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‘The Vow’ of Love

tumblr_m7hsg8t5pu1rzed5jo1_500_largeI watched the movie ‘The Vow’ for the second time the other day. What a great movie! Whether you’re in a serious relationship with someone or not, it really seems to apply to any relationship you have with any other person on this planet – be it family, your colleagues, your friends, or your partner.

There are a few really amazing themes that stood out for me.

Moments & choices:  In the movie Leo, talks about ‘moments of impact’. Our lives are made up of many moments, moments which can end up defining exactly who we are and who we become. Many times we hang onto them, some good and some bad. But we have to learn which to hang onto and which to let go. Because sometimes, it isn’t what happened in those moments that is of importance, but what we choose to do with them and from that moment onward, that is. We get to choose whether moments will bring us closer in our relationships with others or with God or whether they will completely tear us apart or come between those relationships. But in the end, we make that choice.

Change: There is ALWAYS potential for change. Although we can’t always see the potential for change, it is there and we have to believe in it and hope for it. No relationship, no situation – is static.

Glass half full: There will be times of immense closeness and also times of being far apart. But just because things spin a little off, doesn’t mean those can’t be great opportunities & ventures. Things can be worse than ever but there is also a chance that it can be greater than you ever expected. You can find treasure in the most unimaginable places you just have to be willing or open to exploring & letting God show you what He needs to.

Control: You can’t always, no matter how hard you try, control every situation you land in or how it affects you. Only God can. But you can choose how you deal with it and how you respond to how it affects you. You can choose what effects will come after how it affected you.

You have to let God take control, let the beans spill where they may. Go on the journey. Take things as they come and roll with the waves. Until God chooses to bring it all back together/put things back together again.5939747968_b4c32920d8_z_large

It’s kinda like that wait between waves…. That period when the water is just flat for ages and you think nothing is coming. In that wait, you have gotta chill out and just enjoy it…feel the water. And suddenly when you can feel the ripples and the vibration that there’s a wave coming, you turn and prepare yourself for when that wave comes…and when it does, you ride it again. It’s the same with waves, you can’t make them come. You just gotta wait it out and make the best of that wait.

You can’t change people. Only God can. You’ve just gotta go on, wait it out, until they’re ready. All you can do is get ready and prepare yourself for when that change comes. Things have to happen naturally, you can’t force them.

It starts with me (or for you, it starts with YOU) – it starts with US: To be able to love people, and I mean truly love them..we have to love ourselves first. To bring out the best in others, we have to be or try be the best versions of ourselves.

We have to be willing to accept ourselves, love and accept all forms of ourselves. Be comfortable in our own skin. We have to love all forms of others, accepting every version of them. We can’t love and accept pieces of people. God didn’t do that with us, so why should we or why would we do that with others? We have to accept people completely. Although we may not like all of them or even all versions of ourselves, we still need to accept them and ourselves, love all of it as a whole.

Love is a CHOICE, more than just a feeling: Truly loving another human being (no matter the type of relationship), is a CHOICE. Not merely a feeling. You choose to love someone despite your feelings at that particular moment. You choose to love despite the bad versions of themselves. You choose to forgive their wrongs. You accept the whole human they are. If you had to lose all your memories about that person, like Paige does in the movie – if you had to lose all those moments, what would happen? You’d have lost all records you’ve kept of anything they ever did, including their wrongs. It would be a clean slate. Exactly like what Christ did for us on the cross. He accepted us for who we are and who we are not and who He knew we could be. But never forcing what He believed we can be down our throats, but giving us the freedom of choice. He gave us an undeserving clean slate. Another chance. If you truly love, you do not keep record of wrongs and do not abandon that person for the wrongs, but rather love and forgive, staying for all the reasons and things done right, hoping in what is right.

My last point is just how much this movie showed me about acceptance.

Accepting others for who they are, is so much more important than accepting them for what we want them to be. That is truly loving and putting their needs first. In that also, wanting them to be happy even if it would mean we won’t be a part of that.

God accepted us for who we are and not for who He wants us to be. That’s why He died on the cross, wiped the slate clean of all the wrong. And because He knows who He wants us to be but accepts us for who we are and truly loves us, He gave us FREE WILL.

It truly is a great movie, but the lessons that lie within it, are amazing treasures that are even greater.


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Waves of Life

Surfing and even swimming in the ocean can leave your body feeling like jelly. Each stroke and paddle to get a little further, then pushing upward to try get yourself to stand is an effort. And if your timing isn’t right, you won’t be standing but crashing down with the wave instead. Being out in the water for ages and making countless efforts not only at the wrong time but even the right time, can cause you to get tired and feel like your body has become noodles.

And when you’re short and small like me, sometimes those waves can look dark and daring. Pretty much a challenge. I mean, those huge waves can be big and efforts can feel a little useless and waves can look like they could drown me. You can feel pretty insignificant out there.  And when you do decide you won’t be taking a wave, you have got to push through that wave holding onto that board and staying on it… but of course you could duck-dive. I guess in your heart you want to hold onto that board and not lose it, but sometimes those waves crashing down on you are a whole lot scarier and you can easily forget. But once you get the hang of it all, you kind of have a break-through and waves aren’t as tough anymore.

With God it is the same. God whispers to us that we should hold onto Him. Because when we do, the waves of life become less scary and we become more victorious in our efforts.

The waves of life may be




And clutching onto Him with every last bit of energy when your arms feel like noodles, may be the last thing you want to do and it may not feel like it makes any sense.

But He will not fail you and He will not leave you.

He will be the One to bring you through.

I promise.

Psalm 42v7&8:

Deep calls to deep
in the roar of Your waterfalls;
all Your waves and breakers
have swept over me.

By day the Lord directs His love,
at night His song is with me—
a prayer to the God of my life.

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City Life & its Blessings

Wow! Been back in the city for a few days and already I am missing the waves, the coast, the peace & absolute NO RUSH!!! Everything that has been happening since I’ve been back in Pretoria has left me a little tired & like I had no holiday at all!!! But being at the coast did get me back into a few great habits – like making time to spend with God(no leaving the house without chilling with Him first), healthy eating & getting back into some exercise routine!

A few really cool things have also happened! Apart from 7’s rugby training tonight which is also gonna kill me, I’ve had some very good news. A few posts ago I asked that we pray for 4 women – my mom, Riamien, Liz & Elicia. Of those 4 – I’ve heard great news from 2 of them, Liz & Riamien. Liz has started to recover after surgery, she is slowly getting back her strength & is now walking. She has even darkened her hair & cut a fringe(*bangs – for my American friends). It is a slow journey but I’m so happy to have her back at varsity, smiling & alive as we really didn’t know if she would make it at one point! Riamien went for her scan last Wednesday(exactly a week ago), we had all prayed for her the previous evening at a prayer meeting. The results came back earlier this week & were super positive.  Some of the stuff in her lungs that were 7cm have shrunken to the crazy size of 2cm & may not even be of any danger to her. She has 3 chemo sessions left that she will be getting next week! So praise the Lord for His amazing work!!! Such great news & blessings – to God be the glory!!!

I must admit though I did miss my housemates! Ani & I are exercising together daily & trying to support each other & motivate each other with the healthy eating! I really have missed talking to her & all the funny expressions she has. We have been busy turning our one room into a guest room, which we will finish tomorrow (as that is when our guests Mark – a former housemate & his wife Laura) & then the other, Ani & I are turning into a prayer room. We’re down to 5 girls in our house & 3 guys, with 2 more guys – Jason & Thomas moving in next week! Good friends of mine, Chris & Mona have moved to the city too now, from the coast & Chris is the new pastor at one of the churches in Doornkloof. So happy to have them closer, will be visiting there a lot. He preached on Sunday for the first time, Sunday morning & evening – I went to both services & it seems like they’re settling in very well. We’ll be having a kinda housewarming this Friday #braaitime

Other cool news I received over the weekend was from my friend Scotty!!! What a champion…. So this crazy child is going to Australia soon. He knows how keen I am on going and stuff and has offered to sponsor me a ticket!!! So Australia will be seeing me sooooooon!!! Whoop!!! Beyond keen #soexcited&blessed

Ohhhhhhh and some news – out of the city & more coastal vibes(I know this is supposed to be a city update but I just have to share). Bethany Hamilton has been awarded the wildcard, she is paddling out alongside Laurie Towner (Australia) and local surfers Mustofa Jeksen (Kuta) and Made Lana (Uluwatu) at the Rip Curl Cup 2012 at Padang Padang in Indonesia!!! She will be the first-ever woman to compete in the Rip Curl Cup which is currently taking place until the 26th August! So let’s hold thumbs that she’ll be catching some great waves as those can be quite a challenge!!!

Anyway that was just a little update! God is good & great & He does answer prayers!

Have a great blessed week



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Sisters Soak Up the Sun

Yesterday was a windy day here on the coast, but as we are beach lovers, coastal kids – that didn’t stop us from having fun & getting out.

The storm of my sister telling my parents about her tongue ring had died down & we celebrated her birthday all day, while in the wind, a rain storm brewed up. We had cake & tea & later the afternoon our family & our mates’ families went down to Dougies to go watch our the boys play rugby. The games went well & we all enjoyed some coffee & drinks next to the field.

There is much hype as per usual this time of year, with sardines coming around the coast. So the usual festivities are on & many of us following the news & waiting in anticipation for the arrival.

Then last night, the real birthday festivities of my little sister started. We had the braai going, music playing, drinks on hand & the house was pumping with friends & noise. Lots of laughter, singing & dancing took place in between all the catching up. Luckily only after the chops & kebabs had been braaied, did the clouds break with some rain. Lots of us chilled out in the rain now & then, especially us who have been more inland for a while now & hadn’t seen rain in 2-3 months! I was thankful. Photos & crazy dances by the boys was what followed. Their wildly animated stories had us in tears with laughter. The girlfriends of the boys in my sister’s friend circle were shocked though when the boys dropped their pants & did their well known wiggle dance. They always do it in underpants. We just laughed as we were pretty used to it by now. By the time the last people had left, the rain was really setting in & I was grateful to have gotten my rowdy sister to bed, take a hot shower, locked up & to get into bed as well.

It was a crazy but fun night! A good old day on the coast. With the beauty of waking up to beautiful waves & some glorious sunshine this morning! And today, was the last day of the week long Mr Price Pro, with some of the guys who really kicked ass!

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So I’m finally home. Got to the coast yesterday. Was in Durban just for a while before we headed down to the lower South Coast. Was great seeing the waves, breathing in fresh, salty air and having my skin soak up some warm sun! The drive home was fantastic, we were cruising at a good speed with some sweet music and I could feel my body relax as I totally entered my happy place!

Now that I’m home, I’m able to get back on track with my health and fitness and sort out a lot in my life. Already had some of the surfer boys over catching up on some news. Also got to chat bout the Mr Price Pro that’s been happening in Balito. The guys have been doing well and having a blast! And tomorrow is my little sister’s 19th, so we’ll be celebrating as well as checking our boys play some rugby at Dougies. Super amped!

Soon I’ll be posting some health things. I’m not at all obsessed just helping a few ladies out with them. As in the last few years lots of girls or friends’ sisters have asked many questions and I’m finally answering a few. Many are beauty related – sorry guys but they are helpful. So keep checking out this page for the tips….

For now, I’m gonna enjoy some tea and the sound of the waves

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Feeling a little home sick…

A beautiful wave back home at the coast – God’s power at its best

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