30 day challenge!!

So back after the holiday and summer nearly upon us, my sister and I have started with a new routine in the eating and exercising department!!!

We’ve worked out a plan for 30 days, starting yesterday already. And I guess the first day is pretty tough but it does get better.

Thought I’d share with you some things that we are doing. This works for us, and for others it may differ. We have adapted our routines adding in normal exercise, the 30 day challenge as well as yoga before hand to keep things interesting and to help us. See a doctor or someone before just doing any programs and please note, this stuff won’t work for everyone. People are different.

So we have taken the 30 day challenge Buns, Guns, Abs and Plank Challenge and added them to our daily workout routine.

194e94d00be86bf4351c499b3363dab1 bd9b0ad599e77cefea7df4a9ca6b6cb9We did however adapt the guns and plank sessions in our schedules to progress a little more quickly. But that is totally up to what suits you and what doesn’t.

Then we decided to work our routines into 3 different groups – abs, chest and back (Mondays); biceps, triceps and shoulders (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and then our legs (Wednesdays).  Fridays would be a combination of legs and abs but a shorter version of the usual routines. And weekends are consist of only our 30 day challenge workouts.

Abs Chest & Back (Mondays)

We end up doing yoga stretches for our abs, chest and back. Here is one of them for back flexibility:

27c5c519dae856c59668397b8981f0a6tummy1Then our routine:

Crunches x 30

criss cross crunches x 20

situps x 30

cat crunch x 10

spider crunch x 10

plank butt up x 15

Shoulder shrugs dumbbells x 20

Dead lifts x 20

Chest press x 20

Chest fly x 20

Obviously you can do as many sets as you possibly can.

Then the 30 day challenge.


Biceps, triceps and shoulders (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Our yoga routine for stretching first:

b0917d4214a82052473f105ad11855a8 5a3e9d7db9c61347ffcbe4d00d224bf1Then our routine:

Reverse fly x 20

Bicep curl x 25

Cross jab x 20 each arm

Standing tricep extension x 20

90 degree raises (front) x 20

90 degree raises (sides) x 20

Tricep kickbacks x 25

Do at least 2 or 3 sets if not more.

Then our 30 day challenge routine.


Legs & Butt (Wednesday)

Our yoga stretches:

4460ff671bf50163d4a90ef81b9162f8Then our routine:


Then our 30 day challenge routine.


Friday workout:

On Fridays and weekends we will choose between one of two yoga routines:

3c55bcd85d8a9afbf959c24448dbdcd3 yoga-poses-beginnersThen a friday workout will be abs:

Crunches x 30

criss cross crunches x 20

situps x 30

cat crunch x 10

spider crunch x 10

plank butt up x 15

and for our legs:

booty2Then lastly our 30 day challenge workout routine.

Weekends will consist of only one of those two yoga routines and our 30 day challenge routine.


Then eating:

Our diet consists of mainly protein and veggies and fruit.

We eat 5 to 6 times a day. Breakfast, lunch and supper and snack times in between.

We have cut down on sugar and salt and taken away getting any take out food.

We use coconut oil instead of other oils if needed, and use olive oil over salads or in our dressings.

Salad dressings are homemade, using vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice and fresh herbs.

We have also added strawberries and nuts as well as pumpkin seeds to salads.

Coffee is allowed but no sugar… otherwise one cup if you’re gonna add one sugar.

Tea is pretty much herbal or fruit teas. Green tea being best.

Lots of water. If you want to add flavour to water without calories add fruit.

Two that really help with weight loss is: 1/2 cucumber, 1 lemon and 10 to 12 mint leaves in a jug of water (leave to fuse overnight or at least 6 hours). Replace after 2 or 3 times of filling water up. Otherwise, use 1 green apple sliced and one cinnamon stick in a jug of water with ice (leave to fuse 10 mins to one hour). Replace ingredients after filling jug 2 to 3 times. They will help with weight loss and leave you filled with energy!

These are just a few basics to help but don’t feel too pressured or like a failure if you don’t always follow accordingly. It really isn’t the end of the world and getting upset about it will only discourage you and won’t change anything. Just keep going and keep trying.

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