Seen & Unseen Roads

A weekend away to Bloemfontein with a crazy wacky friend of mine was irreplaceable. We had so much fun just driving in the car and going crazy, never mind the part where we were actually in Bloemfontein.

On our way there, Friday evening, leaving after work. We were already half tired before the road trip began and then we got caught in traffic, taking 45 minutes to move about 1 km due to an accident on the high way. After that we got caught in huge amounts of rain, it felt like we were cruising along in Noah’s ark, and there were road works, at places there were no lines on the road, there were dead animals, trucks, we were dodging potholes and it was dark… Somehow the trip of getting to Bloem felt endlessly long and it didn’t ever feel like we were making any progress.

On our way back on Sunday though, we left during the day and it was still light during our trip back. The trip felt way shorter even though neither Joalet or I were ready to come back yet. But it is because we could see where we were going and that places changed and there were a lot more signs on our way back. Sometimes the signs were scary, because you now knew more about the road you were travelling than we did before, some signs like ‘high accident zone’ left us with mixed feelings…We didn’t know whether we should feel good about being informed or scared because now we were…think we could have gone on without that sign and I was left feeling like I’d rather be driving in the dark again with less signs, not having to know what is to come.

It just made me realize, that it is great when you can see what is coming and what lies ahead. When God lets you know what is going on and there is light around, when you’re able to do things with confidence because you can see. But sometimes, the darkness can be just as much a blessing. The fact that we don’t always know what is around the next turn and there is only God to lead us, is great. Because we end up having to trust Him and that He knows exactly what will and will not be good for us. There are reasons why He doesn’t always let us see what happens next, because sometimes we aren’t ready for it or it will do us more harm… it may leave us feeling confused or scared so instead He keeps it dark, taking our hand and leading us on. When we know He’s there, we walk confidently beside Him, and suddenly it is easier in the dark, because we don’t have to know what is coming – He does and that is alright.

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