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A season for blooming

It is getting closer and closer to April, and this is probably my most favourite time of the year…It is the season in which tulips come into bloom and they start opening up to show their pretty and delicate colours. Such beautiful flowers that should be handled with such soft and caring touch, that seem a lot like me in that way I guess. This is the time of year that God breathes over them and lightly and gently touches them with His love, peeling them open with a gentleness only He possesses, that opens them to reveal His magnificent beauty and glory… Oh how I love this time of year and how my heart just sings as it is full of praise for Him.

Praise for Him – especially now as my dreams are also blooming into reality by the works of His hands. I have gone for my training to work in the prisons locally, in South Africa and internationally and am now a qualified counsellor and facilitator of Reformative Justice. A dream and desire put on my heart nearly 7 years ago by God, is now becoming a reality. I am now stepping in to it with fef2e7404cfc59a838abca787b26c1a4the authority of Christ. Yesterday I had my last day of training to become qualified and registered, and it felt like one of the most exciting and beautiful days of my life!!!! I am so excited and have such an amazing mentor under whom I will be working until I get transferred to Cape Town and I am truly blessed by Dad with this. The fact that her and I have clicked so well not only emotionally but also in Spirit has been such an amazing blessing, I was definitely pleasantly surprised by it and God’s faithfulness and goodness, Him being true to all He has promised.

I guess what made the day even sweeter and what makes it all sweeter, is that I am finally standing where God has promised after 7 years, of people telling me I couldn’t ever do this or would never be able to. So many critics, so many who tried to break and tear me down and the dreams and desires in my heart, so many who tried their best to discourage me, so many who tried to limit me and didn’t approve, some that still do. Other challenges also came along and it has been a long road taking many turns, as Satan has tried his best to keep me from Dad’s plans and dreams, but he has been unsuccessful and Dad and I have come out victorious. I know there are still many things and challenges that will be thrown my way, but with Dad on my side, who can really come against me?!

What has been amazing on this journey too, is to have seen how God has changed the hearts of my parents along the way as well as my aunt’s. I have always pushed the boundaries and my family’s way of thinking, challenging them and their perspectives as well as that about Jesus, just because my heart and thoughts were so different to theirs and because of the desires and dreams placed on my heart by God. From their perspectives that I couldn’t do this, that these things didn’t fit into the box or what they had hoped for me, to them coming humbly in tears and amazing appreciation, as if their Spiritual Eyes had been opened to God’s amazing plans. It has been humbling and so beautiful, a true honour. I was able to witness the same thing happen to my aunt last night, after feeling years of disapproval, she tried to support me over the years, but she always tried to push me in a different direction as kindly and softly or subtly as she could but I knew how she truly felt… and then last night, with great and honest revelation she came to me apologising as she had been to a conference and there the Spirit had changed and challenged her heart and thoughts… a mind renewed.  She felt guilty and ashamed and I tried my best to comfort her as she shouldn’t feel bad, she should just be more open to different things and different functions now….So I tried to show her as much love as I could…but it was truly a special moment I’ll never forget.

So this journey has been such a blessing and I am excited about what lies ahead…. A flower opening up, coming into bloom…this is a great season!

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A ‘no poo’ movement

The name ‘no poo’ movement sounds like a dodgy deal…with that name, what could it deliver but follow the link I’m about to share where a girl writes all about this.

It is such a great article, so well written and definitely something that will make you think twice about the products you’re using. Today, I have decided to make the switch and give this movement a try.

Here’s the link:



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Autumn & Change

421389_546251828730412_381109794_nThe weekend that just passed must have been one of the worst I have experienced in a long time. This time being sick got the better of me. I have never spent so much time on the couch feeling sick, nauseas, vomiting, suffering from crazy migraines, cramps and a million other things. It really was terrible.

But between it all, I had some really great conversations with friends and a good planning weekend. Even though, my assignments have stacked up and it means a little more work and more focus this week but I’m excited.

The seasons are changing and fall is here… leaves are changing colour…CHANGE is hanging in the air. It is time for more cosy nights on couches, with warm eats, hot chocolate, great conversations, fireplaces heating homes, getting prepared for winter. I can already feel it all on my skin as the air becomes drier, the sun’s rays a little less harsh…denims, jackets, scarves, beanies, hoodies – all coming out of the closet now… Autumn is here and winter is swiftly following.

Trying to get into shape in winter or only starting then is terrible and not a place you want to be at. Trying to motivate yourself in cold weather, to get out there and exercise and get focused when all you want to do is snuggle up with a book and hot tea – is definitely a lot harder then it seems.

So I decided over the weekend, that I wasn’t going to get stuck in that place again. I got chatting to some personal trainers – that are friends too, and decided to get a workout program going for the next four weeks. I also got some natural supplements and stuff to help, and got chatting to a buddy of mine who has a MMA tournament in 2 weeks time who is needing to focus and train hard in these 2 weeks – so we’re keeping each other accountable and motivated, which makes it a little easier and fun when there’s two of us going through the same kinda stuff.

So, yes, I started today, in Autumn, bringing on some good changes. Had a crazy workout this morning, and my legs and arms and everything feels like jelly but I’m totally amped and excited. Although, I am regretting all the times that I laughed at my friend Corne, after he and Piet had gymed together and he came out feeling like jello, because I totally feel what he did and it’s pretty bitter-sweet.

Apart from that, there are many snacks and stuff to eat that is light and easy to make. Pita bread cut in half and then cut open so that you have four halves make for great pizza type treats with a lot less starch and carbs and they fill you up without making you full. Once you’ve opened them up, you can top them with pretty much anything before baking in the oven for about 5 to 10 minutes. We usually put a little olive oil, garlic, basil, tomato and mozzarella on it. But you can also put mozzarella, ham and basil on it. You can put all kinds of things you’d usually put on a pizza. I’ve even cut my pita into slices or other shapes and then sprinkled a little olive oil and baked them ‘til they’re crunchy in the oven and then dipped them in sauces I like, or cottage cheese or something. All the variations make for great snacks while studying, watching movies or even for parties and when you have people over.

I’ve also swapped my usual cup of tea with milk and sugar, for mint/green tea, which seems to be good for your metabolism but also for you r skin. In eating my cereal, I’ve added coconut milk instead of milk, and cut up bananas or dates to replace the sugar that is usually there. Spring rolls and lighter kinds of foods have also become more part of my eating routine, as well as soups for the winter, and I’m keeping away from the cream based soup as well. I’m trying my best to eat things that fill me up but don’t leave me feeling swollen, bloated or heavy, and reducing my portions help as well – but still keeping to eating 5 smaller portions a day, rather than 3 big ones.

Two other things I’ve added is getting a good cream keeping your skin moisturized this winter as well as added something to my conditioner to keep my hair healthy which was recommended by a good friend of mine. Add coconut oil to your body moisturizer, that’s what I did last winter and it really helped, but if you’re feeling a little lazier – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is definitely worth the buy. Then to keep your hair healthy, moisturized and even help it grow, add a teaspoon Bergamotessens (which can be bought at your local chemist or drug store)  to your full bottle of conditioner. Don’t add more than that as it has a really strong smell that you don’t want on your head all day. But it really works and helps a lot, especially for girls with thin hair who want to thicken it up a bit.

tumblr_mamsuoUJHG1qaqpi4o1_1280 - Copy

So for those of you who want to get into eating or exercise routines, start now, before winter, so that by the time winter is here, you’re fully working into one already. Also take small steps, don’t set crazy goals and be so harsh on yourself that you end up putting yourself off of doing anything.

There’s a saying that goes, “exercising should be about rewarding your body with endorphins and strength, not about punishing your body for what you have eaten.”  I agree with that, if you’re going to punish yourself, you’re going to end up hating it and get put off, but if you see things in a light of rewarding your body with endorphins, great tasting, healthy and light snacks as well as feeling energized and good, then it makes it more worth it and easier to stand up in the moments where you feel like giving up.

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‘The Vow’ of Love

tumblr_m7hsg8t5pu1rzed5jo1_500_largeI watched the movie ‘The Vow’ for the second time the other day. What a great movie! Whether you’re in a serious relationship with someone or not, it really seems to apply to any relationship you have with any other person on this planet – be it family, your colleagues, your friends, or your partner.

There are a few really amazing themes that stood out for me.

Moments & choices:  In the movie Leo, talks about ‘moments of impact’. Our lives are made up of many moments, moments which can end up defining exactly who we are and who we become. Many times we hang onto them, some good and some bad. But we have to learn which to hang onto and which to let go. Because sometimes, it isn’t what happened in those moments that is of importance, but what we choose to do with them and from that moment onward, that is. We get to choose whether moments will bring us closer in our relationships with others or with God or whether they will completely tear us apart or come between those relationships. But in the end, we make that choice.

Change: There is ALWAYS potential for change. Although we can’t always see the potential for change, it is there and we have to believe in it and hope for it. No relationship, no situation – is static.

Glass half full: There will be times of immense closeness and also times of being far apart. But just because things spin a little off, doesn’t mean those can’t be great opportunities & ventures. Things can be worse than ever but there is also a chance that it can be greater than you ever expected. You can find treasure in the most unimaginable places you just have to be willing or open to exploring & letting God show you what He needs to.

Control: You can’t always, no matter how hard you try, control every situation you land in or how it affects you. Only God can. But you can choose how you deal with it and how you respond to how it affects you. You can choose what effects will come after how it affected you.

You have to let God take control, let the beans spill where they may. Go on the journey. Take things as they come and roll with the waves. Until God chooses to bring it all back together/put things back together again.5939747968_b4c32920d8_z_large

It’s kinda like that wait between waves…. That period when the water is just flat for ages and you think nothing is coming. In that wait, you have gotta chill out and just enjoy it…feel the water. And suddenly when you can feel the ripples and the vibration that there’s a wave coming, you turn and prepare yourself for when that wave comes…and when it does, you ride it again. It’s the same with waves, you can’t make them come. You just gotta wait it out and make the best of that wait.

You can’t change people. Only God can. You’ve just gotta go on, wait it out, until they’re ready. All you can do is get ready and prepare yourself for when that change comes. Things have to happen naturally, you can’t force them.

It starts with me (or for you, it starts with YOU) – it starts with US: To be able to love people, and I mean truly love them..we have to love ourselves first. To bring out the best in others, we have to be or try be the best versions of ourselves.

We have to be willing to accept ourselves, love and accept all forms of ourselves. Be comfortable in our own skin. We have to love all forms of others, accepting every version of them. We can’t love and accept pieces of people. God didn’t do that with us, so why should we or why would we do that with others? We have to accept people completely. Although we may not like all of them or even all versions of ourselves, we still need to accept them and ourselves, love all of it as a whole.

Love is a CHOICE, more than just a feeling: Truly loving another human being (no matter the type of relationship), is a CHOICE. Not merely a feeling. You choose to love someone despite your feelings at that particular moment. You choose to love despite the bad versions of themselves. You choose to forgive their wrongs. You accept the whole human they are. If you had to lose all your memories about that person, like Paige does in the movie – if you had to lose all those moments, what would happen? You’d have lost all records you’ve kept of anything they ever did, including their wrongs. It would be a clean slate. Exactly like what Christ did for us on the cross. He accepted us for who we are and who we are not and who He knew we could be. But never forcing what He believed we can be down our throats, but giving us the freedom of choice. He gave us an undeserving clean slate. Another chance. If you truly love, you do not keep record of wrongs and do not abandon that person for the wrongs, but rather love and forgive, staying for all the reasons and things done right, hoping in what is right.

My last point is just how much this movie showed me about acceptance.

Accepting others for who they are, is so much more important than accepting them for what we want them to be. That is truly loving and putting their needs first. In that also, wanting them to be happy even if it would mean we won’t be a part of that.

God accepted us for who we are and not for who He wants us to be. That’s why He died on the cross, wiped the slate clean of all the wrong. And because He knows who He wants us to be but accepts us for who we are and truly loves us, He gave us FREE WILL.

It truly is a great movie, but the lessons that lie within it, are amazing treasures that are even greater.


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Colours of Change

The Lord works in mysterious ways…and that is definitely an understatement. A little prayer can go a long way and it seems that every day is a new adventure with God. He seems to be able to do amazing things when our hearts are willing and desire those things just as much.

When our hearts line up with what He wants to do in our lives and with what He intends for us to be and we desire that…it is such an incredibly beautiful moment. When we give all the pieces of our heart to Him, not just after it has been broken but at any point and you give Him the chance to fix it and do what He needs with it, amazing things tend to happen. When we let Him do His Will in our lives and praise Him no matter the outcome and carry on serving patiently and faithfully while we wait, He really does come through for us and things we could never have imagined start happening.

I’ve seen this in my own life, but also in the lives of others. When we go to God, seeking change – firstly in ourselves and then our hearts and lives fully over into His hands.. Change comes and it seems to make a greater impact on ourselves and to those around us. When we take the time to really dwell in His Presence each day, being refreshed by Him and being faithful in prayer because we really want and desire change with all that we are – He is faithful in rewarding and bringing change. Sometimes, it isn’t seen by others, but sometimes the changes are so drastic that others cannot help but notice and delight in God’s love shining through.

It is like the ocean…those beautiful pools that come in the most indescribable blues, that can be seen from afar but are nothing compared to what they are when you see them up close.. I can remember my first experience like that. I had always seen the water from afar, and even swimming and surfing…you still are too close to shore to see the deep dark blue water that lurks beyond shark nets and the bays… I got on a boat and was taken out to sea… I couldn’t believe the change in the colours of the blue…how beautiful and mysterious. I remember having to touch the water, running my fingers through it as I leaned over the boat while it was still moving, just to see if it was real. I couldn’t believe such a drastic change could be possible and I guess that was the day I decided as a kid, anything is possible. But I can say, I loved it… it was amazing seeing something so drastic up close. That what I had known, could be changed from something beautiful to something magical and magnificent. It was still the same ocean, just a whole different colour which took my breath away.

After praying over the phone with someone, Sunday night, someone who willingly wanted to pray and really see change in his life – and wanted to see the change in himself first, before pointing his finger at others and telling them to change… These past two days, I have been able to hear and witness the changes…just in his attitude, messages and so forth. This guy, just being focused on God no matter what, focusing on being more positive and grateful – and I have had the honour of witnessing that. A guy willing to change himself first and giving that over to God, giving each aspect of his life over to God, repenting for wrongs, waking up earlier each day to seek God in prayer and each day after the praying over the phone he seems like a changed person – so drastic that it is hard not to notice.

When you come to God in truth, being honest and truly wanting change, starting with yourself, before trying to change others, God will take your hand and be close to you. He will bring change as long as you are willing and desire it with all you have. 

You’re like the ocean…

Pretty enough on the surface, 

but dive down into your depths

And you’ll find beauty most people never see.

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Love is better than anger.

Hope is better than fear.

Optimism is better than despair.

So let us be loving, hopeful & optimistic.

And we’ll change the world.

– J. Layton

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New look..

Hi All!

So my blog is kinda under construction & has got a new look. Just feel I’m entering a bit of a new phase as I get closer to 21 & my year of singleness is going to be entering a new chapter. Less focus on that and moving towards new things.

I’ve changed the blog name from Pursuing Heart to Dancing in the Wind. Just wanting to bring on more chilled vibes, as one of my friends has sent me photos from when we surfed years back in high school. Back in grade 9 or so. She has edited them a bit. But will upload them as they come in or as I feel needed. The themes and pics have changed to go with everything else. Can’t wait to get home for the holidays either – just gonna add to the new phase and super chilled vibes 🙂 super stoked. The address may also change.




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