Smiley Saturday

So today my mood is way better and I must say, I woke up feeling way better…my flu has turned out to be measles instead of flu, but I do feel flu-ish still. But tons better.

In other news another friend and rugby player has gotten engaged. So congrats to Whestley Moolman on his engagement to Tanya Naude!!! May the future together be filled with unconditional love, grace and an abundance of blessings!

The engagement ring

The engagement ring

Whestley & Tanya

Whestley & Tanya

Then during the week, I went to buy a new yoga mat…I thought the blue colour would be best, very calming, relaxed colour and it just reminds me of the ocean! So I’ve been keen to try it out.

A few tips though girls, is when trying to do headstands and forearm-stand poses, like a tripod, scorpion and other poses…if you haven’t tried them because your arms and shoulders don’t seem strong enough, use your wall as a little support and help in the beginning stages of trying and getting used to them. It also helps so that you can build up strength until you no longer need the wall or any support. And what is just as fun, makes you feel like a kid again, is to try these poses on your bed – makes the epic falls a little easier and softer in the beginning. It helps me, because I’m a little afraid sometimes and it supports my wrists a little that have been broken. Plus, it just is fun. I’ve moved my bed right next to the wall…so being home with my parents…they have caught me upside down on my bed against the wall a few times… especially when I’m feeling a little bored and want to do something a fun and look silly! So go ahead and try it and see if it helps you in gaining some confidence towards trying some of these things!f5 f3

So anyway – have a happy, smiley Saturday




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