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Dust + Light = Beauty

Grace can change anybody or anything. Any circumstance or situation. But I have seen it change people – the people we think are the worst of the worst. Grace and love has that power.

For me it looks a little like this:
Like the bit of light that comes shining through the window in the gap in the closed curtains when not closed properly. There’s that small gap of light shining in. If you’re sitting in the right place, you can see small little pieces of dust – tiny dust particles – that are flying around, but they almost look like little pieces of glitter or sparkle dancing around in the air and light.

The same goes with God. He is that light and we are the small dust particles that almost seem to sparkle while we dance in His Presence. But it’s those small pieces of sparkle that you can only see if you look carefully. And so it is with every ‘bad guy,’ with every person… If you look carefully, you can see that little bit of beauty, that little bit of hope, that little bit of Jesus in them… And you have to shine the light on that and focus on that. The more you do that, the more you focus on that beauty the more beautiful it becomes, and if that is how you see that person and you interact with them in a beautiful way building them up when you interact and speak to them as result of that bit of sparkle then maybe they too will see it…
God just needs to see that little bit of sparkle and to focus on it because that is all He sees.

I believe, that’s how He knew He’d make people from dust. A piece of dust and a little sparkle from the Light… Resulted in beauty… Now that’s love. That’s grace. That He could see so much potential in a small bit of dust, such a small moment of sparkle and can decide to create us… That He would choose us…. And if we could see that bit of sparkle in others, and show it to them, focusing on it… Then maybe they too will see it… Maybe then, they will choose Him too.

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