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New blessings & opportunities

401945_579644305391164_1470672967_nThe weekend that just passed was an awesome weekend as I spent it with friends. A weekend that had been planned and booked out ages ago as we have to for all our sakes. It was a weekend of celebrating Jean’s birthday, but more of praying together and sharing our hearts and a lot of testimony sharing…. We all stayed in a guest house and ate together and talked and laughed, we played pool and danced and sang and just had a lovely time together, all as a group but at times also breaking up into groups of just guys and just girls to chat and share other things. It really was lovely. A blessed weekend and it was great to see God being the center of it all for all of us.  Not only did we grow individually, but we as sisters and the guys together as brothers in Christ, a really close knit family!

crazylove2 photo crazylove3 IMG-20130520-WA001 IMG-20130520-WA005Then further during this week, I got to catch up with a very good friend of mine who had been in Cape Town. I really had a lovely time with Megan, we’ve even made plans for the upcoming weekend with one of our other friends, Corne. I have had a dinner date with my boyfriend and prospects of new business come up as well as job offers and prospects of joining new teams for the organizing of ministry and conferences. These new prospects have really been a blessing as God takes me into a new phase of my life, which has me extremely excited as God shows me how He is going to provide for me and my family. Then lastly, but not least, God has also taken a situation with a friend, and restored our relationship, reconciling us as friends which has come unexpectedly and has just been such a blessing as God lines up all these amazing things in my life. It truly has humbled me and put me at such peace, as God just keeps on providing!!!

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Trials & tribulations of life….

I know I haven’t posted in a while but this past week following a tragic weekend in my life had me busy and without words to write….

A dear friend drowned and died at a waterfall on our weekend away with friends.

An amazing guy named Victor. What a sad loss. For long there were no comforting words that could be said, especially to us as friends, who ended up not being able to save him. Amazingly though, even after this tragic loss, I now feel it definitely brought us as friends closer. A huge close family. And not only that, I think it changed the views of many people.

As a younger generation we are usually okay with races being mixed and having any colour friends. But the older generation, for them it is not that easy. So with Victor’s death, it brought us – as white kids, to go into the African community and township. Many were quite shocked to see so many white kids – more than 20 of us – coming into their township and into his parents home, guys formally dressed, girls wearing long skirts and traditional head coverings , all out of respect to the culture and them. For them it was facinating but for us it was also eye opening to see where he grew up and why he had such a heart for a better future in South Africa. Amongst all the tradgedy there was a sense of reconciliation and greater respect for one another – it has just changed how we look at things and given us a bigger sense of life and appreciation for people and life in itself.

It was a difficult week though, for everyone. You could feel a heaviness hanging over our house and hearts. But after the memorial and funeral it seems as if peace has come. God has sent comfort and I am sure He will restore us in ways we even thought wouldn’t be possible.

Victor with his best friends, Mzamo & Muzi (Victor all the way to the right)

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