Photo Shoots

932cf2d99fcd7e09e912d043c4a68a68In general, each of us have that one photo moment every now and then, that we wish we could just destroy or take back…. Capturing and forever remembering that one moment we regret or wish we could just completely forget… Don’t you just hate it when someone pulls out a photo, that to you looks so bad that you’d actually nearly attended therapy to try forget?! Ha. I’ve had a couple such moments.

Yet, as girls we still love photo shoots. Many of us would say, we hate being photographed… And yes we do… BUT, when it comes to being perfectly done up, hair, makeup and wardrobe sorted – very few of us are gona hate it… I mean it could be uncomfortable at first, but later it is kind of fun!

I have quite a couple of model friends and they totally love it, even though the industry is a tough one. But even if it’s not for a big company these could be fun. Even when you’re not getting paid. We have had a couple of shoots and have one coming up… And there is something nerve-racking about it but at the same time, it is soooo fun and a definite confidence booster…

c532b0312970f231d456615ecdca6796What is fun about it, is having the right photographer, which does make a huge difference. It is something I have noticed about a friend of mine who is a photographer. What is awesome about her doing our shoots, is the fact that she makes it fun and puts you at ease. She totally gets who you are and doesn’t push you into doing anything that isn’t comfortable. She also won’t try and make things look unnatural or photo shop it so much that you hardly recognize the person in the photo! She definitely encourages you to be yourself and love who you are and then captures that, which is so special and hard to find.

Especially since we aren’t into not being ourselves, real or natural. We don’t dig being portrayed as what we are not, or as these skinny photo shopped people who pressure our opinions of how we look onto others. We want people to love themselves and their bodies, the way they are. To embrace yourself the way you are is important…

deedefab2aac9e787a43356d5c3a0068And the wardrobe, makeup and hair should just be an extension of who you are, it should compliment you and your personality. Let it build your confidence and add to who you are. Not overshadow you or break you down in anyway! From now on, embrace any camera shot, and make it worth the moment. Don’t let regret or embarrassment rule and be what you remember.

In your next photo shoot or any camera shot, whether you’re dressing up or down – feel beautiful and enjoy it!!!

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