In a world of unknowns

In the past week I’ve had many interesting experiences…some dreadful, unsure or scary, others exciting, fun & crazy. But in having coffee with a beautiful friend of mine – Ani and in conversations with Heinrich, I’ve noticed how many of us are feeling unsure about our futures.

I know this has been a big topic of late, but it really has stood out to me and I know how much it has worried many people. There are many things in our lives that are a given and lots of times so many people in our lives have already planned out things for us. Lots of fights and disappointment come when we choose differently from that just because it was never something we wanted but what they did.

But what happens to us when the unknown settles in? When suddenly our futures aren’t a given and instead there is a question mark hanging over our heads? Do we freak out?

It is easy going when everything is already figured out for us and everything seems to be a given but when you have no clue what is going to happen next – you’re left with nothing but faith. In times like that, we often forget that our God is well known no matter how unknown our future may seem. We shouldn’t let an uncertain tomorrow erase what we do know about God and the fact that He is in control of it all. No matter what we know or don’t know and no matter who steps in, trying to intervene in our lives – He’s still the ultimate authority in our lives. We may be unsure of what is coming next in our lives but so what?! – We are still sure of God and that means we can be sure of His protection and peace.

Hebrews 11v1-2: Faith assures us of things we expect and convinces us of the existence of things we cannot see. God accepted our ancestors because of their faith. 

The evidence of this in your spiritual life is when your heart is okay and content with living with the unknown on a daily basis, because where the unknown is – there is faith. Without these mysteries in our lives every now and then – our faith would be weak and useless, because without being completely dependent on God, our faith wouldn’t be ‘convinced of the existence of things we cannot see.’

So when things seem a little foggy and confusing, like the future is uncertain – don’t freak out, because those moments when you don’t know what comes next, your faith gets stronger and your belief gets a boost of encouragement. So try accepting the idea of uncertainty in your life, look to the one who is certain and life will be the greatest adventure ever known to you.

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