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Girly Moments

So yesterday I spent the day chilling out with my little sister. We then headed to the salon where I had a few treatments done before coming home and watching movies and eating together…

In that moment at the salon I was taken back to the same type of girly moments Lala and I would have. Spending days watching movies, having pizza or making food and going to the salon…. We’d go for spray tans in winter, get our nails and toes done and just treat ourselves but we did it together. And then we’d still get in trouble at school for doing it and end up in detention together, where we’d also sit and paint our nails and laugh and stuff too… So I was definitely missing her.

I got onto facebook and started chatting to her, and we made plans to do that again but in Germany or something and this time we’d have champagne added to the list while the guys can hang out and have some guy time while we act like girls for a moment!

Definitely missing these two lovely people!!! Can’t wait for a girly date soon!

Lala & Kutya taking a walk

Lala & Kutya taking a walk

Shaunie and Rachel on their afternoon walk - miss them both

Shaunie and Rachel on their afternoon walk – miss them both

Lala & Kutya

Lala & Kutya

My favourite photo of Lala!!! miss this girl so much! stunning!! xx

My favourite photo of Lala!!! miss this girl so much! stunning!! xx

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Sunny South Coast

Well after a windy, rainy weekend the coast is sunny & warm. It is great to get up at 4.45am to do stuff and know I can actually feel my feet. At 4.45am here on the coast it is warm. It is a big change from the cold city where I’ll be waking up next week again.

I had a great time Friday evening with Rachel & Shaun! The braai was fun & we ended up playing a few board games including some dating game in which Shaun had to propose(again) to Rachel in 6 lines – rhyming! Haha was a fantastic evening. Was reminded why I love those two so much.

The Billabong Pro in Jbay also ended with Adriano De Souza taking the win! I must admit I didn’t see it coming but closer to the end of the competition he was definitely holding up well! Also, Stephanie Gilmore won her 5th ASP title! Pretty stoked about that one! Cool fact – Kelly Slater was exactly the same age when he won his 5th ASP title! So is Steph the next Kelly Slater in the girl world?! Well, we’ll have to wait & see.

Then this week has been pretty chilled. Just been spending a lot of time with God and keeping chilled hey. Just been relaxing and taking in the coastal vibes as well as getting up to date in the animal world. My sister has been asked to play for Tuks Junior 7s Rugby team in September in Cape Town. So, if I thought we were getting fit this holiday, it’s nothing compared to the practices & training we’ll be having this next month or so! Super keen!!!

Last night we spent our evening with Kelly, his mates Scott & Damian. We went to watch their action cricket match. They were already stiff from Monday night’s winning match so we were laughing a lot at the way they were playing. We had a lot of fun & it was a blessing to have spent the night with them. It was one of the last times we’d see Kelly for the next 3 years, as he’s going off to the air force in August. Don’t even think he’ll be at my 21st, which I’m bummed about but you gotta do what you gotta do & he’s been keen & waiting to go for so long now. My sister is also pretty funny with her comments. So I thought I’d post her comment on last night’s action cricket – a great summary for how the evening had gone down. We’re so blessed to have so many great people in our life.
“Brother is injured, Oosthuis lost a testicle and Scott is still walking like an old lady! Well played owes haha:)
– action cricket night :)” – Chantelle

Have a great weekend everyone!

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*One of the photos of a surfer on a huge ass wave is of Gabe Davies from Ireland & the pic of the guy kissing the trophy, is (you guessed it) Brazillian Adriano De Souza.

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Coastal Vibes

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Today is one windy, rainy day here on the coast. Seems like we’ve got a little cold front rolling in for the weekend! So, while drinking some yummy hot green tea, I thought it is time I posted some pics from my mom’s laptop while I’m home & update you a little. Sorry Mom.

So the pics uploaded are of my little sister’s birthday – her 19th, some sardine run pics, pics of Glenn Hall winning the Mr Price Pro as well as another surfer who totally surfed it up at the Mr Price Pro, and then the surfing conditions or rather what the beach looked like before the Billabong Pro in Jbay earlier this week.

Today is the last day of the Billabong Pro in Jbay. It is quite a bummer that it is no longer a CT event but also a great opportunity for the locals to surf it up & give some of those pro’s a go. Gonna be good to see who wins this year. Jordy Smith surfed really well yesterday, so we’re all keen to see what happens as the past two years he really has made it his own event. If you aren’t there get on twitter & facebook to get the latest updates from Billabong SA or a few other guys. Everyone is posting.

Also been getting itno shape & been out this week for a 25th. Probably gonna have a braai or something with Rachel & Shaun – the engaged couple – tonight, so I’m looking forward. Let’s just hope the weather holds up ’til then or changes for the better.

And then next week, hopefully some mates will be off from work & we’ll be hitting the beach & waves a little more often. Keen to get into some training.

Have a great day



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Friends Engaged…

So all of my friends are either 21 or we’re still turning 21 this year but some of them have been lucky enough to find love and are engaged!!!!

Firstly my special friend Rachel Fanner, who I got to know through dancing and then we went to school together in our 6th and 7th grades as well as through high school, got engaged in December last year in Thailand and they’re getting married the 8th December of this year! So happy for her and Shaun van Tonder who I will get to see this holiday when I get home! They make a great couple and I really do wish them all the best! They have been together since high school! *their pictures appear first

Then, yesterday my other special friend Ashleigh Bigara, whom I was best friends with when I was little, just before she moved at the end of grade 2 & whom I spent all my time with after school, got engaged in Durban to Craig Parrot whom she has been dating since high school too! You guys make such a lovely couple and are such strong believers! Even though we have lived miles apart, we both took to dancing and have so many passions in common! *their pictures appear second

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So I just want to wish both couples all the best, may there be many more mind blowing blessings to come and crazy adventures! Love you all!



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