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Simple Elegance

Well it seems like since Spring has hit and being lead into Summer, my life is being filled with numerous amounts of birthday parties, engagement parties and weddings, anniversaries as well as bridal showers and bachlorette parties, pregnancies, baby showers and celebrations of new born babies… It feels like there is constant organizing being done, RSVPing to events, gift searching and outfit shopping! Keeping track of all the events happening since September til end November, is driving me a little insane but it really has been and is fun! It really is a busy season of celebrations and constant planning… Not to mention all the searching and coming up with new ideas and surprises…

I know there are quite a few of you, feeling a little overwhelmed by it all… I too am feeling it every now and then… It really does feel like ‘Silly Season!’

When it starts get overwhelming though, it is best to just take a breath and make a cup of tea or coffee and get some fresh air… Or run a good long bath or take a shower. Go for a walk…

Once you’ve done that, you should be feeling as fresh as new…and able to try again…I myself have had to just stop a few times, not go out for an evening or see anybody. Just chill it out, do some exercise, drink some tea, watch a movie or read a good old book. I have found myself feeling a little overwhelmed about thinking about all these events and coming up with ideas. It has had me in a panic at times too. Although I don’t lose my cool to often with all these events and I totally love organizing and attending all this stuff, I too feel like I just want to runaway sometimes. I get tired and feel so uninspired! But luckily, doing something else for a little to take my mind off or going on the internet to get some new inspiration really does help.

So of late, I’ve been spending too much time talking to girls and obviously in planning and attending all these functions, being such a girl, I have found myself spending some time getting inspiration and discussing how things are presented including one’s appearance. Yep, it is hairdo’s, makeup, accessories, clothing, fitness and keeping in shape and many other things on a girl’s to do list.

I have found myself panicking about new events each time as us girls hate wearing the same things twice and wanting to look pretty is what us girls are always striving to do. But girls, don’t panic. The best thing to do is keep it simple. Don’t make things too complicated because it just makes it worse and a whole lot less pleasant for yourself. I have found that when I make things too complicated I go into a flat spin and often end up crying over nothing, irritating my poor sister who ends up shopping with me – it ends up being a stream of tears and me refusing to go to any event – no matter what it is. She’s usually great at calming me down and helping me get some perspective. So yeah, keep it simple girls. Simple elegance is something to strive for.

A few of my favourite designers and go-to-girls in the fashion industry, who know just how to pull off and suggest or advise you into simple elegant choices for any event, is Lauren Conrad and the long time and super well known Olsen twins! You may not agree but these girls are really trendy yet able to keep it super simple and totally rock those looks. They are continuously paving the way in the fashion industry and have so many helpful suggestions.

Lauren Conrad, who got engaged this past weekend too, gives amazing advice on her own website as well as writes for Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. This young star, previously became known on the Hills on MTV and has been rocking it ever since. She has her own brand and has amazing taste. Simple yet super stunning. This awesome chic knows how and is never too busy to help out on the advice…

Then, the Olsen twins! I know many got over them as soon as they started having problems with eating disorders… I would definitely not encourage that – but still these two ladies have style, Mary-Kate and Ashley, both! But my favourite has got to be Ashley who never ceases to surprise with her simple but super elegant look. She really knows how to make super simple look super elegant. These two sisters have been on TV, they have written books and most importantly have their own two fashion brands, The Row and then Elizabeth and James. Totally adore their brands as well as their rocking styles and personalities!

So yeah, these are total inspirations as well as designer Ines di Santo from Italy! Any designs inspired by Ines is a total winner in my books!

So, girls go check out those and many other designers and ideas on the internet. There are so many inspiring things out there which will have you refreshed in no time!

Lauren Conrad out and about

Lauren Conrad out and about

Lauren Conrad rocking that dress at Kohl event

Lauren Conrad rocking that dress at Kohl event

Olsen twins - Elizabeth and James event

Olsen twins – Elizabeth and James event

Ashley Olsen looking simple but elegant

Ashley Olsen looking simple but elegant

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Months ago, I saw Tot reading a book which really intrigued me, especially the title. Unlimiting God by Richard Blackaby. I’ll be reading that this holiday.

But I have a new prayer, which Tot and some others have too. Very simple but it applies to everything I do, every piece of my life. Not only is that my prayer but my hope for others too. It is as follows:

“My prayer Lord, is that I would never limit You. Amen.”

Jeremiah 33v3: “Call to me, and I will answer you. I will tell you great mysterious things that you do not know.”

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