Sand, Showers and Soup for the Soul

More than anything, I’m loving being back close to the ocean and the sea sand… Nothing better than that. My skin feels anything but dry, my hair is back to its natural self, curly or not… And I’m loving the salt in the air… Relaxed is not enough to describe how chilled out everything is…

But in my days here, it has been sunny… I have loved not being cold and tried to take advantage of the sun-filled warm days, but deep within me… I have been longing to see some rain… I haven’t seen, felt or smelt rain in months… So today, when I woke up after hanging out with my best mates last night, I was stoked to see the cloudy whether and feel the shift in the wind… Rain was coming… And I was getting excited as the day went on. This evening, the clouds finally broke and the late afternoon/early evening showers hit!!! As soon as it did, I was recording it, outside smelling and enjoying it… I got so excited I was dancing around, my mom thinking I’d gone mad and rushing to make some tea. Yep, I was loving every second of it and appreciating the shower of rain we’d been blessed with.

Then this evening, something I had also waited for all week, was making soup with my dad… Not only because I love his recipe and we’re the only two in the house who would dare eat this soup, but also because it is truly good for the soul. It meant some good bonding time and talking about deep heart issues. My dad doesn’t have to say much, but we feel each other in the spirit so making soup together means intense spiritual talk between our souls without even having to use words. It’s kinda our little secret. In this time, I usually get to also just appreciate having a dad and also his character and just everything about him. I get to make memories, remembering smells, jokes, sounds, just everything around me in those moments with him. Not knowing when we might see each other again, I’ve got to use each moment to the fullest.

So yeah, an evening filled with sand, salt, showers of rain, soup and soul-filled moments… A lot to be thankful for 🙂

loving the sand, salt, sun - being home by the ocean

loving the sand, salt, sun – being home by the ocean

my hair done by my sister before I joined my dad to make soup

my hair done by my sister before I joined my dad to make soup

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