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Ideal moments – grateful

caf7e5f161f31119fdd2f2bbe32487abWoke up to find it a cloudy day outside with light drizzle, which soon turned to heavier drizzle and rain…what is so beautiful about being home visiting at my parents’ for the month is that the coast is tropical plants everywhere you look. So when it is raining like this, it is my own version of the rainforest or my own little ‘Thailand’.

With all this rain you can hear water dripping everywhere, and pretty much running off the roof into bucket making the same sounds as that of a waterfall. It is such a great sound to wake up to and have music being made by the water…you just feel and hear it washing the land clean and the sounds seem to wash over you as well, leaving such a serene sound of peace.

Plus, as there is no chance of going outside to go to the beach or tan or go for long walks with the dog, you get cooped up inside. But today, I don’t mind! It gives me the chance to chill inside in a relaxing environment and get as many hours of doing yoga in as I could possibly want. The possibility of playing inside and keeping myself busy with tons of fun yoga poses seems like quite a fun idea, one I’m probably too happy to enjoy.

472cb7632297b3de131c29c78b2d0bacSo today, I’m feeling grateful…An ideal day. Lots of beautiful calming sounds, the weather is all fun and cosy yet cooling and refreshing and there is lots of yoga fun to keep me more than happy, occupied and challenged!

Have a great day everyone! Blessings xx


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Special Weekend Breakaway for Dad’s 50th

In a few days, on Friday 10th May to be exact, I get to fly home and see my dad as he turns 50 on Friday. I get to go home, see the parents and some good friends and get back to the coast for the weekend.
Can’t wait to see my dad and then the beautiful coast – that bridge too… When I do – I know I’m home. And I’m excited and grateful. It is a blessing, even if it is just for a little while!

*Thanks to Stubbs and my mom for the photos.

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Cherishing A New Day, Week and People

It is a brand new day and I am super excited for the rest of this week. Today I get to see Liela… we need a little catch up time. Haven’t seen each other in just over a month due to funerals and exams and just both being crazily busy. So the last time we saw each other was our time at Aroma. So to this morning’s coffee and catch up session I am looking forward. It is always a blessing and fun, lots of stories, laughter and giggling as well as gratefulness along with it all. She is such a loving person – so I am just thrilled.

Then the rest of the week will get interesting. Just consisting of some work, going to the zoo in Johannesburg and a few other places, seeing Ani hopefully, intense gym sessions, an engineering end year function on Saturday for Mari and I and then spending a day with Heinrich, Karen, Ingrid and Aunty Valencia as we go watch Bernhard’s show at the Botanical Gardens. So this week is a little busy but also pretty relaxed. The week has been going well so far and God just continues to bless me which I really am thankful for. It really is a good time.

And then, today, it is Mona’s birthday! So, I am super stoked for her and wishing her a beautiful birthday. I hope it will be a very special one filled with many blessings. She really deserves an incredible day as she has been such an amazing support to me in my life and to so many others. I cherish our friendship so much and our incredible moments of sharing our hearts with each other on whatsapp while she’s at work and on the weekends when I get to see her. So to Mona, Happy Birthday, may it be incredible and we love you lots.



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Our Tears Collected

In life the going can really get tough and after the year we have had in Intentional Living, it has been extremely tough at times and still continues to be.

Last night, I went to have something to drink with a friend. Very last minute, but this friend was going through a crisis and still is. When I got to her, her eyes were red and puffy from crying…I knew deep within me what was going on before it had happened.

Anyway, after a tough year, her year got even more tough and I really felt sorry for her, because I have been there. This year has been crazy with the trials we’ve gone through. She has been crying all week, since Monday and I can totally understand. We’re just so damn tired of all this, all this stuff happening. Losing people or things, bad situations….even now, when it is something she had prayed about, something that she knows is God’s will and has gone out in faith and done what He has asked even though it is hard and difficult for her… She has been faithful..but as we know, being faithful and what we have to do for God, won’t always be easy and fun. And this time, as every trial we’ve been through this year so far, it is very far from fun.

What is really cool about God, is that He knows what we need before we ask and when you go out as a friend, just to listen and love them..somehow God is always able to use us in these kinds of situations. After our talk last night, even though I didn’t feel very helpful and I tried to give her advice from my experiences, God still used me… She let me know afterward, that she was glad I had come, because she just had to make sense of things with someone and that she has felt such peace come over her. I was pretty stoked that she had peace about what was happening. And I was just as stoked, because I hadn’t come there looking for answers for myself or anything for me, but when I left, I felt so much peace about my life and what I am doing at the moment, as well as about my relationships… It was pretty amazing. I left feeling extremely peaceful and grateful and like God really just is in control of it all, which is a pretty darn good feeling to have after this crazy hectic year and all the tears we’ve cried…

So all in all what I can say is, God is faithful. Even though this year, I’ve cried millions of tears, God really counts them all and I know He sees it and will do something about them, especially when I can’t. And after all the tears you have cried, if you keep holding onto Him, peace DOES come and when it does, it is incredible. I am so grateful for where I am now, the peace I have and I am sure it will come for my friend too.

So lastly I want to leave you with a verse a friend sent to me earlier in the year, and I was reminded of while praying for this friend this morning.

Psalm 56v8-13:

You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book. On the very day I call to you for help, my enemies will retreat. This I know: God is on my side. O God, I praise your word. Yes, Lord, I praise your word. I trust in God, so why should I be afraid? What can mere mortals do to me?  I will fulfill my vows to you, O God, and offer a sacrifice of thanks for your help. For you have rescued me from death; you have kept my feet from slipping. So now I can walk in your presence, O God, in your life-giving light.

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A Smiling Heart

This past week I have been struggling with a nasty tummy bug which I have struggled to get under control. All I can say about it is – it hasn’t been good. I haven’t been able to enjoy dairy products which has seemed to be quite a big part of my diet, so I have felt a little deprived of enjoying some of the small things in life.

Although I have felt horrible, the last two days – it has felt like my heart has been so overjoyed & so happy that is has felt like it is smiling. When I made the statement that it feels like my heart is smiling, one of the guys asked me – who are you in love with? That question made me giggle and smile a whole lot more because my reply is “not a guy”. Haha, instead I feel like saying or actually shouting from mountain tops that: I’m in love with JESUS! I’m in love with SUMMER! I’m in love with MY FRIENDS! I’m in love with LAUGHTER & ADVENTURES! I’m in love with the WIND, AIR & OCEAN! I’m in love with PEOPLE! I’m in love with STORIES! I’m in love with LIVING LIFE!!!! And I’m sure this is everything but what he or anybody else may be expecting…..

In this week although feeling not too well & spending a lot of time running to the bathroom, I’ve had the coolest conversations with people, hearing stories & so many encouraging things from people. I’ve seen God work & heard from Him through others. So many things have just got my heart smiling, so much that it feels like I’m radiating happiness even though others might not see it & I’m in bed.

I have spoken to a friend about travelling to Mozambique in December, not the cheapest time – so that and some other stuff has weighed me down a little. But God just let me know that He has freed me from any bondage & anything that feels like it’s weighing me down. Not only did Liela & I speak bout Mozam, I spoke about it to my very special friend Emma, who is a surf instructor there & since speaking to her this week I have just felt so happy. Since yesterday though, it has just felt like although I have a tummy bug, the rest of my body is doing well. My skin feels soft, healthy & like it is glowing, spiritually I feel so overjoyed. Mari, my sister & I started gyming last night (although I couldn’t do any heavy training as I’m still sick & did have to run to the bathroom again), so physically we are getting into shape & we’re doing well with eating healthy. So in a lot of ways I really am doing well. Not only that, but summer is here, so we’re enjoying wearing shorts, tank tops, bikinis, dresses & so much more, as well as yummy smoothies & seeing flowers & birds everywhere. 🙂

So there has been a lot of laughter, good company, encouraging words, plans of fun adventures, stories, excitement, great weather & awesome memories made so far. I don’t think I’ll be able to attend any birthdays or other trips this weekend as I am still recovering – it really is a nasty tummy bug, but I am looking forward to all that lies ahead in the next few weeks – as I know God is faithful & all that is good comes from Him. It is going to be a great time & all of it for His Glory.

My heart feels like it is smilingit is a feeling that seems to go from my heart, tingling through my veins, to the top of my head & even down to my feet. God is great, and He blesses me so much. I am so grateful.

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21 & Enjoying Sharing

The year leading up to my 21st birthday has been quite a challenge. It has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. So many things I never expected has happened for me and God has surprised me with amazing blessings. I have been through crazy things and still I have no clue where God is leading me. It has been like I am blind-folded and I’m just trusting God to lead the way. I really don’t know what lies ahead but I am sure it will be great…

The closer it got to my 21st, the more challenges came up and I have had to seriously seek God first in my life. But there have been amazing blessings and things I will reflect on in some posts later, but for now I just want to say how thankful I am for my friends and family and people I have met along the way. This past week – that is how long we have celebrated my birthday for, has been tiring and busy but so incredibly special and a time I will not forget. I did celebrate but I also learnt a few hard lessons, I made peace with other things and certain relationships, but also I got to grow and mature so much in this past year as well as in one week. We also went to Thithombo Game Farm to end it all off with my dad’s side of the family and all I can say is that it was INCREDIBLE. I loved every second of being back in the wild doing what I love and getting to share it with my sister and people I really love. Seeing my sister & cousin’s faces when I showed them how the Nyala’s could eat out their mouths or take food from their mouths and that they could touch the animals and form bonds with them…it was irreplaceable moments, as well as the clay fights we had at the waterhole and all the other things we did. I was so blessed by the experience and being able to finally share that with them so that they could see my stories in action.

All I can say is it was such a memorable birthday week, unforgettable and such a blessing. The peace, the stories, the jokes, the sounds, the beauty, the love, every single thing – I am thankful for.

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Promises of Something New

There will be moments in your life

Where you think you have it all figured out

and then you realize you had it all wrong

Do not be discouraged by these moments

Everything empty now has the ability to be filled with something new.

Be hopeful, you are loved.

Be thankful, you are alive.

Be righteous, you deserve to thrive.

 – Catherine Clark

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In 10 days since my last post so many things have happened. There have been laughs, fights, tears and so much more.

My friend, Liz, sent me a message to say that her boyfriend had broken up with her over the long weekend over skype while he is sitting overseas. Anyway, the whole situation got very messy. He not only emailed her with hurtful things to say but also her parents with a million different excuses and the pastors of the church. She was extremely upset because it all was very unexpected and out of the blue, he kept saying he had been faking it all and it was her own fault that she was hurting. Instead of admitting to his wrongs, he was shifting the blame to her. It really was terrible and cowardly. Luckily on Thursday afternoon, after she had seen me reading Isaiah 55 in class, God appeared to her in a vision. He said so many things that she had read in Isaiah 54 and that I had thought about Isaiah 54 would relate to her. He just said He would build her up stronger than before and that her pain would be used to help others. It really was beautiful. I really did sob when I heard that He had appeared to her.

Last week though, on Wednesday, Deo-Dane picked me up to take me to the school she teaches at. She said she felt God say she should take me with. So she did that although it took a lot of convincing as I really was not up to teaching high school kids some sort of math… She ended up showing me she works with Potato Foundation. She goes to different schools in rural areas and takes them whatever is needed to keep their school going and the kids happy and then she teaches them about God and sings songs and so on. The coolest job in the world!!! It was exactly what I needed that day because I still had to tell my parents that I’d be doing an extra year of studies. I hadn’t told them yet, because I was stressing out about their reaction. Luckily, I spoke to Deo and she got me motivated. She spoke to me about Isaiah 55 and how there is a purpose with everything. She also just gave testimony to the fact that if she hadn’t messed up with her studies God wouldn’t have put her where she is now. That even though everything is chaos and I may have messed up, God has the bigger picture can use anything to work for good. When I got home after working with Deo, I mailed my parents the news and all the things Deo had said. That evening we had a streetbraai with all our neighbours and my parents sent me a message which surprised me. They were very supportive and understanding. It really meant a lot.

So over this past weekend, after a week of classes and supporting my friend Liz, my heart would get hurt too. I went on facebook the evening before bed. I went off and suddenly I decided I should go back on facebook. I had a feeling I shouldn’t but I did it anyway. To my utter disappointment I was confronted with a photo of my ex and one of our friends. We had worked on the same committee. So I asked my friend Elicia what was going on and whether they were dating. She said yes. I didn’t mind until she told me they had already been dating 5 days and quite a few of our mutual friends knew. I was upset. Horribly upset because I had to find out from a friend and was ‘nearly’ last to know and because he had seen me everyday since Wednesday in which he had countless opportunities to tell me. It was horrible. I cried for a long while and luckily for my two roommates and sister being at home. They comforted me and opened up a wine bottle. Not the best thing to do when upset – note to self:choose chocolate in times of pain – it’s yummy & doesn’t cause hangovers. Sunday I spent the day with Freddy & Shikara. Went for lunch and watched Avengers (awesome movies!)

I spoke to my friend Liz about it too and she said the following to me which is so true: “I’m beginning to realise that the world is seriously lacking men who are bold enough to be MEN..and we as women suffer the consequences terribly. Why can’t they just be men? Just brave enough to admit their faults instead of blaming other people for their own weaknesses, we as the women have to carry the role of men that we shouldn’t have to. Burdens that are not ours to carry.” It was true and is true. I got a thousand excuses from my ex about the horrible way in which he had handled this.

Monday Tammy & Mari (Wassie) went with me to shop for a dress for a 21st over the weekend but they also helped me find an outfit for Deo’s birthday on Tuesday night. It would be my first night out at an event where my ex and his girlfriend would be and the girls wanted me to look “HOT”. We had lots of fun and then had a great supper together.

Tuesday evening came and I was nervous as anything about Deo’s birthday dinner because it would be my ‘coming out’ night. I was freaking out about having to face my ex and his gf. I was super nervous. Everyone I know and all the girls in my house were giving me pep talks and trying to motivate me. They did my hair and helped where ever they can. Tammy who was feeling sick even went to be my ‘wingwoman’ incase I needed her and couldn’t handle it. The girls really were worried. Everybody said I should just take a really hot guy with. I wanted to but no guy could come and I didn’t want a guy to go with me because of that, I wanted a guy to go with me because he wanted to. I also needed to face it on my own. I mean, what if I bumped into them somewhere else and I didn’t have a guy with me, then what? I needed to know I could handle it on my own, it was just way too easy for me to hide behind some guy. When I got to the restaurant I walked in with them sitting at the table facing the door. I had to take a deep breath for a second there. But the rest of the night I felt this immense peace and confidence come over me and it really went well. I even said hi and congratulated them and everything was fine. Last night I saw them again at a concert and I was fine. So through all the tears, everything worked out.

So what I am trying to say is, many times we underestimate ourselves and others do to. But just try the things you want to, even if the obstacles or tasks look daunting. You may just surprise yourself. And trust me, it really feels great to see what you actually achieve when you believe in yourself and prove yourself.

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