4th of May

These last couple of weeks…this past month has been a roller coaster kind of ride…. So many things have happened in such a short time but God has been amazing and His attention to detail, pretty spectacular. But that is a story for another post.

What I would like to say now though is that I have to congratulate a few people – God’s blessings upon them have been numerous and will continue in abundance, I’m sure.

Firstly, Congrats to my childhood friend Ashleigh Bigara about whose engagement I posted last year…She married her best friend and the love of her life – Craig Parrott over the weekend. She looked absolutely stunning and from those who were there, I heard, that everything was as beautiful as these two people are and God’s love was definitely felt all around. I wish them both one amazing honeymoon and hope their future will continue to exceed all expectations and blessings from our Father. May the road be filled with grace and growing love and friendship, more than what could ever have been imagined. 390741_10151452543716297_1379857182_n 197798_636356179714770_1147974716_n 946310_10151452545496297_668194304_n 601929_10151452545276297_1817263384_n 225681_10151376511096898_1398984672_n 190545_10151393237666828_1627981806_n 390645_10151451554901297_1600857657_n 21247_532670730128797_1974478129_n 486660_10151376511221898_57312032_n 62617_532670940128776_642015452_n 164963_10151402936876517_522519081_n 229705_474674425934804_169139573_n 936912_532671253462078_1889212081_n 940845_10151451555201297_343686166_n 603614_10151376511396898_1218681191_n 321354_10151452547451297_555195849_n

Then, over the weekend, Nationals were held at Zwartkops Race Track here in Pretoria. It was great and super exciting. It was awesome being at the race track again and in the pits. I want to congratulate my friend, Nic, as he raced for Kawasaki  and came 2nd! He had one of the best times on Friday when they were just practicing and checking lap times to qualify and he did superbly Saturday with that second place. We are all very proud!!!603826_10201269661927446_671652069_n IMG-20130503-WA001 21243_374378012666720_433118956_n 295376_10151349945596148_1720223835_n 262480_10151350070491148_1138804573_n

Then lastly, a close friend, Renaldo, had his first MMA fight in Centurion Saturday evening. Although he lost, he made us all extremely proud as he persevered through a long, hard fight. Our throats were definitely sore after shouting and cheering him on.

It was a great weekend, that has left me sick with some serious flu after a few cold winter days but I will soon be back in action.

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