Celebrating God’s Blessings

So God has totally blessed me with some pretty damn amazing and inspirational people in my life… Each of their situations different with different things to celebrate, but celebrating nonetheless! I am so incredibly blessed and cannot help but share their amazing stories and excitement with all of you.

Firstly, Friday, I was hardly on the coast an hour when I bumped into a great friend I’ve had in my life since high school at the Southcoast Mall. She is an amazing woman of God who has been an incredible blessing, always sharing her love and wisdom and inspiring me to do more and be more and constantly seek God in all situations. I have been able to confide in her so many times with my heart and issues and so much more. She is the sister of my friend Ryan, but also a friend I had made being in school, doing a play together and later being there to do my make-up for my matric dance, one day when I get married, I’m sure she’ll be there doing my makeup too just by the way. As I left school our friendship grew and I was able to look to her as a great role model and we got closer as we both were concerned about her brother and later as we prayed for her first born, Reece while he was still in her tummy. God also gave me a vision and prophetic word that I soon shared with Kerry-lee about her son Reece. Now, I am happy to announce that this lovely lady’s family is growing from 3 people to 4 as she is expecting a second little person to be joining soon. Kerry and her husband Kyle have another baby on board and I must say, I am thrilled for them. Reece has grown up so quickly, being one bright little boy. So another little person seems like more joy to be added to this amazing little family. Such blessed news and Kerry is glowing! Hoping to have tea and a little catch up session in this week with Kerry-lee so I am super excited!!! What an inspirational woman!

Then, Saturday evening, I got to spend some time with Kelly!!! His news is that he is heading back to the U.S soon and taking friends with him… He is motivating and inspiring his mates to start doing things and it is a pleasure to watch and hear. He really has matured quite a bit and God really seems to be using him in helping his friends get up and started in life. He’s also turning 21 in less than a month which is pretty exciting too. So I am incredibly proud of my favorite and enjoying every little moment I am having to spend with him.

Then, lastly, one of my oldest friends who I have known since my days of running around in a nappy – Raymond Burger… He’s been in my life forever. We used to live around the corner from each other and our moms are very good friends! We went to the same nursery school and later ended up in the same high school. We’ve been through the laughter and the tears… We have seen the best and worst of each other but have been there to support and believe in each other through it all. Nevermind what people have thought, I have always been proud to call Raymond my friend. He really has been an inspiration in my life as well. He’s had it tough, tougher than a lot of people that I know, but he made the best of it and has turned everything around for the best. If there was one guy whom I never doubted knew God personally and had seen God’s light shine through, that would be Raymond. He doesn’t always believe he’s been the best person, but if people got to see half what I have seen in him and from him, they’d agree he’s pretty incredible. Anyway, in the past few years he’s been in the gym and going at it. Always setting goals and persevering ’til he gets there. If there is a strong person who has taught me about fighting for what’s right and what you want and persisting through anything, battling it out. It would be him. And loving yourself and being you, no matter what. Lessons he’s taught me. Anyway, I’ve watched him and chatted and kept in contact while he has gone through all he has. I have also been there while he has given me lessons on nutrition, spoken about helping people and the book he wants to write, the hours he spent practicing driving with me and many more moments. He’s the one I’ve called if I need advice on body issues or actually any other stuff. He’s always had my back. Now, I get to celebrate another fine moment in his life. On Saturday I saw him for a moment at the rugby game, and I could hardly believe the transformation… But if there has been anyone who could do it, it has been him. Over the past year and a half, I’ve been able to see him before his transformation and now another part of it. It might not be the end or his final goal, but it is a massive goal he has reached! He has lost an incredible amount of weight and the pictures say it all. So, well done to him for getting as far as he has and for all the success still to come! Sooooo amazing! Rejoicing with him in every moment. He is a great inspiration and motivation. If you put your mind to it and with God by your side, you can do anything!

So congrats to these people I am lucky to call friends and family! Amazing people whom God has blessed me with. Love you all xx

Kerry-lee & her family. Kyle(her husband) & little Reece(her son)

Kerry-lee & her family. Kyle(her husband) & little Reece(her son)

With my favorite

With my favorite

Kelly & I - chilled evening

Kelly & I – chilled evening

Raymond. An incredible difference!!

Raymond. An incredible difference!!

The crazy transformation! So proud of him!

The crazy transformation! So proud of him!

The difference. These pants are from grade 8. They were a size 40. #transformation

The difference. These pants are from grade 8. They were a size 40. #transformation

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