Love – Our Greatest Weapon

This weekend, a friend with whom I lived, invited another house mate and me to a Saturday “girly day” with a grade 7 girl from Danville. The grade 7 kids were being taken, by the Potato Foundation, to watch ballet at the State Theater  So, Mari felt it was put on her heart to take this girl shopping and have breakfast with her. So that is what we did. We weren’t saints of any sort…Just a couple of girls showing sisterly love to another beautifully hearted girl.

Thinking of the documentary “Furious Love” and also reflecting on the church service last night, I am reminded about what God’s Kingdom is like. It simply comes down to love and being that love to others. Nothing else is needed. Words aren’t needed and shouldn’t be needed. No great speech and no judgement. Simply – loving. Love is a language that all understand, ‘bigger than any tidal wave, more powerful than any fear.’

More often than not, we don’t have to tell people what to do, we don’t have to lay out thousands of rules or judge them. We don’t have to give a million stories or reasons why. We just need to love them.

There’s a story that goes about some Christians who put up a stall and prayed. Their stall was between a whole lot of other people who believe in magic, palm-readers, Satanists and so forth. After a while, not speaking or trying to explain much to people, just praying, a guy comes to these Christians asking what they are doing. They replied, “We’re just praying for people and seeing what God does.” The guy then asked if they would pray for him. After praying for him out of love, the Christian guys asked whether they should explain more to him and whether he wants to get saved. This guy just replied, “No, don’t worry, I already saw Jesus and He spoke to me.” And that’s it. Jesus already did the work. He doesn’t need us to do it. He knows more than we’ll ever know, so He knows what to do and what is needed most in each person’s situation.

We just need to remember that God’s love is our greatest weapon and that we’ll never need more than that. We just need to be God’s love by just loving others. He’ll do the rest of the work

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2 thoughts on “Love – Our Greatest Weapon

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