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A season for blooming

It is getting closer and closer to April, and this is probably my most favourite time of the year…It is the season in which tulips come into bloom and they start opening up to show their pretty and delicate colours. Such beautiful flowers that should be handled with such soft and caring touch, that seem a lot like me in that way I guess. This is the time of year that God breathes over them and lightly and gently touches them with His love, peeling them open with a gentleness only He possesses, that opens them to reveal His magnificent beauty and glory… Oh how I love this time of year and how my heart just sings as it is full of praise for Him.

Praise for Him – especially now as my dreams are also blooming into reality by the works of His hands. I have gone for my training to work in the prisons locally, in South Africa and internationally and am now a qualified counsellor and facilitator of Reformative Justice. A dream and desire put on my heart nearly 7 years ago by God, is now becoming a reality. I am now stepping in to it with fef2e7404cfc59a838abca787b26c1a4the authority of Christ. Yesterday I had my last day of training to become qualified and registered, and it felt like one of the most exciting and beautiful days of my life!!!! I am so excited and have such an amazing mentor under whom I will be working until I get transferred to Cape Town and I am truly blessed by Dad with this. The fact that her and I have clicked so well not only emotionally but also in Spirit has been such an amazing blessing, I was definitely pleasantly surprised by it and God’s faithfulness and goodness, Him being true to all He has promised.

I guess what made the day even sweeter and what makes it all sweeter, is that I am finally standing where God has promised after 7 years, of people telling me I couldn’t ever do this or would never be able to. So many critics, so many who tried to break and tear me down and the dreams and desires in my heart, so many who tried their best to discourage me, so many who tried to limit me and didn’t approve, some that still do. Other challenges also came along and it has been a long road taking many turns, as Satan has tried his best to keep me from Dad’s plans and dreams, but he has been unsuccessful and Dad and I have come out victorious. I know there are still many things and challenges that will be thrown my way, but with Dad on my side, who can really come against me?!

What has been amazing on this journey too, is to have seen how God has changed the hearts of my parents along the way as well as my aunt’s. I have always pushed the boundaries and my family’s way of thinking, challenging them and their perspectives as well as that about Jesus, just because my heart and thoughts were so different to theirs and because of the desires and dreams placed on my heart by God. From their perspectives that I couldn’t do this, that these things didn’t fit into the box or what they had hoped for me, to them coming humbly in tears and amazing appreciation, as if their Spiritual Eyes had been opened to God’s amazing plans. It has been humbling and so beautiful, a true honour. I was able to witness the same thing happen to my aunt last night, after feeling years of disapproval, she tried to support me over the years, but she always tried to push me in a different direction as kindly and softly or subtly as she could but I knew how she truly felt… and then last night, with great and honest revelation she came to me apologising as she had been to a conference and there the Spirit had changed and challenged her heart and thoughts… a mind renewed.  She felt guilty and ashamed and I tried my best to comfort her as she shouldn’t feel bad, she should just be more open to different things and different functions now….So I tried to show her as much love as I could…but it was truly a special moment I’ll never forget.

So this journey has been such a blessing and I am excited about what lies ahead…. A flower opening up, coming into bloom…this is a great season!

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Shaking boots

1231664_10151869525547384_1247740628_nWaking up to this message this morning was pretty much a great blessing! Feeling so overwhelmed by Daddy’s love for me…This was what my heart needed to hear.

It’s my second day without a voice..trying to figure out if it is just the quick change of seasons we have just experienced or is this a spiritual attack. The whole week I have been experiencing a terrible tummy thing – definitely been a spiritual attack and I’m guessing losing my voice now is one too. One of many that I have had to experience as I get closer to the destiny God has placed in my life.

Cape Town is coming up. And I guess I’m starting to doubt and freak out a little. I haven’t ever been to Cape Town, yet I have been called to prison ministry over there. And then I have had a friend prophesy that I will have doors opened in Cape Town as well as internationally and suddenly I’m shaking in my boots. I don’t know if it is just me being so close to the big moment when my dream happens or it is me really being scared. But whatever it is…yeah I’m freaking out. I have played it cool until now. I have been excited about this and super brave, but now I am finding myself a little shaken up over this and I don’t know why….

I guess it’s also because I have no place to stay yet, no money, I don’t know Cape Town and I don’t have family or anyone there really….I have to leave my sister… My friends… I really am gonna be all by myself. So I am feeling overwhelmed. Oh and I am supposed to go in November – eeeeek…. Doors are open there with ministry and ministering but further than that I can’t see anything…. but all I know is that I can’t look at what I see around me and need to focus on what is already there in the spiritual… And God has promised to provide, so I’m trusting He’ll come through with all these things….

And that is why – that message – that little picture – was such a blessing this morning…Because my boots have been shaking.

So I am praying God will provide every day and thanking Him for this opportunity…praying He will re-assure me every day…

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