into the other extreme of ‘serial dating.’ What I’m trying to say is not that there is something wrong with ‘happily ever after’ but that we must realise what pressures can also come with painting that kind of picture. I am not saying that that can’t be true and that we’re setting people up for some huge disappointment, because that isn’t true either. It is just that there is so much more to the whole dating picture and then marriage after that.

I was a serial dater until I realised how much I kept giving away, how much it was taking away from me and someone else’s possible future partner. I also just started seeing things differently as I got closer in my relationship with God and saw the way He loved and pursued me, and continues to do every day.

You might be thinking there is no way you have given into this idea in any possible way, but somewhere along the line, this idea of a ‘happily ever after’ does creep into your heart and thoughts, affecting them whether you choose to admit it or not.

I realised this before, during and after my serial dating and had to come to a decision. Because of it, I chose not to date again until I was absolutely sure about the guy and that we had been friends and so on. Even now, while dating,  I have to constantly keep myself in check, so that I don’t let this idea of a ‘happily ever after’ become damaging to me, the other person or our relationship as it can cause unnecessary pressures and expectations that aren’t entirely realistic and based on God’s grace and truth.

The day I said ‘yes’ to dating, was also because I believed that is whom I would marry. But for most people this isn’t always the case and dating isn’t taken as seriously as it should be. You cannot constantly date people and throw them away at the first signs of trouble or when you get bored. This creates a false expectation in marriage, and proposes the idea, that if a marriage isn’t working for you, you don’t have to worry, you can quickly get divorced and start your search for the ‘PERFECT ONE’ again.  Hey, I mean – ‘there’s plenty of fish in the sea’ right?!

Dating isn’t a Biblical principle, so I really think that when you do choose to date someone, you need to take that decision very seriously, just as you would with marriage.

Anyway, these big decisions and the idea of a ‘happily ever after’ can put a great deal of pressure on us and we can be made to feel a bit doubtful. Although you say ‘yes’ to dating and even though you may know deep down this is the person you’re going to marry, you too may have doubts or have moments of doubts as they are big steps and very serious times.

In the perspective of the world and what it tells us, the person we marry(or date) is the one who makes YOU happy. He/she is perfect for YOU. The proposal is perfect for YOU. The ring and the wedding is perfect for YOU. The honeymoon is perfect for YOU and the ‘happily ever after’ is perfect for YOU. It is all about YOU, YOU, YOU and YOU!

But honestly, that is what the world says and NOT what the Word says. In the Word it speaks of the covenant of marriage being about God. The journey of navigating through a lifetime of promise like this has everything to do with Jesus. It is about ‘US’ – an equation involving your partner, Jesus and you. And the only perfect thing in this equation for YOU is grace.

I was afraid of making the wrong choice, most of us are. But we make the choice, no one else and I need to believe I make the right one.

Marriage is the covenant, the promise, to God that you vow to love another person just as Christ had/has loved us first. The most intimate, challenging and all-inclusive way of loving is what this vow consists of and is what the vow of becoming one flesh with another person includes. To serve and selflessly love them in such a way, as Christ served us and selflessly loved us to and even on the cross. To carry their burdens, taking the lashings of their shortcomings and bearing the taunting of Satan and the struggles and challenges he may bring. To put them before yourself even to the point where you feel like you may be broken, but can ultimately rise, just as our Great King did and does, in love. Lifting your partner up to Jesus when they feel they cannot do it themselves. This, with a great understanding of the magnitude of the Gospel in which we come to realise a greater appreciation for the power and authority of what was done by Jesus on our behalf and because we are so loved by the Almighty King.

Marriage (and even dating) I have explained to a few people lately, is a tiny yet supernatural taste of God’s love for us. How He treasures and cherishes us. This is a promise not to be taken lightly, because it is ultimately, a promise to accept and love one another (including all versions and parts of one another), like God loves us, on a daily basis. Something we can’t even come close to doing on our own and can only come through natural relationship with God. That is the JOY of saying ‘yes’ in your heart to the covenant of marriage. Be it a choice you made when still dating or asked to date, a choice when proposed to or deciding to propose, it is a choice to be looked forward to and excited about, one to confess with joy in your heart, even on the day of marriage and every day after that. Although, a serious choice, it is one so profound and beautiful. It isn’t that you have found the ‘perfect one,’ but that we are a step closer to drawing back another layer and getting to see God’s perfect love played out in our lives in a rather magnificent way and that we get to share that with one another.

What is truly great about marriage is that, there is the sweetest of sweet joys in knowing that you don’t have to go at this whole thing alone and that God is with us, in this, every step of the way and through Him all the crazy, deep adventures and moments are MORE than possible. It is such an honour to be able to have the privilege of loving and caring for His child in this covenant the way He has loved and taken care of me. The great truth and grace is pure magic that comes with knowing that although we aren’t perfect for each other, we both are committed to making the choice every day to follow the King who showed us and IS the perfect example of how to love. It is a commitment to having our story become a ‘happily ever after’ but one, determined by the Word of God and not the world.

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Make Time

We all have a thousand excuses for not doing the small things in life which we seem to take for granted. Usually ‘we don’t have time.’ But today, I feel like saying – make time!

If you want to know what is important to someone, just spend some time looking at what they spend most of their time doing…and you’ll quickly learn what are the most important things in their lives or what the root issues may be as to why they spend so much time on whatever it is…

But if people are important to you and there are dear and close people to you, whom you find really special – even if you don’t have time, make time. Take just a few minutes every now and then to let them know how important they are to you.

I’ve learnt how important these things are especially in my relationships with my parents, friends and family.

So wherever you are, whatever the circumstances, try take a few minutes to share with a loved one or close family member or friend or someone(whoever they might be). Just let them know they are important and share a little – it makes a huge difference and you’ll never fully understand just how much they appreciate it!!!

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone!!! For those who are in a relationship or not! Remember the amazing love of God and how much He loves you! He gave up His Son for you – because you are worth more than anything to Him! Either way, remember He loves you and you are His special daughter or son and one amazing princess or prince!
Have a great day filled with love and blessings! And include adventure into whatever relationship you’re in! Be it with your family, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, fiancé, friends, God or just with yourself! Be adventurous and remember TRUE LOVE CASTS OUT ALL FEAR!

Anyway have a beautiful day and lovely love-filled weekend!!!

Lots of love xx

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Yoga time

f3c8119297010ec2f7c9383e67d11fbfSo it is the beginning of twenty-fourteen and I am excited about doing some new stuff. What is really great and a theme that God has been putting on my heart, is taking the time to LOVE yourself. God totally adores me…He believes in me. He thinks of me as beautiful and confident, after all, He created me and I am His daughter, His princess.

Unfortunately, I don’t always see myself the same way and I don’t have much patience with myself either. I seem to compare myself, giving into being ruled by insecurities and that just won’t do it for me. After being in Cape Town, I really feel a sense of bringing back my focus to God and I. Seeing myself through His eyes.

So I have a few things lined up for myself this year, that will be taking me out my comfort zone, that will build confidence, teach myself to have the patience God has unconditionally with me, grace abundantly, things that will take accepting and loving myself in ways I could never have imagined.

One of the really cool things I have lined up that really gets me inspired, that will teach me to accept myself a lot more, have patience with myself as well as be a little more determined – is YOGA!!! Some know that I’m into the yoga kind of thing, but this year I’m taking it a bit more serious and totally up-ing it a notch or two. I really am keen on this one, not only as it is about the journey of loving myself in all my forms, but also because it will definitely be challenging on so many different levels.  I guess not only because I’ll be challenged on different levels, I guess, when I get a little bored or any other time too, I DO like to get a little silly and do weird things (not that yoga is silly), so why not do crazy poses?!

af10048c01c7eea61b3e1e95ed236767In a sense, it is also to get out of my head, so that I don’t think too much or rile myself up into any state of panic – which I do very easily – and to just get away from limiting myself, and do things I never thought I could do or that I thought my body couldn’t do….just defy all limits and live a little outside of the box we all put ourselves into.

Candace Moore and her story about fighting Lyme Disease, has been so super inspiring as well as motivating. Her story has moved so much in my heart and I am truly excited about her passion for yoga and the way in which she is so real and honest and wants to help others through her yoga and other stories. She makes it seem fun and exciting, and it’s just awesome to see how and hear how she motivates you to explore all aspects of life and yoga and everything involved in it…

There is just so much more to yoga than poses and exercise, it is just a way of focusing yourself on what makes you tick and the present moment. Your breath, your heartbeat, your movement. It is about persevering, patience, acceptance, loving, experiencing, building confidence – just plain being!

More than that, it can be done anywhere, anyhow, with anyone or by yourself. You also get to get close to nature and all of creation….and I think, why not use this time, to get close to God as well…just appreciate yourself, your body, your present circumstances – all these things that God created and the beauty of being alive in HIM!!!

Not only is there yoga, but coming up there is other experiences leading to more confidence…there is my studies, driving and other adventures like stand-up paddle boarding, photo shoots and different courses in restorative justice, makeup and other things…but this is a year of exploration and just diving into crazy awesome opportunities and enjoying life to the full – no holding back!d4

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A Weekend Immersed in Love

5765d047134f723783996b17dcf30b4eThis past weekend felt like one truly magical one, not only because we attended the most stunning wedding orchestrated by God but Sunday was also incredibly special. At the wedding you could just feel the love and joy fill the entire farm/plot and you could really feel the Spirit moving in the whole place as God’s anointing just poured from everywhere. It was intense and magical and so much fun with all our friends. The whole wedding and evening surpassed so many expectations, and it was amazing to see how everyone had pitched in and how amazing the wedding was. Bianca was overwhelmed as she was being prepared for the big moment. Stephen was also pretty excited and nervous the whole time.  But he looked handsome and she looked stunning. It was amazing to witness how special both felt and how cherished. God was preparing a table before them, in the presence of the enemy and anointing their relationship/marriage in front of the world. The chosen couple who would inherit His Kingdom were being immersed in His love.  And we all got to partake in the beautiful banquet. We were there to celebrate their love and destiny in Christ.

Beforehand I got to deliver some word for Bianca about the wedding…and it was amazing to see during the ceremony how all the words spoken, had come alive. Yep, prophetic word. It was amazing. Testimonies were shared around the tables, jokes and laughter echoed from all corners, fairy lights and candles just set such a romantic mood and the dancing bought even more fun! A beautiful evening of evident love everywhere. The wedding really was the fragrance of God’s love for us to have experienced!*

Then Sunday morning we all went to church and Shayne, who married Bianca and Stephen, delivered such a beautiful message that I ended up being in tears for most of it. Just so amazing that God loves us so much and wants to continuously bless us, never-ending, no conditions! It is such a deep love that just overwhelms every part of my being…

After that, Jean and I headed out for Sunday lunch….I just thought he got lost in Hatfield and was just driving in circles…luckily I didn’t mind because there were flowers blooming everywhere so I didn’t mind the feeling of being lost (I mean, lost with flowers everywhere – who could be bummed by that?!). Anyway, he stopped under a tree and took me over to Catemba Restaurant, it’s Portuguese by the way! My favourite! I love Italian restaurants but I really REALLY do love Portuguese ones and their food. I mean, my favourite coffee shop is run by Rael who is Portuguese…they really know their stuff.  It felt as if God had literally whisked me away to Portugal, a place my heart has always longed to go! We sat outside as it was a lovely hot day, under the most beautiful trees and just behind our table was a brazillian looking guy with dreads, busy braaiing some chicken with amazing Portuguese spices. Every time a light breeze passed through, that tantalizing spicy chicken smell would come through, and smoke would go into the air and then you could see the sun rays filtering through the leaves of the trees…plus they had amazing music playing in the background that makes you want to salsa.. The vibe was amazing, so relaxed and the people so friendly…plus the food was gorgeous and the whole place made you feel like you were far away and completely in a different exotic town where you should be wearing amazing dresses and flowers in your hair while sipping on cocktails and enjoying backyard dances like they have in Latin America…it was beautiful…totally gorgeous It definitely is my new favourite place!!! I am so sincerely blessed by the experience. I don’t think I could ever get enough of that place. I have fallen in love with it. **

*I will add some photos from the wedding as soon as we have them. 

**The Catemba Restaurant is owned by Paulo & Josephine Frazao

Cell: +27790485829

Tel: +27 (012)-4307778 

Their trading hours: Tues-Sat -11H00 till late, Mon&Sun -11H00 till 20H00, Public Holidays: Always Open!

Address: 235 Hilda Str (off Church Street), Hatfield, Pretoria

photo (9) 4d56d16bf08e1f0cd96e3f03cebf0efd

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Shaking boots

1231664_10151869525547384_1247740628_nWaking up to this message this morning was pretty much a great blessing! Feeling so overwhelmed by Daddy’s love for me…This was what my heart needed to hear.

It’s my second day without a voice..trying to figure out if it is just the quick change of seasons we have just experienced or is this a spiritual attack. The whole week I have been experiencing a terrible tummy thing – definitely been a spiritual attack and I’m guessing losing my voice now is one too. One of many that I have had to experience as I get closer to the destiny God has placed in my life.

Cape Town is coming up. And I guess I’m starting to doubt and freak out a little. I haven’t ever been to Cape Town, yet I have been called to prison ministry over there. And then I have had a friend prophesy that I will have doors opened in Cape Town as well as internationally and suddenly I’m shaking in my boots. I don’t know if it is just me being so close to the big moment when my dream happens or it is me really being scared. But whatever it is…yeah I’m freaking out. I have played it cool until now. I have been excited about this and super brave, but now I am finding myself a little shaken up over this and I don’t know why….

I guess it’s also because I have no place to stay yet, no money, I don’t know Cape Town and I don’t have family or anyone there really….I have to leave my sister… My friends… I really am gonna be all by myself. So I am feeling overwhelmed. Oh and I am supposed to go in November – eeeeek…. Doors are open there with ministry and ministering but further than that I can’t see anything…. but all I know is that I can’t look at what I see around me and need to focus on what is already there in the spiritual… And God has promised to provide, so I’m trusting He’ll come through with all these things….

And that is why – that message – that little picture – was such a blessing this morning…Because my boots have been shaking.

So I am praying God will provide every day and thanking Him for this opportunity…praying He will re-assure me every day…

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