Inspiring brotherly love

One of my friends, Werner Raath, recently shared the following situation/story of two boys he met. It left me wondering, just how far we’d go for others and to show God’s love… I mean, most of the time we don’t want to get too involved in reaching out to others if it means we’re going to have to walk the extra mile or because we don’t feel it is our responsibility or don’t want it to become our responsibility. But it leaves me wondering, if not ours, then whose is it?

So here’s his story:
“Met two boys yesterday who were spending the night next to a fire in the cold. The one never went to school and sleeps where he can make his own shelter at night. The other went to a well established school and stays with his parents.

Two opposite sides of the spectrum, they declared themselves brothers for life and now spend time with one another everyday, all day, and face the life of the homeless together.

#How can one not be inspired?”

Definitely inspiring. And I’m not saying we should all go sit on the street being homeless, but I do think we should take a look at our hearts, and ask ourselves how far are we really willing to go to show God’s love? And take a look at how we spend our days and treat people, when we’re rushing off from one place to another. Do we even take notice of things and people around us, or do we just turn a blind eye to it all.

This was truly inspiring but also very eye opening… Phrases that came up for me were: brotherly love, comfort zone, social responsibility, showing God’s love.

Really gets you thinking.

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  1. Good word.

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