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Daddy’s Heartbeat

My friendLeani's daughter Lanelle... Just fits this topic so perfectly.

My friend Leani’s daughter Lanelle… Just fits this topic so perfectly.

Over the weekend in the midst of yet another spiritual attack and manifestation, I felt the need to closer my ears…firstly whatever had appeared in my room had walked pretty loudly…heavy footsteps…once again Satan had me scared, feeling vulnerable and fearful…this hadn’t been his first attack in the last couple of days so I knew what was going on…

For me, I get pretty scared by what I hear and see…I know I’m not supposed to because I am chosen, I am perfect, I am a princess, I  inherit God’s kingdom, I am His daughter, I am HIS… but I still feel a little vulnerable and scared and my Daddy seems to know that…. So this weekend when the devil was trying to attack me once again, God made me close my I pulled the covers over my ears, I don’t know why but this has always made me feel safe… but I started to close my eyes and ears and tried singing in my head so I could concentrate on something else…the singing wasn’t helping..

But I am blessed to have a Dad, a King who pursues me, His daughter, even when I’m scared and feeling like I’ve failed yet again to be brave… He then told me to focus on Him and listen for Him, using the covers as a safety net and as something to help me block out what was going on around me..helping me to forget about my carnal senses and focus my senses on Him and what can be heard and seen in the Spirit…As I focused on Him and listened for Him, I slowly began hearing a soft murmuring…but not just any kind, rather that of a heartbeat… The more I focused the louder it got until all I could hear is this heartbeat. It was a very calm and relaxed heartbeat which seemed to calm my Spirit and my Soul and body…it calmed my emotions…I felt God tell me that is His heartbeat and that as long as I always remember to focus on Him and His heartbeat, I won’t ever have to feel afraid… I can do it at any time that I am feeling a little less brave or courageous and He will help me through… It was honestly the most precious moment ever… After that I was awake the rest of the night but I felt calm and at peace and scared no longer. A beautiful gift and something I will practice and remember…something I cherish.

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Sunshine Mandy

Kim(left) & Mandy(right)

Kim(left) & Mandy(right)

A dear friend from South Africa, who had moved to Sheffield, England a while ago, passed away in a tragic car accident with her boyfriend a few weeks ago. Mandy Gold, sister of a close friend and mentor of mine (Kim Piercey) as well as friend was laid to rest on Monday. Both her and Stephan were amazing people with the greatest of hearts for God, serving & glorifying His name in all they do. It has been a difficult time for us as friends and the families involved but we rejoice as God’s grace and love and comfort have been more than sufficient.

With that, I want to share this beautiful poem written and dedicated to Mandy by her mother, Florence Gold. From mother to daughter to you…

My beautiful!
The first touch; a gentle stroke of your baby skin
The deep dimple that became your beautiful smile
You found your place in the hearts of your kin
You would linger with us for yet a while.

Your laughter and happiness, helpfulness too
Hockey captain, mentor and miss personality
So your amazing character grew
While you pondered the path of life to pursue.

A young woman you became
Beautiful; hair, eyes, smile that glowed
Won the hearts of all you met
But- your Saviour you needed to behold.

That day soon came when Jesus shone
Through your ways, through to everyone
Your life would change for his glory
God’s work in you had now begun.

Your sweetheart too you soon had found
Together you would conquer ground
Mission work God had for you
How happy, delighted were you two.

We saw your love and dedication
To one another and to the nation
Marriage plans began to unfold
But God’s work temporarily put this on hold.

It was the night of June twenty second
When Jesus took you both to heaven
Shocked beyond words, two vibrant lives
How can this be? but they had been beckoned.

We mourned, we wept, but rejoice the more
As we see God’s love and peace abound
Comforting our hearts with this amazing grace
We know with certainty that they behold your face.

My beauty, my lovely, how I shall yearn to hold you
To hear your laughter, see your joy, smell your hair
Feel your hand in mine; but I have no qualms
For soon my lovely one, you will welcome me and lead me to the Saviours arms.

By Florence Gold


Stephan Donnelly & Mandy Gold

Stephan Donnelly & Mandy Gold

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