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Ideal moments – grateful

caf7e5f161f31119fdd2f2bbe32487abWoke up to find it a cloudy day outside with light drizzle, which soon turned to heavier drizzle and rain…what is so beautiful about being home visiting at my parents’ for the month is that the coast is tropical plants everywhere you look. So when it is raining like this, it is my own version of the rainforest or my own little ‘Thailand’.

With all this rain you can hear water dripping everywhere, and pretty much running off the roof into bucket making the same sounds as that of a waterfall. It is such a great sound to wake up to and have music being made by the water…you just feel and hear it washing the land clean and the sounds seem to wash over you as well, leaving such a serene sound of peace.

Plus, as there is no chance of going outside to go to the beach or tan or go for long walks with the dog, you get cooped up inside. But today, I don’t mind! It gives me the chance to chill inside in a relaxing environment and get as many hours of doing yoga in as I could possibly want. The possibility of playing inside and keeping myself busy with tons of fun yoga poses seems like quite a fun idea, one I’m probably too happy to enjoy.

472cb7632297b3de131c29c78b2d0bacSo today, I’m feeling grateful…An ideal day. Lots of beautiful calming sounds, the weather is all fun and cosy yet cooling and refreshing and there is lots of yoga fun to keep me more than happy, occupied and challenged!

Have a great day everyone! Blessings xx


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A Weekend Immersed in Love

5765d047134f723783996b17dcf30b4eThis past weekend felt like one truly magical one, not only because we attended the most stunning wedding orchestrated by God but Sunday was also incredibly special. At the wedding you could just feel the love and joy fill the entire farm/plot and you could really feel the Spirit moving in the whole place as God’s anointing just poured from everywhere. It was intense and magical and so much fun with all our friends. The whole wedding and evening surpassed so many expectations, and it was amazing to see how everyone had pitched in and how amazing the wedding was. Bianca was overwhelmed as she was being prepared for the big moment. Stephen was also pretty excited and nervous the whole time.  But he looked handsome and she looked stunning. It was amazing to witness how special both felt and how cherished. God was preparing a table before them, in the presence of the enemy and anointing their relationship/marriage in front of the world. The chosen couple who would inherit His Kingdom were being immersed in His love.  And we all got to partake in the beautiful banquet. We were there to celebrate their love and destiny in Christ.

Beforehand I got to deliver some word for Bianca about the wedding…and it was amazing to see during the ceremony how all the words spoken, had come alive. Yep, prophetic word. It was amazing. Testimonies were shared around the tables, jokes and laughter echoed from all corners, fairy lights and candles just set such a romantic mood and the dancing bought even more fun! A beautiful evening of evident love everywhere. The wedding really was the fragrance of God’s love for us to have experienced!*

Then Sunday morning we all went to church and Shayne, who married Bianca and Stephen, delivered such a beautiful message that I ended up being in tears for most of it. Just so amazing that God loves us so much and wants to continuously bless us, never-ending, no conditions! It is such a deep love that just overwhelms every part of my being…

After that, Jean and I headed out for Sunday lunch….I just thought he got lost in Hatfield and was just driving in circles…luckily I didn’t mind because there were flowers blooming everywhere so I didn’t mind the feeling of being lost (I mean, lost with flowers everywhere – who could be bummed by that?!). Anyway, he stopped under a tree and took me over to Catemba Restaurant, it’s Portuguese by the way! My favourite! I love Italian restaurants but I really REALLY do love Portuguese ones and their food. I mean, my favourite coffee shop is run by Rael who is Portuguese…they really know their stuff.  It felt as if God had literally whisked me away to Portugal, a place my heart has always longed to go! We sat outside as it was a lovely hot day, under the most beautiful trees and just behind our table was a brazillian looking guy with dreads, busy braaiing some chicken with amazing Portuguese spices. Every time a light breeze passed through, that tantalizing spicy chicken smell would come through, and smoke would go into the air and then you could see the sun rays filtering through the leaves of the trees…plus they had amazing music playing in the background that makes you want to salsa.. The vibe was amazing, so relaxed and the people so friendly…plus the food was gorgeous and the whole place made you feel like you were far away and completely in a different exotic town where you should be wearing amazing dresses and flowers in your hair while sipping on cocktails and enjoying backyard dances like they have in Latin America…it was beautiful…totally gorgeous It definitely is my new favourite place!!! I am so sincerely blessed by the experience. I don’t think I could ever get enough of that place. I have fallen in love with it. **

*I will add some photos from the wedding as soon as we have them. 

**The Catemba Restaurant is owned by Paulo & Josephine Frazao

Cell: +27790485829

Tel: +27 (012)-4307778 

Their trading hours: Tues-Sat -11H00 till late, Mon&Sun -11H00 till 20H00, Public Holidays: Always Open!

Address: 235 Hilda Str (off Church Street), Hatfield, Pretoria

photo (9) 4d56d16bf08e1f0cd96e3f03cebf0efd

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Taking time to coast…

Late nights.


short shorts.

flip flops.



loud music.


road trips. 

SUMMER AND FREEDOM…3fdb4edf9cc118edc3a80572e19dfc17

I guess these are the words that pop into my head when Spring and Summer come rolling around!!73ef03b335953510808075c70fe270e7

It has been such an intense few months that have been overloaded with millions of things. Winter this year wasn’t bland at all. There were so many new friendships and opportunities and it really was awesome but it was just as intense with many new truths and principles and a lot of change.2a9d5c67729b8803a7167521cfb9e252

But I don’t know, I get excited and super pumped up when the new season starts and we get to enjoy a whole different kind of warmth again. I guess it is also because I grew up at the coast with the beach basically in our backyard and when you move to a city with none of that, the seasons definitely affect you more. Just not used to Winter and I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it.

So with Spring here, I’m excited that I’ll be going home in just over a week from now! I really need the time at home to just settle a few things in my heart…just get some peace. Usually I run home when I need to just escape from all the craziness and get some peace, I don’t know what it is, but I just have such magical moments and experiences with God when I’m home…aa2e49d171e1f8859bb51b573d5f2987

Anyway, apart from that I’m keen for the road trip home as well as fun adventures and experiencing amazing things. And I’m keen to see some friends..5ef240f18d3d6d64d33dc40802e3ed4f

So times with my boys and then think I’ll wana spend some time with one of my girlfriends! Would be great to catch up and do some fun summer girly things. Try new recipes, sip cocktails and just share some love and so on and I have the perfect friend in mind. Keen to see Kerry-Lee Greco!!!df6dc2c5fc590b58cdb7b5f063baa0b8

But that’s the fun thing about Spring and Summer, there are endless things to do! New recipes, wine and dine evenings, parties, night swims at the beach, tanning, getting up early for the sunrise, watching sunsets, taking pretty photos, going on little exploring adventures and just spending quality time with people!!! I don’t know what more a girl could want to keep her heart happy! I truly am blessed in every way possible with all these amazing treasures just waiting to be discovered!4cc7b34c3ed7eec36b2acc073d55ba74 1f4c3c3fff2895cca0b3efe36a4e1c6d

Then, this weekend my mom flies up to visit from the coast, my one very close friend marries her prince and then next week it’s just coffee and fun and then the great road trip home!!! I think I’m too excited to sleep or think about anything else!

My lovely Em - crazy but totally loveable

My lovely Em – crazy but totally loveable

Then today, is a very special friend’s birthday. My lovely Em is celebrating it today and it sucks that I can’t be there to celebrate with her. She’s the lucky girl who gets to live in Mozambique and just have fun in the sun all the time! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go see her in Mozam this past July holiday, so I’m totally bummed. Having separation anxiety as my sister would call it. But will definitely make a plan to go see her SOON!!! Anyway, this lovely lady is actually the younger sister of a friend of my sister and once dated my best mate Ryan. I love her to bits and pieces and she’s very chilled and I guess we both love making a good thing of situations, we kinda always hope for the best in people. Anyway, she can be outrageous and fun, she’s always fun… and laughs a lot. I don’t know how but she found such a special place in my heart although we haven’t seen each other in ages, we always have good talks! So I dearly love this crazy child!!!! And I am so happy to see her modelling a little for Rip Curl in Mozam! It has been something I have prayed for her, as she is just amazing and deserves such beautiful opportunities!!!

Em's pose for the Rip Curl shoot

Em’s pose for the Rip Curl shoot

So happy birthday my gorgeous friend!!!! Hope you have one super blessed day and that your heart will continue to shine with love and light. May all your opportunities be blessed and may you have the greatest moments. Cherish each one! Have a fun-filled day, enjoy the partying, love, laughter and all the crazy cake moments!!!! You’re always loving and inspiring! Enjoy it! Miss and love you lots Em xx11

And with that, I want to say, enjoy this Spring and Summer and may all of you be blessed. Get ready for sun, fun, sandy hair and salty air!!! Just live it up and enjoy all of it! It really is a blessed time…

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Listening to The Spirit

photo (17) - Copy

Looking out over the pool area of Zimbali Hotel, Ballito.

A long weekend getaway is pretty much bliss… We were away for a couple of days and I was totally blessed by it. Amazing friends and time away with them means relaxing and fun moments filled with love and laughter… The weather turned out to be cold and rainy most of the time with small spurts of sunlight breaking through the clouds in only certain moments…it was also windy but it gave us more time to relax instead of only being busy doing stuff all the time…

We definitely enjoyed making food together and eating out, listening to music, watching movies and series, playing games indoors, making jokes and laughing but most of all getting to talk and catch up and just spending quality chill time together.

But apart from the bliss, Satan was definitely at work this past weekend..trying to steal the joy, trying to condemn, attacking constantly through thoughts, nightmares, keeping us awake and out of sleep, trying to make us sick, bringing us to tears, attacking our identity in Christ, bringing up my past and using it as cheap shots to scare me and make me feel unworthy, trying to cause accidents..

But even so, God somehow turns it all to our good and blessed us even more over this weekend making Satan’s attempts look poor and like epic fails… It really was a blessing as every  time the devil attacked, God would bring Jean and I even closer to one another and draw us close to Him…but it does take practise trying to listen to the Holy Spirit instead of what I am experiencing in the flesh, in the carnal due to the devil… It took a while to learn how to focus what God does in the Spirit rather than what I am seeing with my eyes and hearing with my ears and feeling with my emotions..over the weekend God really helped and came to my rescue over and over using His Holy Spirit to show me how to see and hear in the Spirit instead of the carnal…

You really need to listen to the Spirit and trust what He tells you and what He shows you and makes you feel and be obedient towards that as the weekend I saw how that can be the difference between life and death in a very real way.

Sunday we travelled back from Ballito and finally stopped at Eliné’s house. She offered that we sleepover at her place instead of driving home that time of the night..home being Pretoria. Jean said he felt he needed to be at work early and thought I wanted to be home so decided we’d drive home. Meanwhile I felt something terribly wrong and felt we should sleepover at Eliné’s. But I didn’t say anything as I had developed a headache and thought maybe I was just being weird or imagining it.. Jean and I then left her house heading back to Pretoria but the further we went the more unsettled I felt and the more the headache started going away…feeling this was Satan’s plan I started closing my eyes and trying to block my ears so that I would not get distracted by what I see and hear around me but would rather focus on trying to hear God’s heart again(something I’ll explain later). At the same time Jean suddenly started praying in tongues because he felt he wanted to. God slowly showed me how Satan was trying to take something Eliné had said earlier and prove it wrong by causing an accident and using her two friends(that being Jean and I) and how Satan now wanted us dead…as he hadn’t been very successful at his other attempts to break our spirits earlier this weekend… As God showed me that picture and Jean started to relax while praying and driving, I decided to open my eyes and as I did, this huge white rabbit came sprinting toward our car from absolutely no where…Jean got a fright and so did I but the rabbit just missed the wheel and car by less than a split second…If Jean hadn’t relaxed in God’s presence while praying and I hadn’t closed my eyes I would possibly have made a scene and Jean could easily have panicked and swerved out causing a huge and possible fatal accident…If he didn’t swerve, even then the rabbit would have caused a lot of damage…. I burst into tears closing my eyes as I realised just how close that was and that God had warned me through the Spirit earlier but I had said nothing. I then told Jean about that feeling and for a while we couldn’t decide what to do….We drove on towards Pretoria for a while and I felt even more uneasy…so I made a choice and asked Jean if we could rather turn back to Eliné’s house. As we did that, Jean and I both started getting headaches but I suddenly felt a lot calmer….Satan was going to try again as he had just failed with the rabbit, so now he made a poor attempt using a headache to try confuse us, so that maybe we’d just want to get home and he could have another go at trying to cause an accident…but we headed back to Eliné despite it all. Accident free and slept peacefully that night at Eliné’s. The next morning we both felt at peace and headed safely towards Pretoria. Arriving safely too.

994331_10151821507028735_1129581342_n - Copy

Us girls at the beach – windy day though.

1003876_10151734480861166_424519955_n - Copy

Cooking – time for fun in the kitchen

1098481_10151734480731166_1536585094_n - Copy

Meintjies braaing the steak – yum!!


Meintjies and Estee

996931_10151823271708735_826827012_n - Copy

Cornu and Eliné

So after an amazing weekend, God has definitely blessed me, and taken what Satan intended to harm us and turned it into good and has helped me in trusting the Holy Spirit and shown me how to look beyond what we see and hear in the carnal, focusing only on Him.

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He turns 21

So he was a little poser...

So he was a little poser…

Today I have the privilege of announcing that one of my favorites has turned the BIG 21!!!!! This little man is now legal all over the world…and a whole lot older!

Wishing we could be home to celebrate with him but it’s all good. We will see him soon… Can’t believe how time has flown. Now this little yet very big man of ours will be leaving back to the U.S soon and then he has also decided to study Criminal Psychology and Forensics while he is there. Something I too am interested in. All I can say is that I am soooo proud about how far he has come and the kind of man he has become and still is growing into. No matter what he does we will stand behind him and support him in any way possible.

He is the coolest person we could have ever asked for and so supportive of us. We love him to bits and cherish him so much. Although we don’t get to see each other as often anymore, our bond continues to grow stronger and the times we do spend together are always fun and deeply cherished. I don’t think he always realizes exactly how much we love and miss him….how proud he does make us… He’s always scared of disappointing us but without a doubt I can say, he never has!!!

So a BIG happy birthday to one of the most special guys in my life!!! We love you lots Kelly!!!!!

When he was still very little

When he was still very little

Such a cutie

Such a cutie

the big guy was MC at my matric dance

MC at my matric dance

Kelly and my sister out one night with mates

Kelly and my sister out one night with mates

Kelly & I!!! Love you lots lil bro....

Kelly & I!!! Love you lots lil man….

Kelly chilling out with us...sharing stories

Kelly chilling out with us…sharing stories

He enjoys sharing his stories but also his scars...needing a little TLC from us

He enjoys sharing his stories but also his scars…needing a little TLC from us

Loving having some attention from us... can't believe he's already 21

Loving having some attention from us… can’t believe he’s already 21

Lucky..or rather really have someone special like Kelly :)

Lucky..or rather really blessed…to have someone special like Kelly 🙂

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Girly Moments

So yesterday I spent the day chilling out with my little sister. We then headed to the salon where I had a few treatments done before coming home and watching movies and eating together…

In that moment at the salon I was taken back to the same type of girly moments Lala and I would have. Spending days watching movies, having pizza or making food and going to the salon…. We’d go for spray tans in winter, get our nails and toes done and just treat ourselves but we did it together. And then we’d still get in trouble at school for doing it and end up in detention together, where we’d also sit and paint our nails and laugh and stuff too… So I was definitely missing her.

I got onto facebook and started chatting to her, and we made plans to do that again but in Germany or something and this time we’d have champagne added to the list while the guys can hang out and have some guy time while we act like girls for a moment!

Definitely missing these two lovely people!!! Can’t wait for a girly date soon!

Lala & Kutya taking a walk

Lala & Kutya taking a walk

Shaunie and Rachel on their afternoon walk - miss them both

Shaunie and Rachel on their afternoon walk – miss them both

Lala & Kutya

Lala & Kutya

My favourite photo of Lala!!! miss this girl so much! stunning!! xx

My favourite photo of Lala!!! miss this girl so much! stunning!! xx

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Road trip with sisters

Road tripping back to Pretoria at like 3am with my sister Chantelle and my other ‘little’ sister Bianca, whom we grew up with. Back to varsity we go, sad to leave but I guess it’s better to leave now and know we’ll be back soon.

So stoked, was such a relaxing holiday, definitely was needed. I feel refreshed, my skin and everything feels better and happy and my soul feels soothed beyond compare.

This road trip has started early but we’re already talking, listening to good music and the laughs and giggles are mad with some good snacks! This is gonna be fun! So blessed by this little trip to the coast and now the 6-7hours driving back.

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Best Mates Having a Top Notch Night

So the whole week my sister has been nagging that I need to see my best mate before he heads back to Stellenbosch.

Last night I finally got a chance to see him as he invited me over for a good old braai. What a blessed and chilled evening it was. Being in his presence with his family and people we grew up with, listening and telling all our funny stories to other people, just chilling by the fire, talking bout playing songs on the guitar and him drinking his beer and keeping my wine glass filled… It just really showed me how much I cherish our friendship and how much I miss this guy during the year. It was great that we could see each other so soon, as we usually on see each other over summer holidays, so we’re stoked our schedules worked out – especially with this visit home being so unplanned for me…

We’ve been mates since grade 1, and his younger brother and my younger sister have been best mates too since they were little. We have been through so much together, the high’s and low’s… We have so many cool stories in which we have gotten into trouble or I’ve bailed him out of trouble… He’ll tell you and joke that in school I was his P.A, helping him with Afrikaans and loads more and he got me through my Maths and Science later on… From stealing trolleys and getting chased by police to blowing up things and going fishing, camping out and playing games, from girls to sports and holding gum guards, even teaching me and showing me the different stars…we’ve done it all.

So last night the stories were flying, we were joking around and mocking each other’s varsities, our glasses stayed filled, his mom told stories about how we’ve stuck together through it all, we ate together, Ryan dishing up for me, wanting me to eat as much as he was having and the food was amazingly delicious, photos were taken and later we ended up playing some games ’til about one in the morning. After that it was bed time, so that there would be time for an early surf session…

Our friendship, hooligans sticking with hooligans through thick and thin has proven to be an incredible one. It is one we have worked at but one that has also just stuck and worked out no matter what, which seems to have surprised many especially since we have remained close mates after school despite being miles apart. This is a friend whom I cherish so much and whom I can always chill with and be myself, and with that, an awesome guy, such a stand-up guy with amazing mannerisms, an all rounder with such a heart for God too. We grew up in the same cell/home group, went to our matric dance together and pretty much have seen it all together. He is a friend whom I definitely will be mates with ’til we die…somehow we just know this. And what a blessing and honour it has been and is to be friends and call him my best mate.

A top notch evening, with a friend worth far more than this world could offer! Such a good time with him and our other mates, Josh, Reece, Grant and Stubbs, before we both head back to our different varsities 🙂 xx

too tall for the picture

too tall for the picture

Ryan's hair isn't in so we had to try a couple more times

Ryan’s hair isn’t in so we had to try a couple more times

finally both in... but Ryan wants another 1

finally both in… but Ryan wants another 1

a pic with Ryan's older brother - Devin

a pic with Ryan’s older brother – Devin

Reece during our games

Reece during our games

Grant drinking like he's thirsty

Grant drinking like he’s thirsty

a photo of Ryan and I taken by Devin because we're so useless. #bestmates

a photo of Ryan and I taken by Devin because we’re so useless. #bestmates

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