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The world is my oyster #excitedmuch

The world is my oyster #excitedmuch

So spending some time in God’s presence today has been just amazing. This week was chaotic filled with joy but tears too. In every moment I’ve been fearful of what is to come as I have no idea what to expect.

But today God has just reassured me of His presence and hand over the situation. He holds us in His hand and although letting go and giving all control over to Him can seem scary, it is great knowing that He holds all the decisions in His hands and that He knows what He doing and I can relax fully in Him and know He turns all things to my good. I can just chill out and enjoy every moment of life, fully, 100% and not worry about what is to come.  I get to enjoy the moments and freedom that comes with it all.

Excited for what God's doing in my life right now :)

Excited for what God’s doing in my life right now 🙂

And yes, right now I am excited, I do feel free and I feel so at peace knowing God is in control. It feels like the world and life itself is my oyster and I can do anything, not only does it feel that way, it IS that way as Jesus died for me and has given it all unto me…I literally get to hold it all in my hands…I CAN do all things, anything through Christ who strengthens me…

I have no clue what will happen but I have a feeling it is gonna be good and I am super excited. Feel like I’m bouncing from cloud to cloud.


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Girly Moments

So yesterday I spent the day chilling out with my little sister. We then headed to the salon where I had a few treatments done before coming home and watching movies and eating together…

In that moment at the salon I was taken back to the same type of girly moments Lala and I would have. Spending days watching movies, having pizza or making food and going to the salon…. We’d go for spray tans in winter, get our nails and toes done and just treat ourselves but we did it together. And then we’d still get in trouble at school for doing it and end up in detention together, where we’d also sit and paint our nails and laugh and stuff too… So I was definitely missing her.

I got onto facebook and started chatting to her, and we made plans to do that again but in Germany or something and this time we’d have champagne added to the list while the guys can hang out and have some guy time while we act like girls for a moment!

Definitely missing these two lovely people!!! Can’t wait for a girly date soon!

Lala & Kutya taking a walk

Lala & Kutya taking a walk

Shaunie and Rachel on their afternoon walk - miss them both

Shaunie and Rachel on their afternoon walk – miss them both

Lala & Kutya

Lala & Kutya

My favourite photo of Lala!!! miss this girl so much! stunning!! xx

My favourite photo of Lala!!! miss this girl so much! stunning!! xx

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Sand, Showers and Soup for the Soul

More than anything, I’m loving being back close to the ocean and the sea sand… Nothing better than that. My skin feels anything but dry, my hair is back to its natural self, curly or not… And I’m loving the salt in the air… Relaxed is not enough to describe how chilled out everything is…

But in my days here, it has been sunny… I have loved not being cold and tried to take advantage of the sun-filled warm days, but deep within me… I have been longing to see some rain… I haven’t seen, felt or smelt rain in months… So today, when I woke up after hanging out with my best mates last night, I was stoked to see the cloudy whether and feel the shift in the wind… Rain was coming… And I was getting excited as the day went on. This evening, the clouds finally broke and the late afternoon/early evening showers hit!!! As soon as it did, I was recording it, outside smelling and enjoying it… I got so excited I was dancing around, my mom thinking I’d gone mad and rushing to make some tea. Yep, I was loving every second of it and appreciating the shower of rain we’d been blessed with.

Then this evening, something I had also waited for all week, was making soup with my dad… Not only because I love his recipe and we’re the only two in the house who would dare eat this soup, but also because it is truly good for the soul. It meant some good bonding time and talking about deep heart issues. My dad doesn’t have to say much, but we feel each other in the spirit so making soup together means intense spiritual talk between our souls without even having to use words. It’s kinda our little secret. In this time, I usually get to also just appreciate having a dad and also his character and just everything about him. I get to make memories, remembering smells, jokes, sounds, just everything around me in those moments with him. Not knowing when we might see each other again, I’ve got to use each moment to the fullest.

So yeah, an evening filled with sand, salt, showers of rain, soup and soul-filled moments… A lot to be thankful for 🙂

loving the sand, salt, sun - being home by the ocean

loving the sand, salt, sun – being home by the ocean

my hair done by my sister before I joined my dad to make soup

my hair done by my sister before I joined my dad to make soup

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Little treasures of home

Small things just seem to make the world’s difference. It is the small things we remember and cherish forever.

Like getting home and seeing my dad’s Bible lying in the kitchen. The smell of fish and salt and sand when my sister picked me up as she had been out fishing with friends for the morning. Conversations on the bus and plane about God and His endless grace. Friends phoning while working and making plans to see you while you’re home, ready for adventures to the beach and on their farms. How super green & tropical it seems here even though it’s winter. The sun coming down on your skin. The wind picking up a little. Driving past places and all the memories just rushing back of things that happened there. How excited the dogs are to see you when you get home and my sister saying “Sniffels(the dog) is back to normal – I’ve given her therapy everyday, a 2 hour cuddle session, like literally, everyday!”(She’s referring to the fact that our house got broken into and our one dog had been severely traumatized after being tazered & beaten by intruders)

It’s good to be home…

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Life’s new beginnings

Life encompasses a series of new beginnings, from a new day to a new life-stage may we be present in each moment, and enjoy it – T Thindisa.

More wisdom from my lovely friend Tshepi. Thanks lovely lady xx

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‘The Vow’ of Love

tumblr_m7hsg8t5pu1rzed5jo1_500_largeI watched the movie ‘The Vow’ for the second time the other day. What a great movie! Whether you’re in a serious relationship with someone or not, it really seems to apply to any relationship you have with any other person on this planet – be it family, your colleagues, your friends, or your partner.

There are a few really amazing themes that stood out for me.

Moments & choices:  In the movie Leo, talks about ‘moments of impact’. Our lives are made up of many moments, moments which can end up defining exactly who we are and who we become. Many times we hang onto them, some good and some bad. But we have to learn which to hang onto and which to let go. Because sometimes, it isn’t what happened in those moments that is of importance, but what we choose to do with them and from that moment onward, that is. We get to choose whether moments will bring us closer in our relationships with others or with God or whether they will completely tear us apart or come between those relationships. But in the end, we make that choice.

Change: There is ALWAYS potential for change. Although we can’t always see the potential for change, it is there and we have to believe in it and hope for it. No relationship, no situation – is static.

Glass half full: There will be times of immense closeness and also times of being far apart. But just because things spin a little off, doesn’t mean those can’t be great opportunities & ventures. Things can be worse than ever but there is also a chance that it can be greater than you ever expected. You can find treasure in the most unimaginable places you just have to be willing or open to exploring & letting God show you what He needs to.

Control: You can’t always, no matter how hard you try, control every situation you land in or how it affects you. Only God can. But you can choose how you deal with it and how you respond to how it affects you. You can choose what effects will come after how it affected you.

You have to let God take control, let the beans spill where they may. Go on the journey. Take things as they come and roll with the waves. Until God chooses to bring it all back together/put things back together again.5939747968_b4c32920d8_z_large

It’s kinda like that wait between waves…. That period when the water is just flat for ages and you think nothing is coming. In that wait, you have gotta chill out and just enjoy it…feel the water. And suddenly when you can feel the ripples and the vibration that there’s a wave coming, you turn and prepare yourself for when that wave comes…and when it does, you ride it again. It’s the same with waves, you can’t make them come. You just gotta wait it out and make the best of that wait.

You can’t change people. Only God can. You’ve just gotta go on, wait it out, until they’re ready. All you can do is get ready and prepare yourself for when that change comes. Things have to happen naturally, you can’t force them.

It starts with me (or for you, it starts with YOU) – it starts with US: To be able to love people, and I mean truly love them..we have to love ourselves first. To bring out the best in others, we have to be or try be the best versions of ourselves.

We have to be willing to accept ourselves, love and accept all forms of ourselves. Be comfortable in our own skin. We have to love all forms of others, accepting every version of them. We can’t love and accept pieces of people. God didn’t do that with us, so why should we or why would we do that with others? We have to accept people completely. Although we may not like all of them or even all versions of ourselves, we still need to accept them and ourselves, love all of it as a whole.

Love is a CHOICE, more than just a feeling: Truly loving another human being (no matter the type of relationship), is a CHOICE. Not merely a feeling. You choose to love someone despite your feelings at that particular moment. You choose to love despite the bad versions of themselves. You choose to forgive their wrongs. You accept the whole human they are. If you had to lose all your memories about that person, like Paige does in the movie – if you had to lose all those moments, what would happen? You’d have lost all records you’ve kept of anything they ever did, including their wrongs. It would be a clean slate. Exactly like what Christ did for us on the cross. He accepted us for who we are and who we are not and who He knew we could be. But never forcing what He believed we can be down our throats, but giving us the freedom of choice. He gave us an undeserving clean slate. Another chance. If you truly love, you do not keep record of wrongs and do not abandon that person for the wrongs, but rather love and forgive, staying for all the reasons and things done right, hoping in what is right.

My last point is just how much this movie showed me about acceptance.

Accepting others for who they are, is so much more important than accepting them for what we want them to be. That is truly loving and putting their needs first. In that also, wanting them to be happy even if it would mean we won’t be a part of that.

God accepted us for who we are and not for who He wants us to be. That’s why He died on the cross, wiped the slate clean of all the wrong. And because He knows who He wants us to be but accepts us for who we are and truly loves us, He gave us FREE WILL.

It truly is a great movie, but the lessons that lie within it, are amazing treasures that are even greater.


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Beach life

So the quote my sister mentioned is from the book, “How to Live At the Beach,” by Sandy Gingras. Absolutely beautiful…

“At the beach, life is different. A day moves not from hour to hour but leaps from mood to moment. We go with the currents, plan around the tides, follow the sun. We measure happiness by nothing we can hold… nothing we can catch. Everywhere…Life is jumping and elusive and momentously momentary. We want to stretch the days, distill the memories, make them last. At the same time, we know that the beauty is in the evanescence. Every wave comes in, then retreats. Every day promises, then turns its back and slips away. Every joy has a little tease in it, a give and a take, and leaves a wake of longing.”

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