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Ideal moments – grateful

caf7e5f161f31119fdd2f2bbe32487abWoke up to find it a cloudy day outside with light drizzle, which soon turned to heavier drizzle and rain…what is so beautiful about being home visiting at my parents’ for the month is that the coast is tropical plants everywhere you look. So when it is raining like this, it is my own version of the rainforest or my own little ‘Thailand’.

With all this rain you can hear water dripping everywhere, and pretty much running off the roof into bucket making the same sounds as that of a waterfall. It is such a great sound to wake up to and have music being made by the water…you just feel and hear it washing the land clean and the sounds seem to wash over you as well, leaving such a serene sound of peace.

Plus, as there is no chance of going outside to go to the beach or tan or go for long walks with the dog, you get cooped up inside. But today, I don’t mind! It gives me the chance to chill inside in a relaxing environment and get as many hours of doing yoga in as I could possibly want. The possibility of playing inside and keeping myself busy with tons of fun yoga poses seems like quite a fun idea, one I’m probably too happy to enjoy.

472cb7632297b3de131c29c78b2d0bacSo today, I’m feeling grateful…An ideal day. Lots of beautiful calming sounds, the weather is all fun and cosy yet cooling and refreshing and there is lots of yoga fun to keep me more than happy, occupied and challenged!

Have a great day everyone! Blessings xx


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Romantic Love Letter from God

70 lightening shots taken at ikaria island during a thunderstorm

70 lightening shots taken at ikaria island during a thunderstorm

There’s nothing more romantic than a thunderstorm on its way. This evening as the sun was setting, my sister and I watched what looked like a sandstorm heading our way…not long after we noticed it was rain and thunder…it looks like hurricane weather although it’s not that.

It was heading our way quickly. We watched as all the builders around us started running for cover and how one of them had to climb down a huge crane like thing, that was far above 11 storeys high…  although people were running and frantically trying to take cover, it was still a beautiful sight.

After that, within minutes the dark clouds had covered us and in bits of light you could see the rain pouring in long strings of water…it seemed like millions of taps had been opened and left running. In between that, thunder and lightning struck. 7da887040f8a798e0ecbbf57cd638f82

I got to watch this beauty and display of love and might unfold before my eyes as if God was pursuing me.

Not only that, in this kind of weather, I’m left wanting to have a romantic evening with lots of candle light and building of tents…or having a picnic on tons of pillows next to a fireplace, somewhere far away….

Yep, it has left me feeling warm and special inside…Magical to be curled up on the couch under blankets with some coffee and watching a movie and listening to some rain….Incredibly beautiful and blessed… What a romantic love letter from God.


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Feeling cloudy

lala strawberry

Lala goes strawberry picking

large (2)Today I’m feeling a little cloudy… Mixed emotions…I should be super excited because I’m going home for a couple of days but my emotions are feeling a little mixed.

This morning I got to chat to Lala again.. It just always seems to amaze me how God knows exactly what our needs are all the time and how sufficient His love and grace is in every part of our life. It was good to talk to her but now I’m feeling bummed because she won’t be home when I’m there & I know we’ve both been feeling a little homesick. But I am glad to see that she enjoyed picking strawberries today and suddenly I’m longing to be in Germany, to have fun and do that with her.

On the other hand, this day feels like it has been going too quickly and that I haven’t had enough time to see Jean…as the time draws closer to my leaving tonight, I’m feeling bummed that he can’t come home with me at this moment and visit the family. But he has to work and I totally understand…and this was so unplanned anyway.

Jean & I

Jean & I

But I am stoked and excited to be going home. Seeing mates, my family as well as see the beach again. Apparently it has been raining and I haven’t seen rain in months. So as excited as I am to go out to the beach and chill, I’m also looking forward to the rainy days where I can cuddle up with a cup of tea and a good book! large (3)

Either way, feeling clouded or not, I really am hoping to make the best of these last few days before studying starts again. large

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Looking after Our Souls

644722_4478619680481_1720799057_nMy friend Riamien – what a fantastic friend. She truly was an inspiration to all of us and she will not be forgotten. My beautiful friend who struggled with lung cancer, passed away yesterday, after suffering and being in extreme pain these past few weeks, and then still picking up an infection. Luckily, Jesus really loves us, He comforts us and makes things okay when they seem not to be.

He blessed me with a beautiful friendship with her. I only got to know her after she was diagnosed but man, she had such a beautiful soul. Even in her darkest of hours, when she was in extreme pain and we spoke, even then, although she was struggling, there was so much light and love that came from her.

Yesterday, my parents left after a weekend of having them here in the city. It really was good to see them as well as all the other family. I got to see my mom’s aunt turn 70. I played with the most amazing young kids. I ate and laughed with family. I was able to be kept updated of a friend’s wedding far away by two other very good friends. And yesterday, after spending a weekend with family, I got to spend most of my day and evening last night, with a very close spiritual brother whom I talked about earlier. Jean, who returned from Thailand. His brother, also joined us at the driving range later the afternoon. I was very blessed by these two. Especially, when the news came through of my cherished friend’s death. At that time, we had stopped to get take-away coffee and had headed to our university sport’s fields, to drink our coffee and watch God make thunder and lightning and bring on the rain.

Hearing the news and having been with such good people, God really took care of my soul. He also speaks to me when there is wind and thunder and rain and that was all around last night. So between that and friends, I was being smothered in God’s love and comforted by Him and His grace. After the crying, we sat and watched more of the thunder & lightning, as well as listened to some beautiful songs, one being “Let it Rain”. Through the wind I could feel His love wrap itself around me, and while Jean prayed before we got in the car…for Angels to come, I was able to see angels come. God was there and it was amazing. Yesterday was a beautiful day, despite the loss of my friend. Although I experienced outrage and anger and disappointment towards God, despite all that, Jesus still came & covered me with grace and comfort and love, He overwhelmed me with it and still told me how worthy I am. He truly is a loving Father and He truly blessed me with this weekend, with all that happened and all the people He put there. So thanks to those beautiful people too. God really is taking care of my soul.

And as God takes care of my soul, I pray He will take care of all my precious family and friend’s souls as well as my dear friend’s family in this time.

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I Thirst For You

This morning I woke up to a very cloudy day with a light drizzle of rain outside. Once again, I knew God was right there & I could feel His Presence. I proceeded to get up & go make tea, so that I could spend time with Him.

Instead of my usual manner of picking up my Bible & journal, I felt like quickly going on facebook to see whose birthday it might be. I found out it was a really good friend of mine’s birthday, but more than that, I stumbled across an update from a friend who is currently studying at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. His update was this: WOW amazing testimony this week 2 anonymous students at Bethel school of ministry gave me $450 ( R4000 ) for my accommodation for October and November. Thanks you Jesus for that amazing breakthrough. 

This isn’t the first time he has updated us on facebook with a story like that…since he left to go study in the U.S and even before that, that has been his daily walk with Christ. Anyway, I scrolled down his page on facebook, just looking at the different stories & updates he has and was left in awe.  But more than that, I spoke to him, catching him on facebook at the same time. I just asked him to pray with me and for me.

I really do experience God on a daily basis, but I want to experience even more of Him. I can honestly say, I want to & desire to experience Him supernaturally & all of Him in abundance!!! More of Him. MORE is what I desire. Experiencing MORE of Him SUPERNATURALLY, in ABUNDANCE!!

Psalm 143v6: I lift my hands to You in prayer. I thirst for You as parched land thirsts for rain.


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Sunny South Coast

Well after a windy, rainy weekend the coast is sunny & warm. It is great to get up at 4.45am to do stuff and know I can actually feel my feet. At 4.45am here on the coast it is warm. It is a big change from the cold city where I’ll be waking up next week again.

I had a great time Friday evening with Rachel & Shaun! The braai was fun & we ended up playing a few board games including some dating game in which Shaun had to propose(again) to Rachel in 6 lines – rhyming! Haha was a fantastic evening. Was reminded why I love those two so much.

The Billabong Pro in Jbay also ended with Adriano De Souza taking the win! I must admit I didn’t see it coming but closer to the end of the competition he was definitely holding up well! Also, Stephanie Gilmore won her 5th ASP title! Pretty stoked about that one! Cool fact – Kelly Slater was exactly the same age when he won his 5th ASP title! So is Steph the next Kelly Slater in the girl world?! Well, we’ll have to wait & see.

Then this week has been pretty chilled. Just been spending a lot of time with God and keeping chilled hey. Just been relaxing and taking in the coastal vibes as well as getting up to date in the animal world. My sister has been asked to play for Tuks Junior 7s Rugby team in September in Cape Town. So, if I thought we were getting fit this holiday, it’s nothing compared to the practices & training we’ll be having this next month or so! Super keen!!!

Last night we spent our evening with Kelly, his mates Scott & Damian. We went to watch their action cricket match. They were already stiff from Monday night’s winning match so we were laughing a lot at the way they were playing. We had a lot of fun & it was a blessing to have spent the night with them. It was one of the last times we’d see Kelly for the next 3 years, as he’s going off to the air force in August. Don’t even think he’ll be at my 21st, which I’m bummed about but you gotta do what you gotta do & he’s been keen & waiting to go for so long now. My sister is also pretty funny with her comments. So I thought I’d post her comment on last night’s action cricket – a great summary for how the evening had gone down. We’re so blessed to have so many great people in our life.
“Brother is injured, Oosthuis lost a testicle and Scott is still walking like an old lady! Well played owes haha:)
– action cricket night :)” – Chantelle

Have a great weekend everyone!

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*One of the photos of a surfer on a huge ass wave is of Gabe Davies from Ireland & the pic of the guy kissing the trophy, is (you guessed it) Brazillian Adriano De Souza.

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3 days to go

I must stop posting about going home, I know but I really am excited. I got a message from my dad this morning, in which he expressed how much he misses me, he hopes my exam went well, it’s nearly home time and they’re having their first game at 11.30 in Durban at S.A champs. So not only is he excited but I am excited to go home and also super excited for him to be playing darts at S.A’s again. So today he has me excited all over again.

I can’t wait because I’ll be back at the coast for at least 2 weeks. I get to see my beachy friends, I get to go to the beach, smell the fresh salty air, eat yummy healthy foods, go for long walks, read some books, spend lots of time with God. Oh and best of all, have some rain!! Here inland, it seems they don’t get much rain – it is way too dry for me. So I seriously can’t wait, and I am excited to see my parents even though after a few days they might get on my nerves. I’m just happy to be going home so that I can also reflect on what has happened this year so far and find out where I’m going next, and that includes my studies. I really feel God calling me somewhere else, so it is time to clear up all the chaos and mess in my life and figure out what God wants from me.

Only 3 days before I board a plane! Yay!

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