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Surfer Girl Episodes

This morning I got to watch another episode of one of our surfer friends and now I feel I miss the beach… Alana Blanchard has a short series following her, Leila & Camille as they travel in and around the island of Kauai. Every time I watch this I get even more excited to be going to Kauai soon. Many of you may know her as Bethany Hamilton’s friend, who were both part of the Soul Surfer movie. Both are surfers and so are Leila & Camille. So I’ll upload the first few episodes, check it out and enjoy.

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To lighten & brighten your day

So I have been feeling under the weather & needed a little cheering up, so I found this amazing little recipe for homemade cinnamon tea.

Got it from someone I think of as a role model and good friend (all the way from Kauai, Hawaii) and I’ve been super excited about trying it out, especially because I’m such a tea fanatic!! It really makes anything better!!

Take a few sticks of Cinnamon Bark, place into a pot of Water. Boil for 5 mins or so. Turn off & cool to a drinkable temperature. Squeeze in fresh Lemon juice and add a bit of honey to sweeten. Drink warm, or chilled!

It is super yummy and put a smile on my face and warmed my heart…. Enjoy!!

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