Happiest Proudest Moments

Last night was probably one of the most amazing night’s I have had in a long time. I was definitely blessed beyond what was needed.

First, it being a Monday night, I headed over to baby sit as usual but instead, it was needed as the kid’s parents were there and the kids were super excited as they were about to get a new puppy! When the puppy got there – it just made me want one!!! Sooooo cute and adorable. Anyway had an incredible time, chilling out with the whole family and new puppy…

After that we headed home! Excitement building to see my favorite (Kelly) and his friend Jaco – as they have come back from the U.S!!!

I honestly haven’t been more excited in a long time to see two people – or Kelly in particular!!! I really am just blessed to have him in my life!!! We live on the 8th floor of out building so my sister went down to open for them and noticed the lifts weren’t working. She told them they were taking the stairs. As soon as they found out they’d be walking up a few floors, they started stretching – such clowns these two!!! But yeah. When they walked through that door, I almost cried at the sight of seeing Kelly!!! He had this amazing light around him and glow I haven’t seen before. I basically jumped into his arms and held tightly onto him for about 10minutes…all while he was just hugging back and saying ‘you better not cry now’… Happiest moment ever!!! Seriously!!! I haven’t felt that much joy through my body in ages! I got to meet the legendary Jaco, who has helped in shaping Kelly while he was in the U.S.

We sat for hours, laughing, talking, drinking Steri Stumpies, comparing tattoos, looking at pictures… It was just so awesome! He even spoke about wanting to study and just what he wants to do in life. It was great seeing how God had used this trip to grow him into such a great young man and restore broken relationships in his life. He’s just grown up so much and into such a responsible man with so many awesome goals and his heart has just become more beautiful.

God has just been so faithful in keeping Kelly safe and in growing him. It really was a blessing seeing him and being able to have witnessed the growth and change that has come… My favorite has made me extremely proud!!!

We love you lots Kelly!!! Xx

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