Best Mates Having a Top Notch Night

So the whole week my sister has been nagging that I need to see my best mate before he heads back to Stellenbosch.

Last night I finally got a chance to see him as he invited me over for a good old braai. What a blessed and chilled evening it was. Being in his presence with his family and people we grew up with, listening and telling all our funny stories to other people, just chilling by the fire, talking bout playing songs on the guitar and him drinking his beer and keeping my wine glass filled… It just really showed me how much I cherish our friendship and how much I miss this guy during the year. It was great that we could see each other so soon, as we usually on see each other over summer holidays, so we’re stoked our schedules worked out – especially with this visit home being so unplanned for me…

We’ve been mates since grade 1, and his younger brother and my younger sister have been best mates too since they were little. We have been through so much together, the high’s and low’s… We have so many cool stories in which we have gotten into trouble or I’ve bailed him out of trouble… He’ll tell you and joke that in school I was his P.A, helping him with Afrikaans and loads more and he got me through my Maths and Science later on… From stealing trolleys and getting chased by police to blowing up things and going fishing, camping out and playing games, from girls to sports and holding gum guards, even teaching me and showing me the different stars…we’ve done it all.

So last night the stories were flying, we were joking around and mocking each other’s varsities, our glasses stayed filled, his mom told stories about how we’ve stuck together through it all, we ate together, Ryan dishing up for me, wanting me to eat as much as he was having and the food was amazingly delicious, photos were taken and later we ended up playing some games ’til about one in the morning. After that it was bed time, so that there would be time for an early surf session…

Our friendship, hooligans sticking with hooligans through thick and thin has proven to be an incredible one. It is one we have worked at but one that has also just stuck and worked out no matter what, which seems to have surprised many especially since we have remained close mates after school despite being miles apart. This is a friend whom I cherish so much and whom I can always chill with and be myself, and with that, an awesome guy, such a stand-up guy with amazing mannerisms, an all rounder with such a heart for God too. We grew up in the same cell/home group, went to our matric dance together and pretty much have seen it all together. He is a friend whom I definitely will be mates with ’til we die…somehow we just know this. And what a blessing and honour it has been and is to be friends and call him my best mate.

A top notch evening, with a friend worth far more than this world could offer! Such a good time with him and our other mates, Josh, Reece, Grant and Stubbs, before we both head back to our different varsities 🙂 xx

too tall for the picture

too tall for the picture

Ryan's hair isn't in so we had to try a couple more times

Ryan’s hair isn’t in so we had to try a couple more times

finally both in... but Ryan wants another 1

finally both in… but Ryan wants another 1

a pic with Ryan's older brother - Devin

a pic with Ryan’s older brother – Devin

Reece during our games

Reece during our games

Grant drinking like he's thirsty

Grant drinking like he’s thirsty

a photo of Ryan and I taken by Devin because we're so useless. #bestmates

a photo of Ryan and I taken by Devin because we’re so useless. #bestmates

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