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Yoga time

f3c8119297010ec2f7c9383e67d11fbfSo it is the beginning of twenty-fourteen and I am excited about doing some new stuff. What is really great and a theme that God has been putting on my heart, is taking the time to LOVE yourself. God totally adores me…He believes in me. He thinks of me as beautiful and confident, after all, He created me and I am His daughter, His princess.

Unfortunately, I don’t always see myself the same way and I don’t have much patience with myself either. I seem to compare myself, giving into being ruled by insecurities and that just won’t do it for me. After being in Cape Town, I really feel a sense of bringing back my focus to God and I. Seeing myself through His eyes.

So I have a few things lined up for myself this year, that will be taking me out my comfort zone, that will build confidence, teach myself to have the patience God has unconditionally with me, grace abundantly, things that will take accepting and loving myself in ways I could never have imagined.

One of the really cool things I have lined up that really gets me inspired, that will teach me to accept myself a lot more, have patience with myself as well as be a little more determined – is YOGA!!! Some know that I’m into the yoga kind of thing, but this year I’m taking it a bit more serious and totally up-ing it a notch or two. I really am keen on this one, not only as it is about the journey of loving myself in all my forms, but also because it will definitely be challenging on so many different levels.  I guess not only because I’ll be challenged on different levels, I guess, when I get a little bored or any other time too, I DO like to get a little silly and do weird things (not that yoga is silly), so why not do crazy poses?!

af10048c01c7eea61b3e1e95ed236767In a sense, it is also to get out of my head, so that I don’t think too much or rile myself up into any state of panic – which I do very easily – and to just get away from limiting myself, and do things I never thought I could do or that I thought my body couldn’t do….just defy all limits and live a little outside of the box we all put ourselves into.

Candace Moore and her story about fighting Lyme Disease, has been so super inspiring as well as motivating. Her story has moved so much in my heart and I am truly excited about her passion for yoga and the way in which she is so real and honest and wants to help others through her yoga and other stories. She makes it seem fun and exciting, and it’s just awesome to see how and hear how she motivates you to explore all aspects of life and yoga and everything involved in it…

There is just so much more to yoga than poses and exercise, it is just a way of focusing yourself on what makes you tick and the present moment. Your breath, your heartbeat, your movement. It is about persevering, patience, acceptance, loving, experiencing, building confidence – just plain being!

More than that, it can be done anywhere, anyhow, with anyone or by yourself. You also get to get close to nature and all of creation….and I think, why not use this time, to get close to God as well…just appreciate yourself, your body, your present circumstances – all these things that God created and the beauty of being alive in HIM!!!

Not only is there yoga, but coming up there is other experiences leading to more confidence…there is my studies, driving and other adventures like stand-up paddle boarding, photo shoots and different courses in restorative justice, makeup and other things…but this is a year of exploration and just diving into crazy awesome opportunities and enjoying life to the full – no holding back!d4

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