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Magical celebrations of marriage

I just wanted to take the time to congratulate two amazing couples!

About two or so weekends ago, one of my friends, Marcell Coetzee got engaged to Chanelle. Our moms used to work together at Trustbank, before it became absa and for a long while after that. They stayed and still do stay, on a sugarcane farm and we used to visit there a lot, playing games and rugby while our parents still worked together and had braais. We later lost touch and then I got in touch with his mom again just over a year ago. Marcell and I are the same age and he has been playing for the sharks and South African rugby team for the last couple of years. They’re awesome people and it is great to see that Marcell and Chanelle are finally engaged! May God just bless the road ahead for you both and indulge you in His amazing love and grace.

Chanelle and Marcell celebrating their engagement

Chanelle and Marcell celebrating their engagement

The engagement ring!

The engagement ring!

Then, I want to say a big congrats to Ben and Tanja who got married this weekend in Heidelberg. I wasn’t there, and I’m too far to give hugs but I am so happy that it turned out to be such a magical day! It rained on their day but that didn’t get this couple down. It rained and that is just a blessing by God Himself, something I hope for on my day too! They have been a tremendously awesome couple who shared much of their testimony with me and are dear friends. Ben has survived cancer after having Tanja stand by him through each moment. I remember helping Tanja and her sharing much of her troubles and her heart with me, as she tried to support Ben. An intense time that God turned to their good as they got closer to one another and became so much stronger, not letting the enemy of sickness defeat them and their relationship. They just have such a beautiful heart wrenching story and so much thanks in their hearts, they truly are wacky and loving and joyful and you can’t help but feel better after any moment with them. And to be able to see their beautiful wedding photos and the way they just love and adore one another and worshipped our almighty Father in the rain, bought me to tears…it truly is absolutely beautiful. So to them, may Jesus just continue to bless their walk and worship through everything that happens in life and may they continue to be blessed and covered by grace and love in every moment together! You both are such an inspiration! Sending love and hugs from afar! Xx

Ben giving Tanja a kiss on the forehead - such love

Ben giving Tanja a kiss on the forehead – such love

Ben and Tanja worshipping our Dad in the rain - amazing worship, so magical

Ben and Tanja worshipping our Dad in the rain – amazing worship, so magical

P.S – Photos of Tanja and Ben’s wedding was taken by Garick van Staden Emotive Art Photographer. Great photography!!!!

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God’s Hand-Writing

Never lose an opportunity of seeking something beautiful, for beauty is God’s hand-writing – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life can be absolutely beautiful. It is beautiful. In a negative world, each day should still be beautiful. Take a moment as much as possible, just to seek some beauty and acknowledge it. Thank God for it. There really are so many incredible things to see, hear and feel. God basically hands it to us on a silver platter, we just need to take the time to look and say thank you for it. Sometimes, we need to seek a little further than usual to find the beauty, but it is there – we just need to find it and then when we do – appreciate it. So where ever you are, whatever you are doing… take a look around you and open the treasure chest where beauty lies waiting. It may be simple or complex. But God’s hand-written note of love will be waiting there just for you. It will be magical and glorious. So dive into that moment, make the best of it, keep it to yourself or share it (it is usually more fun to share it – it becomes even more beautiful then) and just say ‘Thank You’.

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Power in Prayer

Praying was never something I did, to be honest. I’ve always chosen to write little letters to God. Lots of times, they were just requests. But since December 2010, God has been working on my prayer life and it has changed immensely. I think, I pray more now than I ever did in my 21 years of being alive and I hope to do that even more. My prayers have also changed; they don’t consist of requests only anymore and when I ask for God’s will in my life, I don’t get angry if I don’t get my way or what I asked for. Sometimes I get frustrated but I get over it. Prayer is different for everybody, and I love it now more than I ever did.

So in my life, prayer and love have become my secret weapons. This year, I’ve really seen God use my prayer life for the better and I’m sure He uses a whole world of prayer lives. I have also learnt to be comfortable to pray anywhere at any time. To me, it has become like normal conversation and I guess that’s how it should be.

So anyway, I have been praying over the phone with friends at the weirdest times due to distance between us and them being far away. Some have been in Pretoria, others have stretched far beyond that boundary of distance and have been in other provinces.

All I can say, is that it has been an honour to see what God has done through prayer and it is amazing. His care and provision for me and my friends has been incredible and the changes I’ve been blessed to see and have heard have been far beyond what I ever imagined possible. People can really change when and if they want to and with God’s help nothing has been impossible.

But what has been totally rad to see, is the relationship built over the phone and through prayer. Even though we are far apart, there is just something so magical that happens somewhere in the spiritual realm when two or more people come together in prayer. God really seems to manifest there and you can feel the Holy Spirit move between us. You can feel it in your soul. It is like souls and prayers get woven together so intricately and with such detail that it does go far beyond what we can imagine although it is extremely tangible. When we come together in prayer, it just feels like whatever issues we may be praying for, become easier to handle. There’s a little more peace and support and the weight that was on your shoulders, feels a little lighter. God really opens up a lot of doors in the conversations over the phone and in the prayer that takes place, pieces are revealed and hearts can really open up to sharing. Deep issues and even lighter ones are strung out. People’s hearts and true feelings are revealed and also the changes people want to see.

I could go on…but what I want to say, is that you should value your prayer life as there is so much power in prayer..No matter how simple that prayer might seem. What happens when praying or even when two or more people come together in His name – cherish it. It is so magical.

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