Time Out

The past few weeks, I have taken time out from my regular schedule and taken time out from church… I am a theology student and part of our course is to be getting involved practically at one set church. I’m totally okay with that and it has kept me extremely busy but it was time to take some time out and get some ‘me-time’ with God, until I could learn how to balance things and learn what to say ‘yes’ to and what to say ‘no’ to. God really has been faithful in teaching me and helping me and protecting me, even though I still have a long way to go.

Not only have I had time to deal with loss but He has also helped in teaching me how to deal with loss and other disappointments. He’s taught me about what situations and things I can personalize and what I shouldn’t in protecting my heart. There have also been lessons on love, friendship, stepping into authority made possible by His grace, lessons on divorce, pressures to be perfect, vulnerability, condemnation and a whole lot more. So, if I haven’t shared thoughts on these things, I will still do so in time, as I feel God leads me to do.

I must admit, I’m on a little bit of a spiritual high – or so it feels. Feels like God’s grace and kindness and love has been of abundance this week. Been listening to sermons on grace while studying and learning more about God while studying has had me pretty pumped all week! It has even had me excited to study Greek and a few other things that I usually wouldn’t be keen on.

So anyway, have a blessed day and weekend coming up. May it be an amazing few days, especially if your week hasn’t lived up to your expectations. May God bless you and comfort you and exceed all your possible expectations! Amen!


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