Birthday Wish

Today has been one of my best friends’ birthday. Stubbs is such a close friend of mine, and someone I have known and respected for-like-ever!!!

Today, he is 22 and I’m totally bleak I’m not home. Would have loved to have gone down to the beach with him this morning. It’s just the best way to start your day, some chill time on the waves, taking a surf and swim. And then, it would have been my turn to make this guy some dinner! Haha

So anyway, to this wise old man…he’s 22, but wise beyond his years. It has been an honour being mates so far. You really have just made me proud over and over again as you have persevered through the toughest of situations. Always being responsible and humble. A servant-hearted guy, with God as your foundation. A better best mate, none of us could have asked for. So from Daryl, Ryan & I – happy birthday Stubbs. May you continue to grow, being a light for God and really being successful in all you do. You’re our best friend and it is great having you around. Miss you loads man! See you when I get home!!

Loads of love



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