Sisterhood Sewn Together


I remember being taught how to sew by my German teacher back in grade 2, not enjoying it at all, until years later only. But before that I could sit for hours watching my mom make clothes. I loved the basket she had with all the sewing materials especially the different kinds and colours of thread. Everything about it seemed so delicate and beautiful. It was a great skill my mom and some of my aunts had and when I was little, it seemed like it was their super power. Being able to fix broken pieces or create anything new. I would draw things and they would make it come to life.


For a moment, I’d like to sound a little like a girl…have a bit of a girly moment and share with you two new friends God has sewn into my life. He has taken 3 very different materials and sewn their hearts together using a delicate and gentle thread, and the product of the bond produced has created a very special kind of sisterhood.

Eline and Ashley.

It certainly is a new friendship but a very close knit one. Our personalities are very different and we appear differently in Spirit but our hearts are very much aligned and something just clicked from the first moments we met each other.  We don’t get to see each other much but we try stay in contact over the phone and we’re constantly praying for each other and when we do get to see each other, we definitely make the most of it.

IMG-20130511-WA002AshleyShe is super loud and wacky. Her laugh is contagious and she is very outgoing. She loves the spotlight and you can’t help but have fun when she’s around. Definitely there to spice things up. She is strongly opinionated and shouldn’t be messed with. She is loving and friendly but get on her wrong side and she can definitely take you out.

ElinéShe’s known for her red lipstick and love of boots. When we travel, she usually has a whole extra bag for all her pairs of boots that are coming along. She’s gentle but can be just as crazy and loud. Just like Ashley, I wouldn’t mess with her, I mean on one of her pairs of boots from Vietnam she has “Romans 16” engraved on them. And if you go read that, you’ll see verse 20 says it all. I need not say more.

IMG-20130520-WA005We have fun together. We are loud. We are outrageous. We are strong. But at the same time, we are soft and gentle, loving and delicate. We are a wacky group but the friendship is blessed and anointed by God which truly makes it amazing.





A friendship sewn together by God is a blessed and cherished one. It is amazing to have friends who walk with you and who have such willingness in their hearts. I’m proud to call these ladies sisters, not only in Christ but for life and the adventures to come are both exciting and incredible. Love them to bits!!

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