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Coconut Oil

large (6)I totally love coconut oil and my sister never understood why. But it is a natural ingredient that can be used for so many things and is way healthier than all this stuff we buy in stores.

Not all coconut oils are created equal. Ideally, you want it to be organic, extra-virgin, unrefined and cold-pressed.

Here are some of the uses I know of and have used.


-Eat a teaspoonful for an energy boost or take a spoonful with your vitamins to help increase absorption.
-Use Coconut oil to help soothe chicken pox, shingles and other skin irritations and rashes.
-Another health use- apply it to athlete’s foot, ringworm or other fungal infections
-Dab a little on a baby’s diaper rash
-You can also use the oil to help with cradle cap.
-Spread a thin layer on a burn to quicken the healing time
-Ingesting Coconut Oil is said to help thyroid conditions.
-Use in replace of massage oil
-Consuming Coconut Oil while nursing is said to increase your milk flow
-Apply to bug bites to sooth itch and sting
-If you happen to get nose bleeds in the winter, coat the inside of your nose with a small amount.
-It is said that taking a spoonful will help reduce and eliminate migraines
-Massage into tired, achy or sore muscles to help relieve the pain
-Mix a small amount with oregano and apply to the first signs of a cold sore
-Dab on a cancer sore to speed up heeling and help soothe the pain
-Ingest a small amount and let it dissolve in your mouth and run down the back of your throat to ease the discomfort of a sore throat


-Use as a super conditioner for your hair. Apply to dry hair and leave on for 30mins, then shampoo as normal (you may need to shampoo 2 or 3 times). Coconut oil is known to strengthen damaged hair and help your luscious locks grow back quicker. Massage your scalp with a dollop of coconut oil for deep conditioning. While you’re at it, add a little more from root to tip to de-frizz and add healthy shine.
-You can also use it as a styling agent for dry hair. Rub a small amount into your palms and apply to hair.
-Put some in a small container to use as lip balm.
-Dab a small amount under your arms to use as a natural deodorant.
-Use it in place of shaving cream. Stop donating to the beauty industry on this one. Slather some coconut oil on your legs and experience potentially the smoothest shave ever! The oil creates a slick surface and moisturizes while you shave. Apply even more afterwards and you will step out with a fabulous, natural glow. No more need to buy lotions with infused glitter!
-Add a small amount to your bath water to create a moisturizing soak
-Use as a make-up remover. Whether or not you use waterproof mascara, sometimes makeup can be annoyingly stubborn. Eye makeup removers can be harsh and dangerous for the health of your eyes. Smooth a small amount of coconut oil onto a cotton pad and gently rub off your eye makeup. Here’s an incredible perk—the oil is naturally anti-aging. So, with regular use it restores elasticity and can help delay or diminish wrinkles.
– Alternative makeup. Instead of using coconut oil to remove your makeup, you can add it to your beauty regiment in the morning. Add a little to your cheekbones on top of your makeup for a beautiful enhancement to your sparkling eyes. However, do not try to use this oil as a primer, especially if you live in warm, humid climates. Your face may look like it is melting!
-Use around your eyes to help prevent wrinkles
-Use to reduce the visibility of stretch marks
-Apply to stomach when pregnant to aid in preventing stretch marks
-Use as a mascara brush cleaner
-Brush on eyelashes to help strengthen them
-You can even apply coconut to your face before you go to bed. Some of you may be afraid of it clogging your pores. Do not fear! Coconut oil actually contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that will help kill the bacteria buildup, which clogs your pores in the first place. Also, those annoying scars we can get after attacking yet another pimple can be eliminated much quicker with the help of coconut oil. Use on pimple and acne to help heal it.
-Apply on cracked or rough heels
-Massage into your nails and cuticles to help strengthen them
-Mix with the spice nutmeg and apply to blemishes for 15 minutes. Wash off and notice a difference in your skin
-If you wax at home, Use on your skin after waxing to help with the redness and to remove any access wax.
-Without getting too scientific, coconut oil’s structure allows it to quickly and easily penetrate your skin. Unlike man-made lotions that contain ingredients like mineral oil, which hinder lotion from getting past the surface, coconut oil dives right under the surface! Don’t just reserve this miracle worker for your hands. Apply it generously right after a shower to lock in moisture.


-Use it as a base for a homemade body scrub, toothpaste or lotion.
-In addition, you can also use -Coconut Oil as a base for a vapor rub.
-Try mixing it with lemon balm, tea tree oil or rosemary for creating an insect repellent
-Use instead of WD-40
-Mix with baking soda to create a non-toxic form of Goo-Gone
-Use as a metal polish, however, test a small area first.
-Also use it to season cast iron pans
-Use to remove chewing gum from the bottom of your shoes


-Use to condition your wooden cutting boards
-Use as a leather moisturizer. However, test a small area first!
-If you have gum stuck in your hair and before grabbing the scissors, try using a small amount of coconut oil. the gum should come right out.
-Use as a guitar string lubricant
-Use a little on a damp cloth to clean a slimy shower. Wipe the surface again with more oil followed by spraying with vinegar and wipe dry
-I’ve read Coconut Oil works as a non-toxic flea treatment for cats and dogs
-Use on artificial or real plants to shine leaves in replace of the chemical-filled spray that can be purchased.
-Add a small amount to a cloth to detail the inside of your car
-Use to clean brushes and hands after painting with an oil-based paint

Cooking:large (5)

-Replace the less healthy oils in your kitchen with Coconut oil
-Add a teaspoonful to smoothies to help add flavor and added nutrition.
-Use to oil your pans and baking dishes instead of pan spray
-Put a small amount on toast and add cinnamon for a healthy cinnamon toast
-Use as a base for homemade candy, such as chocolates.
-Mix with garlic and use it to make food extra flavorful
-Add a teaspoonful to soup for added nutrition
-Add flavor to baked goods
-Make your own peanut butter with the base being Coconut Oil
-Use to lubricate scissors when cutting up sticky things such as marshmallows for recipes
-Use instead of shortening when making pie crust

So save yourself some time and money and enjoy this multi-beneficial blessing, get some coconut oil next time you’re out and about.

*A great site with more info on the benefits of coconut oil would be

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Natural Beauty – Makeup Free

For many of us, applying makeup happens way to easily and too often. Especially when we’re wanting to cover up & we grab whatever we can find. Often it can be a challenge to choose natural over makeup but I would challenge you to try it for a while in order to give you and your skin a breather. For some natural is easy, others it may be harder. But here are a few tips.

1. Drink water – this I have mentioned in way too many posts but I cannot stress this enough! At least 6 – 8 cups a day is what your body & skin needs!

2. Exfoliate your skin – now that you have your skin hydrated, you need to make sure you scrub off all that unwanted oil. Use a scrub or an exfoliating sponge.

3. Apply coconut oil to your skin – this is a great alternative to a lot of the creams we use today. This softens your skin really well & will give it an outstanding glow.

4. Moisturize your skin daily – this is super important for your skin if you want it looking healthy & natural. It needs to be done daily, not once in a while when it is looking dry.

5. Groom your eyebrows – don’t forget about your brows. Trimming, waxing & making sure that you keep those brows in shape is a great way to keep your natural beauty & you don’t need makeup for it.

6. Wear colours to highlight your eye colour – just because you’re leaving makeup alone doesn’t mean you don’t have to highlight your eyes some other way. Wear an outfit that really sparks your eye colour. I have greenish hazel eyes, so a little bright green in my outfit will make my eyes pop, all without the makeup!

7. Lip Balm – your lips need to be kept hydrated too

8. Eat fruits & veggies – this is a must, as you are what you eat. You may as well have a good diet, not just for your skin but for your health too.

9. Smile – smiling is a great thing. It can completely change your look! And when you smile, someone else may smile. This could not only benefit you but many others & who doesn’t want to be the reason for brightening someone else’s day?!

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Trendy Teas

Here are a few teas and their uses. They are herbal but really help with different things.

1. Chamomile Tea
It is useful for calming and menstrual cramps. It also helps for inflammation as it is a natural anti-inflammatory.

2. Peppermint Tea
Peppermint tastes great & seems pretty refreshing but helps for bloating & tummy cramps.

3. Juniper Tea
It is helpful for those trying to detox as it really cleans out the system. Not only that, but it helps relieve water retention or avoid it especially during the menstrual cycle. It is a natural antiseptic and also cures and prevents infections in the urinary tract.

4. Green Tea
This tea really helps speed up your metabolism, helps your skin & its antioxidants helps make your body more resistant to sickness & other things.

5. Ginger Tea
Ginger tea really is amazing. It helps with nausea which can be a problem while on your menstrual cycle or for those who are struggling with morning sickness. It also helps with motion sickness & fight flu.

6. Milk Thistle & Dandelion Tea Mixture
This flushes the liver of harmful matters, helps with over eating & helps the liver regenerate itself.

7. Lemon Balm Tea
This helps with weight gain for those who are struggling with weight gain or are losing weight too much as it makes you hungrier, it basically helps with your appetite.

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Natural Cleanser Ingredients

Here are a few things that can be added to your cleansers to help your skin if they aren’t already part of your diet.

1. Natural Yogurt
This will soften skin & is also a natural anti-fungal & antibacterial agent, so add it to your cleanser & store in the fridge.

2. Ground Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower seeds that have been pulsed a few times in a blender are fantastic to add into any exfoliating facial products. They aren’t as harsh as sea salt & are a great source of Vitamin E.

3. Banana
This is a nutritious addition for your nourishing cleanser. It moisturises which helps dry skin, promotes rejuvenation & assists in rebuilding natural defences against the sun, heat & general damage from the elements.

4. Kiwi Fruit
Liquefied kiwi is packed with vitamin C & it’s a natural source of skin refining fruit acids. These help even out skin tone & seal in moisture. Use if you want to minimise pores & promote a smooth, even complexion.

5. Pineapple
This is used in many commercial cleanser & facial scrubs to eliminate blemishes & dark marks. It helps regulate skin texture & also has astringent properties making it an excellent chemical exfoliant.

6. Brewer’s Yeast
This helps regulate oily & blemished skin & contributes to an even skin tone. Also use it to help control mild outbreaks of acne.

7. Almond Oil
This ingredient is great to include if you’re battling with very sensitive, dry skin. It sooths & sinks into pores very quickly, delivering nutrients & moisture directly where they need to be without leaving behind any sort of residue on your skin’s surface.

8. Honey
It is a natural antibacterial & can help defend against acne-causing germs. Its antioxidants will battle against free radicals & is also an organic skin softner.

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Fun Face Masks

Here are 6 face masks you should try out depending on your needs.

1. Orange Mask
Not only do oranges make a healthy refreshing drink, the pulp you usually throw away can be used for a great face mask that’ll leave your skin glowing. Use the pulp on its own or mix it with honey, oatmeal & yogurt.

2. Cucumber Mask
Blend 1 cucumber & mix the paste with a little bit of yogurt to revitalise your skin. Make sure you don’t put too much yogurt in otherwise it’ll be too runny. The yogurt also helps for sunburn, so in summer this really comes handy.

3. Mint Mask
This homemade revitalising mask will not only refresh & cool your skin in the hot summer months but will clean it too. If you have blackhead & whitehead problems then this is for you. You’ll need half a cup of cucumber solids blended & strained. Put it into a saucepan, heat with some fresh water & then add your chopped mint leaves & heat some more to help the ingredients blend well. Leave the mask to cool down. Apply & leave for 15 mins before rinsing off with warm water.

4. Fruit Mask
This tropical mask is revitalising & the leftovers can be eaten. You need to mash 3 papaya slices, 2 mango slices & 1 pineapple slice. Add 1 tbsp of warm honey & you’re done. Leave the mask on for about 15 to 20 mins & rinse off with lukewarm water.

5. Strawberry Mask
This can be used as an all-natural astringent for people who have problems with big pores. Mash about 5 big strawberries & mix with 1 or 2 tbsp of honey. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes(or even 30 mins if you want) & rinse off using a gentle circular motion. This helps exfoliate & soothe, while the honey helps soften & gives an instant glow.

6. Herbal Tea Mask
Herbal teas can be used for great masks. Use chamomile for nourishing, mint for revitalising, lavender for soothing & sage for deep cleansing. The process is pretty simple – just prepare the herbal tea as usual & leave to cool. Dip pads of cotton or cloth in it & then hold it on your face.

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8 Enchanting Exfoliators

Here are 8 amazing exfoliators you can try out. For a basic exfoliator check out the exfoliator recipe used in my previous exfoliation posts.

1. Coffee, Lavender & Sugar Scrub
The lavender is calming, the coffee grounds help with cellulite. This scrub also helps calm your blemish-filled skin.

2. Sugar & Olive Oil
This makes a fantastic skin-softening scrub which also removes all the dead cells

3. Salt & Lemon
If you have been having problems with oily skin then this will help you. The lemon juice wipes away all the oil & the salt takes care of the rest.

4. Strawberries & Honey
This softens rough skin & the strawberry seeds work wonders for clearing any dead skin.

5. Smashed Strawberries
This softens skin, but also helps remove oil if you are having problems with oily skin on your face or anywhere else.

6. Epsom Salts & Water
Epsom salts are some of the purest salts in the world! They feel great in the bath and brush away all dead skin cells leaving your skin super soft.

7. Honey & Sugar
This super sweet scrub softens your skin & makes it glow & look radiant.

8. Brown Sugar
Brown sugar can be used in a paste(brown sugar + water) or just straight brown sugar. It softens your skin super quickly.

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Food & plants for hair

Someone asked me about food you could add to your diet which promotes healthy growing hair and then plants that are good for your hair. Well here’s the list.

Food to eat – Fish(rich in Omega 3), beans(rich in proteins, zinc, biotin & iron), eggs(proteins) or low-fat dairy products, nuts, carrots, dark greens, oysters, bananas & raisins.

Plants promoting hair growth – Aloe Vera, Fenugreek(also known as Greek Hay or Methi), rosemary, Reishi Mushroom(also known as Ganoderma Lucidum – a Chinese mushroom), Ginko Biloba, Safflower and then, Catnip.

Hope this helps

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Homemade Hair Growth Treatments – Part 2

11. Henna & Egg Shampoo
This is effective for hair growth & care. You’ll need natural henna powder, an egg, half a cup of lemon juice & a cup of water. Mix the henna, egg & water together until it has formed a paste & let it stand for an hour. Add lemon juice & blend again until the mixture is smooth. Apply the paste on your scalp & hair from root to tips. Leave it in for about 2 hrs or until completely dry or even through the night. Rinse with cool or lukewarm water & gently work the mixture out of your hair. Use once a month.

12. Oatmeal Hair Mask
Get half a cup of oats or more(depending on the length and thickness of your hair), mix it with 1-2 tbsp of almond oil & a quarter to half a cup of milk. Make sure your hair is tangle free & dry & apply the hair mask from root to tip. Leave it in for 15-20 mins & then rinse with warm water before shampooing. Use once a week.

13. Egg & Yogurt Mask
You need 1 egg, a quarter cup plain yogurt & a quarter cup mayo. First beat the egg until it looks foaming, add in the yogurt & mayo until the mask is smooth. Massage it into your scalp & hair, making sure every inch is covered. Use a plastic bag or shower cap to keep it from dripping & leave the mask in for an hour. Rinse with cool water & a very mild shampoo. Use it once a week.

14. Onion & Honey Treatment
This is helpful if your hair is thinning or you’re losing it. Juice one small onion & add a bit of honey. Apply the mixture to all of your head or just the spots where hair looks thin. Leave it overnight & avoid covering it(you can cover your pillow) & shampoo out the next morning. Use at least once a week.

15. Coconut Oil & Lemon Juice
This doesn’t just help strengthen your hair for fast growth but gets rid of dandruff quickly. Just mix one part lemon juice with two parts coconut oil & massage it into your scalp. Leave it in from 4hrs to overnight & gently rinse out with cool water the next morning. Use this once a week.

16. Garlic & Chamomile Tea Mask
This one is complicated but only because it has many ingredients. You need 1 tbsp of garlic juice, 3 tbsp chamomile tea(or a tea bag), 1 tbsp aloe vera gel, 1 tbsp honey, 3 cups of water & 1 egg yolk. Mix the garlic juice with the honey & place it in your fridge. Boil your water & tea for about 30mins, stirring now and then. While that cools, take your juice/honey mixture & stir in the egg yolk & aloe vera gel. Massage the mask into your scalp down to the ends of your hair & leave it for 20 mins. Wash it out with a gentle shampoo. After that rinse your hair with the chamomile & let it stay in. If you have the stamina for this process you could do it once each week.

17. Vitamin E Treatment
This one is easy if you have all the ingredients together. Have a bottle handy & combine a quarter cup of vitamin E oil & a quarter cup of jojoba oil. You can buy vitamin E capsules & either break them, press them or piece them to get the oil. Then add 15 drops peppermint essential oil & 15 drops rosemary essential oil. Cap the bottle & shake the mixture well. Apply this treatment to your scalp every night.

18. Essential Oils Treatment
This requires only essential oils. Mix 2 drops thyme, 3 drops rosemary, 2 drops cedar, 28mls grape seed & a tbsp jojoba oil in a tight bottle or bowl for storage & later use. Massage this mixture into your scalp every night.

19. Caffeine Shampoo
This requires caffeine powder. You mix 4 tsp into 230ml shampoo. You can also mix he caffeine powder in a spray bottle with 230ml water & spritz it on your hair 10-15 mins before showering. Don’t use this treatment more than once a day & if you start getting headaches, you’re using too much shampoo or spritz.

20. Mayo Massage
All you need is mayo & it doesn’t matter what kind. Make sure your hair is damp – not soaking wet – with warm water & basically rub the mayo into your scalp & down to the ends of your hair. Use as much or as little as you want. Cover with a shower cap or plastic bag to trap heat. Let it set for 20 mins and then wash out with a gentle shampoo or shampoo that has been diluted. Use once a week for dry, over-processed hair, twice a week for normal hair & once a month if you have oily hair.

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