I am just a girl trying to find who I am and what I want and more than that – what God wants for me. A girl wanting to serve God and put Him first, and from there all I need will be found. Giving all control of my life to Him, and not having to worry about what tomorrow brings. Jesus will take care of that. Not only do I want to share all my thoughts as I learn, I just want to be more chilled digging into God and all He has created for me to enjoy and pursue. Things like the grass dancing in the wind, smelling flowers, the sound of the rain, sand squished between my toes…are of it. Also feel free to ask questions and let me know what you think (Refer to my contact details for more info).

So enjoy some of my inner most thoughts tossed through the wind & waves of life, as I enjoy dancing through every bit of it all.



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  1. Hello dancer, your quest is an elegant one. Seekers are meant to seek and on the path, maybe they find, maybe they don’t. I wish you beautiful steps an enjoy your dance!
    wishes, Sahar

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