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Best Mates Having a Top Notch Night

So the whole week my sister has been nagging that I need to see my best mate before he heads back to Stellenbosch.

Last night I finally got a chance to see him as he invited me over for a good old braai. What a blessed and chilled evening it was. Being in his presence with his family and people we grew up with, listening and telling all our funny stories to other people, just chilling by the fire, talking bout playing songs on the guitar and him drinking his beer and keeping my wine glass filled… It just really showed me how much I cherish our friendship and how much I miss this guy during the year. It was great that we could see each other so soon, as we usually on see each other over summer holidays, so we’re stoked our schedules worked out – especially with this visit home being so unplanned for me…

We’ve been mates since grade 1, and his younger brother and my younger sister have been best mates too since they were little. We have been through so much together, the high’s and low’s… We have so many cool stories in which we have gotten into trouble or I’ve bailed him out of trouble… He’ll tell you and joke that in school I was his P.A, helping him with Afrikaans and loads more and he got me through my Maths and Science later on… From stealing trolleys and getting chased by police to blowing up things and going fishing, camping out and playing games, from girls to sports and holding gum guards, even teaching me and showing me the different stars…we’ve done it all.

So last night the stories were flying, we were joking around and mocking each other’s varsities, our glasses stayed filled, his mom told stories about how we’ve stuck together through it all, we ate together, Ryan dishing up for me, wanting me to eat as much as he was having and the food was amazingly delicious, photos were taken and later we ended up playing some games ’til about one in the morning. After that it was bed time, so that there would be time for an early surf session…

Our friendship, hooligans sticking with hooligans through thick and thin has proven to be an incredible one. It is one we have worked at but one that has also just stuck and worked out no matter what, which seems to have surprised many especially since we have remained close mates after school despite being miles apart. This is a friend whom I cherish so much and whom I can always chill with and be myself, and with that, an awesome guy, such a stand-up guy with amazing mannerisms, an all rounder with such a heart for God too. We grew up in the same cell/home group, went to our matric dance together and pretty much have seen it all together. He is a friend whom I definitely will be mates with ’til we die…somehow we just know this. And what a blessing and honour it has been and is to be friends and call him my best mate.

A top notch evening, with a friend worth far more than this world could offer! Such a good time with him and our other mates, Josh, Reece, Grant and Stubbs, before we both head back to our different varsities 🙂 xx

too tall for the picture

too tall for the picture

Ryan's hair isn't in so we had to try a couple more times

Ryan’s hair isn’t in so we had to try a couple more times

finally both in... but Ryan wants another 1

finally both in… but Ryan wants another 1

a pic with Ryan's older brother - Devin

a pic with Ryan’s older brother – Devin

Reece during our games

Reece during our games

Grant drinking like he's thirsty

Grant drinking like he’s thirsty

a photo of Ryan and I taken by Devin because we're so useless. #bestmates

a photo of Ryan and I taken by Devin because we’re so useless. #bestmates

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Life is just PEACHES even while longing for MY BIKINI

So this week has been up and down emotionally with Uncle Johan’s death, but being able to see friends and have coffee. And then little old Kelly leaving for the U.S! So it has been a little bittersweet. Luckily I have had wonderful friends pray with me and for me for comfort and healing and many other things, also praying for my academics, my dad to get work, my future, for Bernhard and his family, for Kelly, for love in my life and just my heart. Many have prayed, but Sunday night I had Mari pray with me, as well as Werner who gave me comforting words, answering questions I had only thought about and kept in my head and heart for Jesus. Monday and Tuesday, Tshepi and Elicia were there as well as my sister, Kelly, Mona and Anneke.

Last night at the airport before coming home, my sister and I picked up a few chocolate crossiants to enjoy for breakfast this morning. When I woke up this morning, I had slept a little later as I got into bed quite late and was drained after all the excitement of the week so far, but when I woke, I woke to a gorgeous sunny day after a rainstorm last night. I love rainstorms, it just leaves everything so fresh for the start of the next, new day. But anyway, so on this gorgeous sunny day there is a light breeze in the air, a lot like the type we have back home at the beach. So I got up, my heart longing for the ocean and a lovely little swim, went to the kitchen, made some tea and got a little chocolate crossiant. Boy, was I stoked! I started my morning off pretty relaxed and chilled out, enjoying the fresh air and breeze coming in while I enjoy food and drink, doing things like I would back home at the beach… Am I tempted to wear my bikini under my clothes today, like I would back home, enjoying the beach life and just how relaxed it feels – a lot like life is pretty peachy? Well, Yes I am quite tempted to do exactly that….

As if that wasn’t enough, one of my surfer friends from Hawaii who has been to Aus recently, shared a range of bikinis with me from Rip Curl that she just thought I would love and need to see. Needless to say that I totally loved it and immediately shared the link with another of my beautiful surfer friends – Emma! The range MY BIKINI is from Rip Curl, it is super sweet as it has different types of bikinis ranging from sexy to super cute as surfer girls or girls at the beach wana look cute and be comfortable in the bikinis they’re wearing. But what’s really great about this range is that, Alana, like Alana Blanchard, who is a pro surfer was basically part of the whole designing of it from a technical point of view. This really helps as the bikini’s sit well and she knows what is needed if you’re gona be swimming in it all day or surfing. Many times because of the way our bikini’s are made, we suffer from headaches or our bikini tops or bottoms fly off when duck-diving or when get caught in a wave. So from a technical point of view they really work without forgetting that the look of them and us ladies have different taste. So there really is something for everyone in the range, and if it isn’t there yet, you can expect for it to be coming soon. It has hit North America and the range has just recently hit Aus, so let’s hope it’ll be coming soon to South Africa, but ’til then I’ll be shipping mine in from America where Kelly will now be or from Aus, where a couple of my friends are.

Another range I’m loving right now, not just because it is soooo pretty and they come in the coolest sherbet or candy floss type colours and are locally made, and have been launched in Johannesburg recently but also because it is incredibly cool….is the PEACHES SWIMWEAR range…. So they are just as cute and locally produced which I’m always up for supporting 🙂 Not only do they come in the coolest colours and are locally produced but these bikini’s are pretty damn cute and really bring out the girly side of each lady who gets into one and feels like heading to the pool or beach. They really look comfy and cute, so I can’t wait to get my hands on one of them and splash around in the water with it. There has been amazing feedback from friends and people in general about the PEACHES bikini range. My friend Emma, shared the link on facebook and I’m glad she did. The range has me extremely excited about this coming summer and the celebrations that await as soon as we all go on holiday and I’m able to go home to the beach! I can’t wait to get my tan on now!!!

So to all of you – as I long for a day at the beach in my bikini & life feels a little more peachy today… go check out the different links and bikini collections girls and have one fabulously PEACHY day 🙂 xx

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The AROMA of Heart-sisters

My heart has been sad, I’ve been sick but between it all, God has lightened up my day with the most amazing blessings. I have discovered and fallen in love with a new amazing coffee shop which opened in September….  It’s called AROMA GOURMET COFFEE ROASTERY. Not only has this little place blessed me with all the soul it contains but also has it been a place that has blessed my relationships with others. It has become a place of warmth and friendship…

It is a little place which seems to make you feel like you’re a little closer to heaven and floating on clouds while still trying to keep your feet on the ground. I’ve only bought super special friends to this extraordinary place. It is my little escape, one I could enjoy every day to get away from my crazy busy days. I’ve been here with Mari, my sister & then two of my bestest friends, Tshepi & Elicia….Every time I come it is delightful & truly special as I discover something new about the place. The first time it was just the coffee and amazingly friendly staff, as well as the co-owner whom served us. His name is Rael Shiller, 21 and a great person, so much warmth & passion that he kind of sells it off well. Their attention to detail is amazing as I discovered again today & every time I get here. They have Blondies, which is another version of chocolate brownies. When I was first introduced to it, I thought Rael was mocking me and making a silly joke about Blondes… I was mistaken. That little dessert/pastry is….amazing. Life changing. Anyway, yesterday I was here with my sister as I was feeling down…it definitely cheered me up, and I didn’t want to leave. We tried their gourmet sandwiches & I introduced my sister to the Blondie…. both were amazing once again. They even roast and package their own coffee beans, not allowing anytime to go by or allowing an opportunity for it to get stale… It is a wonderful place, one extremely close to my heart, that I love and I know all my friends who have been here love. One of my friends – Stubbs, back home will appreciate it too and I’m considering telling him to fly up just to experience this.

Elicia & Tshepi wanted to have some girly time with me today, and knowing them – I just had to take them to AROMA. There they were amazed by it & this little piece of heaven immediately crept into their hearts as it has mine. They so appreciated each and every detail. Liela & I both had coffee, but Tshepi who is a huge TEA lover, chose tea and was left in awe by their attention to detail & how special the tea box as well as the tea bag she was given was. She took the little box home and made us sign it. The atmosphere was incredible with the music playing in the background. We appreciated it all so much as it all comes together so well, setting a great mood/tone for us to catch up in and laugh and just relax. God has really blessed our friendship and He blessed us abundantly with this little place. We decided that we would definitely visit here once every two weeks or even weekly, to have our special girly time here. It was lovely, so special.

I also just wanted to mention how incredibly beautiful Tshepi & Elicia are, my heart-sisters…. When we get together, there is just so much peace, so much love, joy and SO MUCH FUN! We get crazy together and it really helps in difficult times like that which I’m in now. We really help focus each other and once we’ve had our time together and our prayer afterward..everything in our lives just seem to fall into place. We have such intimate moments together, just sharing life. We are 3 very close friends whom have just not been able to break apart and help carry each other. I am so grateful for that. And even though we differ so much in age, we seem to be on the same level in all we do… Tshepi being 25 is the oldest, Liela is always the middle, being 22 and I’m the youngest – 21. But our ‘oreo’ time and friendship means the world – a friendship that we’ll have forever.

So today, with them, at AROMA was just a special day, filling me with joy and such contentment… The AROMA left in my heart after today is just gratefulness, love, peace and an INCREDIBLE amount of joy…. An aroma that I don’t think will ever leave. As I discover new details at AROMA, so too in this friendship do we discover cool new details & my love for both this friendship & coffee roastery carries on growing.

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Home bound soon….

Just sitting and thinking, after having a short 5 minute chat to one of my best friends back home, Bubsy(Jaqui), and I was just reminded how much I miss her and the coast. There’s a few people I can’t wait to see again! So I really can’t wait for these exams to be over and to be home bound….

Here’s a little something my sister posted somewhere which is so darn true!

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moments. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun!”

So pretty and poetic but true. The pace is totally different from living in the big city. Can’t wait for this holiday to just chill & spend quality time with very special people!

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