New year – a freshened up me discovering all the beautiful things!

e55f812091494d84931da4a84d761d93Girls – it is a brand spanking new year and definitely fresh. This year is going to be one filled with many new things and adventures! And I am excited.

After finishing the year off in Cape Town and starting 2014 off there too, I think I’m definitely a whole lot more chilled in the way I think and see things. Going to the Cape was definitely a good choice – it was really a good time to get things into perspective and God really came through on that trip!

So this year will be about new adventures, making all experiences colourful and just taking and grabbing onto all opportunities and making the best of them. I am on my way to finishing my studies and onto new chapters of work and experiences. I also have a new found confidence and with that, I am looking forward to taking on just about anything and ready to jump out of my comfort zone, off the cliff into a whole new pool of colour and surprise.  It is going to be a jam packed year but one I’m taking a little chill to and not going to worry too much about impressing others, but rather loving myself and God and letting all that flow into the cups of others and my relationships!

I believe this year holds so many beautiful things for each and every one of you out there and so many blessings. I know it does for me too and I’m excited to just chill in Dad’s amazing presence and explore all the beautiful things He has waiting for us!

Xx M

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