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The world is my oyster #excitedmuch

The world is my oyster #excitedmuch

So spending some time in God’s presence today has been just amazing. This week was chaotic filled with joy but tears too. In every moment I’ve been fearful of what is to come as I have no idea what to expect.

But today God has just reassured me of His presence and hand over the situation. He holds us in His hand and although letting go and giving all control over to Him can seem scary, it is great knowing that He holds all the decisions in His hands and that He knows what He doing and I can relax fully in Him and know He turns all things to my good. I can just chill out and enjoy every moment of life, fully, 100% and not worry about what is to come.  I get to enjoy the moments and freedom that comes with it all.

Excited for what God's doing in my life right now :)

Excited for what God’s doing in my life right now 🙂

And yes, right now I am excited, I do feel free and I feel so at peace knowing God is in control. It feels like the world and life itself is my oyster and I can do anything, not only does it feel that way, it IS that way as Jesus died for me and has given it all unto me…I literally get to hold it all in my hands…I CAN do all things, anything through Christ who strengthens me…

I have no clue what will happen but I have a feeling it is gonna be good and I am super excited. Feel like I’m bouncing from cloud to cloud.


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Received more good news this morning! From my amazing friend, Emma, who lives in Mozambique. She is super keen to have me in June/July, so basically – I’M GOING TO MOZAMBIQUE!!! Yay!

The adventure awaits! And truly #mysoulishappy

Thanks Em xx

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Time of Reflection for a Happy Spirit & Soul

Pretoria-20130320-00613 - Copy (2)Over the past weekend I went on a camp with my cell group (Bible Study group) and I came to the realization that I am slowly burning out. I’m always busy and trying to help someone , always running around trying to save the world, as if it would fall apart without me. But over the weekend I could feel God telling me it is time to take a few months, chill out, find the balance, be a little selfish and take time to focus on myself. It’s time for that internal reflection and a bit of ‘me’ time in His Presence. I was also told that by Mona and a few other friends who know me really well.

I keep getting this picture of being in Mozambique, by the waters, just chilling out in God’s amazing presence. And somehow Mozambique has come up a lot. So I am in the process of organising to stay there for a month with a friend, while I take in new scenery, new people and get away from all I know. So I am very excited.

On the note of taking it chilled and some time out, to reflect deeper in myself, our Easter holidays at varsity has started today. And basically my week became super chilled on Tuesday already. I got some time to see and hang out with Heinrich, who was here from Bloemfontein, with his mom and sister who had to be at the hospital. We went to Menlyn Mall, and had supper there. It was so good to chill and get out, doing a little catch up with a special friend and not have to rush off anywhere or whatever. I just loved the evening, and was told by him Mozambique would be a good idea, but I shouldn’t work while I’m there. I should just chill out. Anyway, it left me feeling extremely happy the next day. That I really am blessed with amazing people in my life. It was the first chill out, catch up session that I could just be…enjoy it without having to solve problems or it being completely about church or my studies, something I haven’t had in ages.

Then, yesterday, one of my really good spiritual brothers, sent me a message, saying we need to go for coffee. I was out of my skin, with excitement!!!! Jean had returned from being in Thailand for a year, two weeks ago – so I’m sure you could understand why I was excited. In that, I must add, God’s timing is perfect!!!! I soooo needed a coffee date with him, although I need to chill out, his conversations are often very spiritual, but soooo very chilled. And God really speaks to him, so when he asks me questions, it usually is what I’m thinking and asking God deep within me, and usually stuff God wants to bring up. But it isn’t all spiritual talk, it was chilled conversation too with lots of laughter. When I’m with him, I usually just am chilled. It’s like my spirit and soul just chill out and feel at home. Although he has done stuff in the past that I don’t agree with, since the first time I got to know him, we have had an incredible spiritual connection and he truly is a crazy cool spiritual brother to have.

He came to pick me up last night, and probably got the biggest hug ever when I saw him!!!! I actually feel tears when I think back to last night, I’m just in such a calm, happy place because of seeing him.  When I got into the car, after a few minutes of driving, he said to me, ‘God really loves you a lot, you know that?’ I thanked him but then he went on, ‘no, really, I can literally feel it. Being in your presence, in this car, I can feel how much God loves you.’ He was the second person in a matter of two days who had said this to me. When we got out the car, at the restaurant, he called me a name, someone else usually calls me – the same person, who had said the same thing about God loving me earlier that week. It was super weird, but I was loving it. It was good to connect with someone who understands and knows you so well, that it almost feels like they haven’t been gone for a year in a place halfway around the world! Later on in the evening, at the table, he was sitting smiling and smoking his cigarette, and I asked him what he was thinking, since he had such a huge grin on his face. His reply was just, ‘nah, it’s just this. This is really nice.’ I didn’t understand what he meant, so between my smile and frown he explained ‘In Thailand I was alert to the Holy Spirit and constantly tuned in, but I was tuned in to Spiritual Warfare and always ready to pick up on something that was wrong. But now, being in your presence and feeling how much God loves you. It is just awesome, to be picking up what is right and beautiful. I’ve missed this. Being able to chill with another person in the body of Christ.’ Anyway, so the rest of the night we discussed really serious topics and some really light ones, laughed a lot and also just chilled out.

So by the end of the night, my spirit and soul felt super mellow and happy! And this morning I still feel that. I feel so calm and mellow, and so incredibly happy. A feeling I haven’t felt since beginning February, where even there, I only felt it once or twice between utter chaos. So I’m loving every moment of this feeling and can’t wait for the rest of this time of reflection. My parents arrive today, then it’s a weekend on the farm in Potch, then a chilled week and for Easter I have the options of chilling out in Pretoria, or going to our farm in the Karoo or going to Onrus, in the Western Cape. So this really is a hopeful awesome time. And God is just blessing me so much and showering me with immense amounts of love. I truly feel blessed and am so thankful!!

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Sweet things

At the end of this week when I went to class, after a very frustrating week, I had the blessing of experiencing a few sweet things.

1. I gave my friend Elizabeth a beautiful pink and white rose – it made her smile
2. Elizabeth shared great news with me – Cole (her boyfriend) who has been overseas for months now, is coming home on the 17th June! I’m so extremely happy for her!!! It just made my day!!
3. In our Missiology class, while being bored, 2 of the guys – Francois and Gerrie – drew over themselves on their student cards and stuck it on a page with a heading ‘WANTED’ and then some sub-text saying ‘MASS MURDERERS’. They were being very funny and silly.

4. Gerrie – being silly & thoughtful – asked me to go to movies at Brooklyn Mall with him on Tuesday, like it is in Zak de Priester’s song – ‘Sally William’s Nougat’ and then buy Nougat from Groenkloof Spar. Basically a night of doing things according to the song lyrics. Very sweet of him.
5. I got to see a great guy, the one I’ve spoken bout before in a previous post…. And he’s asked me to go to the movies or doing something with him over the coming long weekend. So I’m kinda excited. But not getting my hopes up – just in case it doesn’t happen…. But very excited 🙂

And then after a very frustrating Saturday night (let’s hope this week will be better), when I climbed into bed, I had the blessing of falling asleep to the sound and smell of the rain outside…. An awesome Jesus moment!!!

Francois & Gerrie - 'WANTED - Mass Murderers'

Francois & Gerrie – ‘WANTED – Mass Murderers’

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A brand new year

It’s a brand new year with interesting things happening. Yesterday I registered on campus for my third year of studies and classes officially begin on tomorrow.

The week that just passed I had my lovely little sister enter her first year here at varsity with me, so she has to study hard to get into medicine. Last night varsity cup started, was great watching the first rugby match to kick off the season.

Unfortunately though, I’ve had my friend tell me that with her being so busy last year, she missed one of her subjects and because of that tiny little mistake she won’t graduate ‘til September and she can’t do her honours. But there are so many other things with that, so she will be leaving end of February, moving out of the house and into a place with her brother, back home to where her parents live. So sad to have her leave but we both feel God has a different plan for her. I mean she has found an amazing guy, she has done well in her studies, she’s gotten a job as a secretary until she can figure out where she wants to go from here, she’s going to live closer to her family and in a place where she’ll be able to find some rest and just get back to God and what’s really important, especially after her busy years at varsity. She’s beginning a whole new chapter which is going to be amazing and special and that we are so at peace with. I mean, she has her support system, we’ll always be there for her, and she’s only 2 hours away – which means a lot of amazing visits! With that, I have realized that this is going to be a great but tough year. I really need to focus and study this year. Remember what’s important (not only my studies) and go for it and not have anyone stand in my way – if someone does, then they don’t really care about me. Being at varsity, kinda is about working towards a future which is pretty important.

I did register on campus yesterday – was amazing to see my friends again and it was fabulous only taking an hour to register, something that used to take us all day!! But with that – yes, I saw my ex. We study together. Felt terribly awkward but it also makes me realize each time how happy I am without him and how independent and amazing it feels to know I don’t need him or any other man. I don’t need any guy’s approval and I’m okay just being me, doing my own thing.

So I can’t wait to get this year up and running, have fun being single, finding me and God and sharing the love and awesomeness with everyone I meet.

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