c4ebf5f48073b2a7eaf421d557f72e6aIt is often said that the most beautiful thing a girl can wear (apart from her smile) is confidence! But that doesn’t seem to come too naturally to all of us.

Blame it on comments we get, the media or whatever the excuse might be, generally it is something girls lack and I often wonder why. I myself, easily give into my insecurities and forget how to be fearless and live happily as a unique woman. Once again, Cape Town is awesome in this sense. There everybody wears and looks the way they want, co-existing without comparing and it seems everyone and everything there is different – being ordinary or a copy of something seems to be what puts you on the outside. It truly is a breath of fresh air compared to the city life of Gauteng where it feels like everybody is fighting to be somewhat the same or similar… Maybe being the same and what others expect you to be is what makes me struggle to get along with some people (including some in my family – and now I don’t mean my mom if that is what people assumed). The set standards of society can often be what breaks people’s confidence as they fear being different and suppress that as no one wants to disappoint or be an outcast.

What a sad thought.


God created each one of us so uniquely different yet still He is totally pleased with each and every single one of us as we are still created in His image. How awesome to think that each of us, although different are created in His image, just shows how many facets there are to Him and how different and awesome each and every single one of them are if you think how many of us there is…. Each different but so complimentary of one another… So many different, and yet He loves us ALL the same…so why are we actually all fighting to be the same?!

What makes you confident? Is it makeup? Pretty lingerie? Pretty clothing? Is it just being you – all natural without anything? Naked? Dirty hair, comfy clothing? Jumping off a cliff? Wearing heels? Acting like a tomboy? Doing a photo shoot? Is it a new red lipstick? Being silly and having people laugh at your jokes? Mine are definitely a little make-up, wearing cute lingerie, when someone makes good jokes and I actually get it and can laugh, doing a photo shoot, having a good hair day and skin day without even having to do my hair or makeup, dancing and some good music, when I can actually accomplish a new pose in yoga, when a recipe comes out right when I try it, my boyfriend compliments me, when I pass a test, when I’m around good, close and positive friends or people…. there are many things…but whatever it is for you, go out and do those things or find those things and embrace them. In each moment, take up the challenge to love yourself and embrace feeling confident…

1279c910dbd327460f6b57cc53e74986But also take the time to figure out how to be confident when you don’t have any of those things…when you have just yourself…find a way to love yourself in all your forms – the way Jesus sees you and loves you…you will be more confident. Embrace who you are, your strengths and weaknesses and in that way you’ll be able to eliminate insecurities because then you know yourself and accept yourself. That confidence will compliment you and who you are. You won’t let insecurity rule and turn you into someone who knows who you are and shove that down people’s throats. That is just being cocky.

You are a beautiful being and creation. Confidence is such a great accessory, so use it. Go ahead and own it!

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