As A Woman Thinks in Her Heart

Just an amazing few words shared by an incredible friend and woman of God – Cheryl – that I have to share with you.

As a woman thinks in her heart; so is she. And if she doesn’t allow the love of God to seep into her very bones, she will never to be able to love herself in a holistic way and neither will she be able to receive love from others or give love to others in a healthy way. A core of a woman comes alive when she is ignited by the flames of love of her Maker.

This amazing friend never ceases to surprise me with her laughter and incredible wisdom. We met at church, at Grace Life Pretoria and she has spoken into my life so much. She has given me so much prophetic word and we have connected on such incredible levels spiritually. No matter how little we see each other, every time we do, we have such deep and super fun conversations. Not only that, this amazing lady in engaged and getting married to our other brother and friend in Christ in our church, an upcoming leader (or so I think), Christiaan.

So happy to have these two people in our lives and get to be a part of theirs. Feels like we’ve known them forever although it has only been a few months. But they have been such a blessing to us and others. Just so beautiful how God has bought them together and bought us all together as a family. Amazed!!!

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