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Cherishing A New Day, Week and People

It is a brand new day and I am super excited for the rest of this week. Today I get to see Liela… we need a little catch up time. Haven’t seen each other in just over a month due to funerals and exams and just both being crazily busy. So the last time we saw each other was our time at Aroma. So to this morning’s coffee and catch up session I am looking forward. It is always a blessing and fun, lots of stories, laughter and giggling as well as gratefulness along with it all. She is such a loving person – so I am just thrilled.

Then the rest of the week will get interesting. Just consisting of some work, going to the zoo in Johannesburg and a few other places, seeing Ani hopefully, intense gym sessions, an engineering end year function on Saturday for Mari and I and then spending a day with Heinrich, Karen, Ingrid and Aunty Valencia as we go watch Bernhard’s show at the Botanical Gardens. So this week is a little busy but also pretty relaxed. The week has been going well so far and God just continues to bless me which I really am thankful for. It really is a good time.

And then, today, it is Mona’s birthday! So, I am super stoked for her and wishing her a beautiful birthday. I hope it will be a very special one filled with many blessings. She really deserves an incredible day as she has been such an amazing support to me in my life and to so many others. I cherish our friendship so much and our incredible moments of sharing our hearts with each other on whatsapp while she’s at work and on the weekends when I get to see her. So to Mona, Happy Birthday, may it be incredible and we love you lots.



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Zoo experience

So today I went to the Zoo with Freddie here in Pretoria. Haven’t been there in ages or since I was little. I¬†thoroughly enjoyed seeing the animals and jokes made by Freddie as well as his company. We walked for quite a few hours and our legs were jelly by the time we finally sat down to eat some well deserved ice cream!

I learnt a lot on this trip to the zoo, not only about the animals and about Freddie but also about myself and my heart. I loved seeing the animals and I am all for saving them and stuff but seeing them being locked in cages or enclosures wasn’t too great. They didn’t look too happy and seemed quite bored. I know it seems weird when I say they didn’t look happy and Freddie would probably say ‘they don’t have feelings’ and stuff, but it just felt like they weren’t happy. But Freddie may have been right when he said they may not know any better than the enclosures they were in, which kind of helped me feel a little better about their situation but still – I must admit, something just doesn’t feel right about it. It just felt like their scenery never changes and apart from seeing new people (like us) every day they don’t really experience anything new. They aren’t free like they were created to be. In a sense that is our fault too I guess but yes, I am challenged by today’s outing.

With that though, I think here in South Africa and Africa we’re lucky to be able to experience wild animals in their natural habitats and if not they have plenty of space in nature reserves and so on. I really think being free on the African plains or in the water is best, unless they are being kept in parks and other places for safe keeping. I really do love animals and was spoiled last year in sharing many moments in game reserves and game lodges and working with and meeting people who really cared for and rehabilitated animals and had a passion for them. Africa really is a great and beautiful place with so many possibilities and beauty waiting to be discovered and loved.

Today was a great eye opener and helped me to be thankful once again for what I have seen and been allowed to experience in the wild. I so appreciate people like Willem, Ryan, Sharrin, Deon and the countless others who I have met who have such a passion for animals and play such important different roles in sharing their experiences with me. I am very blessed and so appreciative of what I have seen with and learnt from them.

Will upload some of the photos I have of my experiences and experiences of theirs that they have shared.

All I can say though is that we do need to think about these things, even if it may seem impossible to change, it is stuff to think about. I really do hope we all appreciate the living creatures around us, they are a gift and need to be treasured.



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