Positive choices

Being surrounded by people every where I go and in every situation I seem to get into, be it with our rugby team, people I live with, tourists, friends back home, surfers etc – I have noticed how important decisions are and what you choose to believe.

You can have extremely amazing experiences and some really terrible ones, but it depends what you make of it. You can choose to let the experiences grow you or just break you down, and I must say – I’m definitely not one for being broken down…so I’d go with growth. Growth isn’t always pain-free, in fact half the time you’re being taken right out your comfort zone but that’s okay. Either way you choose what you make of these things.

Not only do you choose what you make of it, but it comes down to choosing what attitude you’re going to have about these things. You choose between a positive or a negative one, and when you do that, you should also be keeping in check with what kinds of people you have around you and what relationships are you in. Do you have people around you who are negative all the time, who are constantly breaking people or things down through their words or actions? Or do you have positive people – those who look to building up and adding value? Because if you aren’t adding value to each other – then what is the point really?

I am not saying there will never be negativity around you or within you but it does come down to the choice you make of dealing with this matter…

So all I think is choose to be positive and make sure the relationships around you are positive ones adding value, it may be hard but in the end life seems a much better thing than it did before. A lot of the time – life is what we CHOOSE to make of it.

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