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Power of your words

Don’t empower negativity by letting those words out your mouth. Don’t empower the Devil. Speak positivity over your own life – every word will bear some sort of fruit. Every word you speak is seed and it will grow something. You choose what you want to grow. Speak the Word of God and His promises and truth over your life instead of doubt and unbelief.

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A Restless Heart

Something I’ve struggled with the most over the past weekend that has left my heart unsettled… Is not only people’s words but also what is not said and the body language that is left to fill in the blanks. Suddenly I can see why people struggle when I refuse to say something or take my time before just responding…

In general, people have expectations or even have a lack thereof, both having ripple effects that can be positive or negative…finding the balance can be tough… Expectations that have been put into words or not… But the ones that do the most damage are probably the unspoken ones. Before this weekend in general and this weekend, by people I am close to or not, unspoken standards and expectations have left me unsettled the most. Not only by others but those I have myself… It has put me under a lot of pressure and made me reflect a little on what I do too… Asking myself, whether I have any unspoken standards or expectations of others and what they are and who are under them? And whether or not it is fair on whomever is under it?!

It is something that really has broken me and left my heart in an awkward space as I try figure out how it influences the way I think and feel as well as my perspectives and relationships… It really has left me upset – quite challenged and insecure and disappointed all rolled up in one…

This definitely is a time to seek the Lord, as I look inward in an effort to find some solution and comfort in His words…

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Love – Our Greatest Weapon

This weekend, a friend with whom I lived, invited another house mate and me to a Saturday “girly day” with a grade 7 girl from Danville. The grade 7 kids were being taken, by the Potato Foundation, to watch ballet at the State Theater  So, Mari felt it was put on her heart to take this girl shopping and have breakfast with her. So that is what we did. We weren’t saints of any sort…Just a couple of girls showing sisterly love to another beautifully hearted girl.

Thinking of the documentary “Furious Love” and also reflecting on the church service last night, I am reminded about what God’s Kingdom is like. It simply comes down to love and being that love to others. Nothing else is needed. Words aren’t needed and shouldn’t be needed. No great speech and no judgement. Simply – loving. Love is a language that all understand, ‘bigger than any tidal wave, more powerful than any fear.’

More often than not, we don’t have to tell people what to do, we don’t have to lay out thousands of rules or judge them. We don’t have to give a million stories or reasons why. We just need to love them.

There’s a story that goes about some Christians who put up a stall and prayed. Their stall was between a whole lot of other people who believe in magic, palm-readers, Satanists and so forth. After a while, not speaking or trying to explain much to people, just praying, a guy comes to these Christians asking what they are doing. They replied, “We’re just praying for people and seeing what God does.” The guy then asked if they would pray for him. After praying for him out of love, the Christian guys asked whether they should explain more to him and whether he wants to get saved. This guy just replied, “No, don’t worry, I already saw Jesus and He spoke to me.” And that’s it. Jesus already did the work. He doesn’t need us to do it. He knows more than we’ll ever know, so He knows what to do and what is needed most in each person’s situation.

We just need to remember that God’s love is our greatest weapon and that we’ll never need more than that. We just need to be God’s love by just loving others. He’ll do the rest of the work

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The words we love hearing

Kelly let us know that we could phone him between 18.30 & 20.00 on a different number seeing as we wanted to say our last goodbyes. But then we were able to find out that we could possibly make it to the airport in time to say goodbye between landing at OR Tambo & boarding his next flight to New York.

18.30, my sister and I got into the car ready to get to the airport as fast as the law made possible to drive on the highway. Time was ticking and I was talking to Kelly as he landed….. Chantelle was basically flying on the highway. Our hearts were racing as every second ticked by and every kilometer passed. We kept watching how much time we had. Each and every second passing, my little sister & I kept on praying & hoping God would just delay his plane departure time so that we could have a few moments to say goodbye to him or maybe even have the chance of having supper with him. As we prayed, in the distance we saw the lightning start up…looking at each other – smiling, full of hope, my sister put her foot down full on the pedal increasing speed. Suddenly she had turned into a race car driver (a very responsible one, just in case my parents read this)….I’ve never seen her so desperate to get to an airport. She could have been a paramedic at that moment.

I spoke to Kelly over the phone as he had just gotten off the plane and set his feet in OR Tambo’s airport….. He asked in a surprised voice – Are you here?” I said no, but that we were almost there and we’re hoping to make it in time. He then said goodbye trying to figure out when he had to board the plane and assured us that he would let us know how much time we had left to get there.

He let us know that he had passed through some sort of gates, but he wasn’t very specific….. I let him know we were 10 minutes away from stopping at the airport. Those were probably the slowest 10 minutes ever as they felt like a movie being played in slow motion. Still hopeful, my sister tried to encourage him to take his time and wait by telling me to tell him,Get to the back of the queue, since when is it cool to be the first in line to board the plane??” 

We stopped at the airport, parked the car on the lowest level, it was 19.15….every escalator going upward, moved too slow, we basically ran like frantic idiots up all of them to where he would be checking in & then going through security gates & checks…. we couldn’t see him anywhere. My sister decided it’s her turn to phone him… I could hear the ringing of the phone and then his answer. The first time we phoned he was surprised to hear we were on our way. Now my sister had to tell him we were there ready to say goodbye…. We walked on as he picked up… He’d checked in and they had to start boarding but he was just buying something to drink…..  He was already beyond the departure gates soon to go through the security checks….he was a few meters away from us behind a piece of glass…you could hear him getting all choked up over the phone as he realized we had come to say goodbye and now he couldn’t even enjoy a hug and we had literally missed each other by 5 minutes…. On both sides of the phone we were choking up, and you could hear and feel the disappointment as my sister gave him a little speech and lecture.

We went to the Spur at the airport while we waited for his flight to depart, had supper, took pictures and sent them to him as well as a few other messages….  We ate in a lot more silence than usual, and you could see on by our faces, how the scenes played over and over in our heads that we had missed Kelly by 5 minutes. The last of his words rung throughout

the meal as well as the trip home and still now…. Choked up words by Kelly who tried sounding brave, but you could feel his sadness, disappointment & how badly all he needed was a hug. You could hear him choking up & trying to say a certain few words before crying, which suddenly mean a whole lot more now….. “I’m gona miss you. I love you lots…bye….”

Those are the ones we cherish most & love hearing more than anything in the world.

*The message my sister Chantelle sent to Kelly about the whole thing while we were at spur, she was feeling a little disppointed: “sooo me and michi raced to the airport to see you one last time, ran up the escalators but still missed you by 5minutes! hope the weather isnt causing too much turbulence and that you arrive safely in America! remember the skype session as soon as you’re settled in! love u brother! miss you too much already!!”

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