Romantic Love Letter from God

70 lightening shots taken at ikaria island during a thunderstorm

70 lightening shots taken at ikaria island during a thunderstorm

There’s nothing more romantic than a thunderstorm on its way. This evening as the sun was setting, my sister and I watched what looked like a sandstorm heading our way…not long after we noticed it was rain and thunder…it looks like hurricane weather although it’s not that.

It was heading our way quickly. We watched as all the builders around us started running for cover and how one of them had to climb down a huge crane like thing, that was far above 11 storeys high…  although people were running and frantically trying to take cover, it was still a beautiful sight.

After that, within minutes the dark clouds had covered us and in bits of light you could see the rain pouring in long strings of water…it seemed like millions of taps had been opened and left running. In between that, thunder and lightning struck. 7da887040f8a798e0ecbbf57cd638f82

I got to watch this beauty and display of love and might unfold before my eyes as if God was pursuing me.

Not only that, in this kind of weather, I’m left wanting to have a romantic evening with lots of candle light and building of tents…or having a picnic on tons of pillows next to a fireplace, somewhere far away….

Yep, it has left me feeling warm and special inside…Magical to be curled up on the couch under blankets with some coffee and watching a movie and listening to some rain….Incredibly beautiful and blessed… What a romantic love letter from God.


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