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Autumn & Change

421389_546251828730412_381109794_nThe weekend that just passed must have been one of the worst I have experienced in a long time. This time being sick got the better of me. I have never spent so much time on the couch feeling sick, nauseas, vomiting, suffering from crazy migraines, cramps and a million other things. It really was terrible.

But between it all, I had some really great conversations with friends and a good planning weekend. Even though, my assignments have stacked up and it means a little more work and more focus this week but I’m excited.

The seasons are changing and fall is here… leaves are changing colour…CHANGE is hanging in the air. It is time for more cosy nights on couches, with warm eats, hot chocolate, great conversations, fireplaces heating homes, getting prepared for winter. I can already feel it all on my skin as the air becomes drier, the sun’s rays a little less harsh…denims, jackets, scarves, beanies, hoodies – all coming out of the closet now… Autumn is here and winter is swiftly following.

Trying to get into shape in winter or only starting then is terrible and not a place you want to be at. Trying to motivate yourself in cold weather, to get out there and exercise and get focused when all you want to do is snuggle up with a book and hot tea – is definitely a lot harder then it seems.

So I decided over the weekend, that I wasn’t going to get stuck in that place again. I got chatting to some personal trainers – that are friends too, and decided to get a workout program going for the next four weeks. I also got some natural supplements and stuff to help, and got chatting to a buddy of mine who has a MMA tournament in 2 weeks time who is needing to focus and train hard in these 2 weeks – so we’re keeping each other accountable and motivated, which makes it a little easier and fun when there’s two of us going through the same kinda stuff.

So, yes, I started today, in Autumn, bringing on some good changes. Had a crazy workout this morning, and my legs and arms and everything feels like jelly but I’m totally amped and excited. Although, I am regretting all the times that I laughed at my friend Corne, after he and Piet had gymed together and he came out feeling like jello, because I totally feel what he did and it’s pretty bitter-sweet.

Apart from that, there are many snacks and stuff to eat that is light and easy to make. Pita bread cut in half and then cut open so that you have four halves make for great pizza type treats with a lot less starch and carbs and they fill you up without making you full. Once you’ve opened them up, you can top them with pretty much anything before baking in the oven for about 5 to 10 minutes. We usually put a little olive oil, garlic, basil, tomato and mozzarella on it. But you can also put mozzarella, ham and basil on it. You can put all kinds of things you’d usually put on a pizza. I’ve even cut my pita into slices or other shapes and then sprinkled a little olive oil and baked them ‘til they’re crunchy in the oven and then dipped them in sauces I like, or cottage cheese or something. All the variations make for great snacks while studying, watching movies or even for parties and when you have people over.

I’ve also swapped my usual cup of tea with milk and sugar, for mint/green tea, which seems to be good for your metabolism but also for you r skin. In eating my cereal, I’ve added coconut milk instead of milk, and cut up bananas or dates to replace the sugar that is usually there. Spring rolls and lighter kinds of foods have also become more part of my eating routine, as well as soups for the winter, and I’m keeping away from the cream based soup as well. I’m trying my best to eat things that fill me up but don’t leave me feeling swollen, bloated or heavy, and reducing my portions help as well – but still keeping to eating 5 smaller portions a day, rather than 3 big ones.

Two other things I’ve added is getting a good cream keeping your skin moisturized this winter as well as added something to my conditioner to keep my hair healthy which was recommended by a good friend of mine. Add coconut oil to your body moisturizer, that’s what I did last winter and it really helped, but if you’re feeling a little lazier – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is definitely worth the buy. Then to keep your hair healthy, moisturized and even help it grow, add a teaspoon Bergamotessens (which can be bought at your local chemist or drug store)  to your full bottle of conditioner. Don’t add more than that as it has a really strong smell that you don’t want on your head all day. But it really works and helps a lot, especially for girls with thin hair who want to thicken it up a bit.

tumblr_mamsuoUJHG1qaqpi4o1_1280 - Copy

So for those of you who want to get into eating or exercise routines, start now, before winter, so that by the time winter is here, you’re fully working into one already. Also take small steps, don’t set crazy goals and be so harsh on yourself that you end up putting yourself off of doing anything.

There’s a saying that goes, “exercising should be about rewarding your body with endorphins and strength, not about punishing your body for what you have eaten.”  I agree with that, if you’re going to punish yourself, you’re going to end up hating it and get put off, but if you see things in a light of rewarding your body with endorphins, great tasting, healthy and light snacks as well as feeling energized and good, then it makes it more worth it and easier to stand up in the moments where you feel like giving up.

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Natural Cleanser Ingredients

Here are a few things that can be added to your cleansers to help your skin if they aren’t already part of your diet.

1. Natural Yogurt
This will soften skin & is also a natural anti-fungal & antibacterial agent, so add it to your cleanser & store in the fridge.

2. Ground Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower seeds that have been pulsed a few times in a blender are fantastic to add into any exfoliating facial products. They aren’t as harsh as sea salt & are a great source of Vitamin E.

3. Banana
This is a nutritious addition for your nourishing cleanser. It moisturises which helps dry skin, promotes rejuvenation & assists in rebuilding natural defences against the sun, heat & general damage from the elements.

4. Kiwi Fruit
Liquefied kiwi is packed with vitamin C & it’s a natural source of skin refining fruit acids. These help even out skin tone & seal in moisture. Use if you want to minimise pores & promote a smooth, even complexion.

5. Pineapple
This is used in many commercial cleanser & facial scrubs to eliminate blemishes & dark marks. It helps regulate skin texture & also has astringent properties making it an excellent chemical exfoliant.

6. Brewer’s Yeast
This helps regulate oily & blemished skin & contributes to an even skin tone. Also use it to help control mild outbreaks of acne.

7. Almond Oil
This ingredient is great to include if you’re battling with very sensitive, dry skin. It sooths & sinks into pores very quickly, delivering nutrients & moisture directly where they need to be without leaving behind any sort of residue on your skin’s surface.

8. Honey
It is a natural antibacterial & can help defend against acne-causing germs. Its antioxidants will battle against free radicals & is also an organic skin softner.

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Food & plants for hair

Someone asked me about food you could add to your diet which promotes healthy growing hair and then plants that are good for your hair. Well here’s the list.

Food to eat – Fish(rich in Omega 3), beans(rich in proteins, zinc, biotin & iron), eggs(proteins) or low-fat dairy products, nuts, carrots, dark greens, oysters, bananas & raisins.

Plants promoting hair growth – Aloe Vera, Fenugreek(also known as Greek Hay or Methi), rosemary, Reishi Mushroom(also known as Ganoderma Lucidum – a Chinese mushroom), Ginko Biloba, Safflower and then, Catnip.

Hope this helps

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3 days to go

I must stop posting about going home, I know but I really am excited. I got a message from my dad this morning, in which he expressed how much he misses me, he hopes my exam went well, it’s nearly home time and they’re having their first game at 11.30 in Durban at S.A champs. So not only is he excited but I am excited to go home and also super excited for him to be playing darts at S.A’s again. So today he has me excited all over again.

I can’t wait because I’ll be back at the coast for at least 2 weeks. I get to see my beachy friends, I get to go to the beach, smell the fresh salty air, eat yummy healthy foods, go for long walks, read some books, spend lots of time with God. Oh and best of all, have some rain!! Here inland, it seems they don’t get much rain – it is way too dry for me. So I seriously can’t wait, and I am excited to see my parents even though after a few days they might get on my nerves. I’m just happy to be going home so that I can also reflect on what has happened this year so far and find out where I’m going next, and that includes my studies. I really feel God calling me somewhere else, so it is time to clear up all the chaos and mess in my life and figure out what God wants from me.

Only 3 days before I board a plane! Yay!

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