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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone!!! For those who are in a relationship or not! Remember the amazing love of God and how much He loves you! He gave up His Son for you – because you are worth more than anything to Him! Either way, remember He loves you and you are His special daughter or son and one amazing princess or prince!
Have a great day filled with love and blessings! And include adventure into whatever relationship you’re in! Be it with your family, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, fiancĂ©, friends, God or just with yourself! Be adventurous and remember TRUE LOVE CASTS OUT ALL FEAR!

Anyway have a beautiful day and lovely love-filled weekend!!!

Lots of love xx

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Valentine’s spoil

I’m not big on Valentine’s day and this year we didn’t really feel it after Victor’s accident. Yet the guys in our house went out and got us a teddy bear (called Jeremy) and roses for each girl in the house. They even wrote us a letter addressed “to the Beautiful Ladies of St. David house”.

So ladies out there, even your guy mates can often surprise you with something special, it doesnt have to be roses…but sometimes their actions may surprise you and it can often say more than words and a lot about their character. Thanks to EJ, Jaco & Piet for the Valentines spoil. It put a big smile on our faces

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