Coconut spilled thought…

After breaking open a coconut and sipping out its sweet water, some clouds in the darkened sky have broken open and rain is falling like crazy. Between the lightning hitting and the smell of rain, I’m able to reflect on a few thoughts of the past few days.

The past few days I’ve just been enjoying the company of a really great guy. It’s great knowing our feelings are mutual, but luckily time will tell. I guess, even if we end up just staying friends it would be great, because we have a lot in common, we challenge each other and we have lots of fun.

But what’s really cool about all this is God’s timing. Not only because this friendship/possible future relationship has been so unexpected but also we’re both taking our time with this thing. We both are honest about where we are in life and have spoken about what we are ready for and not ready for – so there’s no rush. Usually, or in the past, I would have jumped right into a new relationship, diving in fully without even thinking about anything and later have realized the mistake that has been made or just had my heart broken. As quickly as something had started up, it had ended.  Now, a year later, and there is a guy – one that only God could have bought along and the timing is perfect.

Neither one of us wants to be a couple officially or exclusively…there are no talks of engagement or marriage which some people seem to think of as soon as they meet a hot guy or a guy they have something in common with. Both of us have our own lives, work or studies and decisions that have to be made accordingly. Neither of us are ready for any commitment to one another this early…it really is to early to tell where this is going. So, the thing we do know is that we both like each other and have feelings towards each other. So we’ve said or decided – we’re going to carry on the way we are… just getting to know each other and grow a friendship/relationship. We’ll see each other in December… and then in January, we’ll decide how far we’ve come and what the next steps are because we really aren’t rushed to make any decisions.

So I guess, the right kind of guy at the right time….being patient and not relying on what you want or when you’re desperate for something to happen…. Rather waiting on God, allowing Him to bring you into the right season, so that He can fit you with the right person so that you compliment each other and ultimately can bring Him glory…

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