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Children Of Promise

All of us are loved by God the same and it does not matter where we come from or from what background we come. We should not be defined by our parents, our financial status, what degree we have, whether we are literate or not, country or bloodline, language or culture. We are all made by the same God and He loves no one more than the other or less than the other.

We are all children made by Him and every person out there should know they are. Not one child or grown up should feel alienated and if they do they need Christ in their life that He can show them love and their worth.

Many of us come from backgrounds or situations where we have been in trouble or been hurt. Many of us have felt judged at one or another point in our lives and because of that we should not judge one another. Because of that there is no need to feel alienated as we all have that in common. All of have felt like we have disappointed someone or disappointed many or even just ourselves. All of us have felt like we have no voice, that we are not heard or have not been seen. All of us have felt left out, insecure, less worthy, insignificant, unnoticed. Now it is time to realize that we aren’t any of these things and that God sees, He hears, He feels. He does not judge -, alienate -, hurt -, disappoint -, hate -, kill -, scorn – or beat you. God is a God of love and all good comes from Him.

God loves us as His own, He is our creator and He has given us so many promises, promises that He does not break. He promises that through Him we become Children of Promise and that there is so much more to us than meets the eye. He looks past our parents, our financial status, what degree we have, whether we are literate or not, country or bloodline, language or culture – and sees the promises that lie within each of us. The promises of being more than ordinary, more than worthy, more than beautiful, more than capable, more than clean, more than pure, more than unique, more than righteous, more than healed, more than loved, more than humble, more than an heir, more than sons and daughters, more than hopeful, more than dreamt of, more than reached, more than living, more than passionate, more than chosen, more than free and the list can go on. But He sees us as more!!!

He sees us as full of potential, full of promise. He sees us as Children of Promise. So if He sees this, why don’t we? And if we do we need to get out there and help those (especially children and young adolescents) who don’t see themselves as Children of Promise, realize what they are and become exactly that.

Galatians 4v28: Now you, brothers, like Isaac, are children of promise.

For further thought and reading refer to Galatians 4v21-31



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