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String of moments

A happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people miss out on the happy moments, because they’re too busy trying to get a happy life.

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Make Time

We all have a thousand excuses for not doing the small things in life which we seem to take for granted. Usually ‘we don’t have time.’ But today, I feel like saying – make time!

If you want to know what is important to someone, just spend some time looking at what they spend most of their time doing…and you’ll quickly learn what are the most important things in their lives or what the root issues may be as to why they spend so much time on whatever it is…

But if people are important to you and there are dear and close people to you, whom you find really special – even if you don’t have time, make time. Take just a few minutes every now and then to let them know how important they are to you.

I’ve learnt how important these things are especially in my relationships with my parents, friends and family.

So wherever you are, whatever the circumstances, try take a few minutes to share with a loved one or close family member or friend or someone(whoever they might be). Just let them know they are important and share a little – it makes a huge difference and you’ll never fully understand just how much they appreciate it!!!

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Vow of Love

This is just so true 🙂

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Something a friend sent me. Very special. Thanks Annika xx

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Brilliant Brothers

Last night I was privileged and reminded once again why I serve the God I do and why I’ve been a part of Intentional Living the past few years. I remember meeting the guys who had started the 1st Intentional Living house in my 1st year of varsity and that I have been involved in their projects since, only thing that changed is that this year, my 3rd year of varsity, I had moved into the house myself.

Last night, we had had a communal supper made by Wihann whom I had met back in 2010 in the 1st house. He had made us the dish he had been most commonly known for this year – bunny chow. What was great about this evening is that not only were there people from this year’s Intentional Living enjoying supper with us, we had our 2 German visitors as well as 3 members from the previous years.

These 3 are just legends, and listening to them last night truly stirred my heart and brought a few tears as they spoke…happy tears. Wihann and Hearns – they were there in the 1st house and then Davie was part of the house last year, whom we supported as he went into the mission field this year.

These 3 men…just listening to their hearts and stories was really a gift from God last night. It was a blessing. At one stage it was just Jaco, Davie, Hearns and I at the table. Things got a little quieter and deeper as we spoke about missionaries and grace. I could literally feel God’s presence moving around us as we spoke.

Davie spoke about grace, making it so tangible and beautiful that if you hadn’t heard of it or someone who was blind or deaf and sitting there, they would have felt what he was talking about. It was just insane listening to him and how extremely humble he is. It was beautiful and during most of that conversation between the 4 of us, I sat with tears welled up in my eyes. He spoke about Bill Taylor, a great missionary and writer about cross-cultural ministry from the U.S. I once had the privilege of having supper with him and speaking to him and his daughter, I was truly humbled – something I would always remember. What really stuck out to me last night, was that Davie was saying – just like Bill once had said – that he doesn’t know if he can do this whole Christian thing and bring people God’s Word, because he isn’t perfect enough and can’t tell people to follow God and do things in which he himself is failing. That was such an incredibly humbling moment, one in which Hearns brought up ‘grace’ and that we have to remember we will never be perfect. We will always strive towards it and try be perfect, but that’s where grace comes in because without it – we will struggle.

Hearns also spoke about his heart, for those of you who don’t know – he’s finishing his articles now, in law. So as we all know, lawyers can be quite the sharks but when you hear Hearns speak and his dream….He’s not a shark at all….If you wanted to you could call him a shark – but a vegetarian which totally defeats the shark look he has going. Anyway, he will be working with Afgri next year which has been something he has been wanting to do for a while, as he wants to travel up into Africa. He wants to help them develop self-sustaining communities. They buy land and develop that community, giving them the equipment to farm and teach them how – using South African farmers, helping them build schools, churches etc and then the community gets to buy them out. He does all the lawyer-paperwork stuff but most importantly he makes sure what is happening is fair and that NO ONE will be exploited in the process. He really has such an amazing heart for people and God’s Kingdom, using what he has learnt for serving God. He has this great dream of farmers sitting around the fire with these communities, all of them sharing stories of their day and jokes and about what still has to be done tomorrow. His dream is to see all these different people come together, just sharing life. He told us a story of some of the guys from Afgri in Centurion. A whole lot of the farmers, guys with the same kind of heart, just arrived in the Congo and Uganda to help the communities there. They left here 2 months ago, it has taken them that long, because these guys drove in the tractors with all the farming equipment needed all the way to the Congo and Uganda to meet these communities and go help them out. I mean. Isn’t that what we should be like? Isn’t that what mission is? Isn’t that the Kingdom of God right there?

One more thing we spoke about that Hearns mentioned. Missionaries: the best missionaries in the world, are the ones we haven’t seen or heard of, the ones that are making a difference without even mentioning they are missionaries. The ones, who don’t even have to mention the word God or Jesus Christ in any of their sentences, ever. Those are the best kind of missionaries. Davie also told us about it as he was just in Malawi. He  said something we all agreed to – that people don’t want to hear about God and Jesus or anything like that. Christians are usually the most hypocritical. They don’t want to hear the stories anymore, they have heard it all. They want to see the stories come to life, they want to see through our actions. Our actions say a lot more about us than our words. Our actions are more influential than words. So we need to stop telling stories and start living what we believe. When we are so in love with God and focused on serving Him, His name and words won’t be necessary – only our actions will be. Our lives and actions will be what tell His story.

I wish I could better capture the moments shared last night and make it more tangible… but what I do wish, is that you all could get a chance to meet these wonderful men of God. Last night, was a cross-cultural conversation but not for one moment did any colour matter. We all felt like one family, one body of Christ. I just want to glorify God for these men and the work He has done through and in them as well as what He is still to do in and through them. They are amazing men, with such hearts for God who only inspire me to be more like them and to seek God more in my life and I am truly blessed to say I am friends with them and can call them my brothers.

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Honouring lives lost

Just over a year ago, I had gone to the farm with my aunt and uncle for the weekend. My cousin had had his last day of school that day. I remember him jumping in the car as we picked him up at the Spar on the way home to the farm. It was hot and there was a slight breeze.

That evening he was off to go celebrate and I was supposed to go with him but plans changed and I chose to stay home. We warned him to be careful as he was leaving to a party with one of our mutual friends. That evening our friend changed his plans to go to a different party, my cousin didn’t change his because his girlfriend would be at this particular one. The next morning I was relieved that he hadn’t changed his plans and got home safe the next morning because tragedy had struck that evening. Although relieved for his sake, I was shocked and filled with sadness as our friend whom had changed his plans was rushed into hospital after an accident caused by some guys. He was brain-dead and later didn’t make it. He was the first of many close friends and relatives I would lose in weeks and months to follow from then on ‘til now.

From then on I can remember each of the 19 people I lost around me after that. All very close friends and people I had gotten to know..some were close relatives too. People close to my heart.

A month ago, tomorrow, Uncle Johann Faasen passed away; the last of these 20. It was a Sunday afternoon when he passed away…  I can remember exactly what I was doing when I heard the news, the smells, the thoughts, the feelings and so much more.

20 people…how could someone lose so many within a year..? You rarely hear of this, I know. Could they all be people I have spent time with and gotten to know personally? They have been, I can give you details of each of their lives, worries and thoughts they had, things we had discussed the last time I had seen them. So many detailed moments that I can remember, so many moments that are now just fond memories.

So, today, on this golden afternoon….while insects hum, the wind whispers a sweet song and the grass sways, dancing to the melody of the early evening beats…  With a fragrance of rain in the air, as the clouds prepare to break and wash the earth clean, I just want to take a moment to honour the lives lost, those we know and those we don’t know.

May these people continue to be a part of our lives and may we honour them by truly living. Taking each moment and making the best of it, adding value to this world and cherishing what we have as well as the people we have in our lives. May we make them proud by living confidently and diving into life with all we have, not regretting anything but being grateful for each new morning and the grace that has been bestowed upon us. That we may treat others with kindness, love and respect as we ourselves would like to be treated. May we be reminded we were given another day and use it to the best of our ability. Be thankful and remember and honour them in loving ways, using the days you still have, that they haven’t got anymore.

So to the lives of these beautiful people, which we mourn, may we find joy in their memories and joy in living each day to the fullest.

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Power in Prayer

Praying was never something I did, to be honest. I’ve always chosen to write little letters to God. Lots of times, they were just requests. But since December 2010, God has been working on my prayer life and it has changed immensely. I think, I pray more now than I ever did in my 21 years of being alive and I hope to do that even more. My prayers have also changed; they don’t consist of requests only anymore and when I ask for God’s will in my life, I don’t get angry if I don’t get my way or what I asked for. Sometimes I get frustrated but I get over it. Prayer is different for everybody, and I love it now more than I ever did.

So in my life, prayer and love have become my secret weapons. This year, I’ve really seen God use my prayer life for the better and I’m sure He uses a whole world of prayer lives. I have also learnt to be comfortable to pray anywhere at any time. To me, it has become like normal conversation and I guess that’s how it should be.

So anyway, I have been praying over the phone with friends at the weirdest times due to distance between us and them being far away. Some have been in Pretoria, others have stretched far beyond that boundary of distance and have been in other provinces.

All I can say, is that it has been an honour to see what God has done through prayer and it is amazing. His care and provision for me and my friends has been incredible and the changes I’ve been blessed to see and have heard have been far beyond what I ever imagined possible. People can really change when and if they want to and with God’s help nothing has been impossible.

But what has been totally rad to see, is the relationship built over the phone and through prayer. Even though we are far apart, there is just something so magical that happens somewhere in the spiritual realm when two or more people come together in prayer. God really seems to manifest there and you can feel the Holy Spirit move between us. You can feel it in your soul. It is like souls and prayers get woven together so intricately and with such detail that it does go far beyond what we can imagine although it is extremely tangible. When we come together in prayer, it just feels like whatever issues we may be praying for, become easier to handle. There’s a little more peace and support and the weight that was on your shoulders, feels a little lighter. God really opens up a lot of doors in the conversations over the phone and in the prayer that takes place, pieces are revealed and hearts can really open up to sharing. Deep issues and even lighter ones are strung out. People’s hearts and true feelings are revealed and also the changes people want to see.

I could go on…but what I want to say, is that you should value your prayer life as there is so much power in prayer..No matter how simple that prayer might seem. What happens when praying or even when two or more people come together in His name – cherish it. It is so magical.

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If you judge people, you have no time to love them – Mother Teresa

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